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PUB 53 House Resizing Questions

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Kratos Aurion, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. Hi all. First off, I'd like to ask if anyones done the house resizing yet?

    I believe its a benefitial change and really cool but theres a few things I'd like to know about it before attempting to resize a plot.

    1) Is there an active gump that asks if you wish to procede with house resizing or does it just crash the house with belongings inside?

    2) If you're trying to resize a house that is now in an unplaceable location (such as small houses by britain moongate etc), Is it possible to replace the old house within that zone?

    Not that it affects me, but it would be useful information to anyone it may effect later down the road.

    3) Would it be possible to activate a ghost image of our old home while resizing the plot? basically a walk-through house plot image which would allow players to more efficiently resize the house.

    4) Since the resizing change, I thought it might be nice to mention this. I enjoy idocing and come across a few plots now and then that look like winners but can never find the right spot to place..

    Would it be possible to either

    1) Implement a landscaping utility to allow us to place easier.


    2) When placing a house, have the floor tiles of the ghost image turn red when those tiles are over unplaceable locations and placeable locations be shown as green.