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PTR experiences.

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Duskmourn, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Duskmourn

    Duskmourn Guest

    Come on guys I know you got something good to jibber jabber about.

    I'll start. I went on the PTR and spec'd myself in Combat Potency, Blade Twisting and Surprise Attacks.

    My experience thus far, and a few warnings:
    Combat Potency:
    Allright my warning to you here is that it doesn't show up in the combat log
    AT ALL. It procs just fine and it's a damn nice advance. This synergies with Blade Flurry and Slice and Dice so well at the moment. I went without Leathality and Relentless Strikes, and I still believe my dps to have been very much so boosted. This, paired with 4/9 Bonescythe makes for a deadly combination really it does.

    Surprise Attacks:Ok so it's not the most exciting thing in the world, but it is a great boost nonetheless. Tooltip for Sinister Strike with Aggression and Surprise Attacks is 77-78 damage+Weapon Damage. The thing that seems to shine so much about SA is not only Rogues, but Tanking warriors. It helps to keep a good steady flow to your damage rotations. It's also noteably useful in PvE soloing stuff.

    Blade Twisting: Since Weapon Expertise is basically out the window, I picked up Blade Twisting. In pvp it's a good thing to have( I think ) paired with (Offhand) Crippling Poison. It almost makes sure that your target is slowed consistently. It's nice in solo grinding aswell for those O crap moments or to halfway kite mobs when you want to. All in all it's an OK talent considering.

    Now for a random picture of me with my mount, and me finally seeing someone else with my mount on the test server.

    Here's a pic of me in BWL with my IRL twin brother, who happens to be a DPS warrior in the guild.( note: weapon models were changed, and I no longer do that)
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Nice to hear about the PTR, I haven't had time to look more into it myself yet. After this weekend I can focus more on my Rogue again, lately my Mage alt have been getting my spare time from raiding.

    I'm still uncertain about spec, I haven't had Combat Dagger for more than say a month now, but its sure fun in PvE. I was thinking something along solo and raid build but with all the new talents it sure is lots of possibilites.
  3. Duskmourn

    Duskmourn Guest

    It's nice to know that there's so much variety now. I mean you can literally do almost any viable assassination, combat, or subtlety tree for pve and still be allright.