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Pub 56 Shard Strategy?

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by eccentricjules, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Anyone who hasn’t read up on the “future” current events should do so. Pub 56 is coming soon and there is a laundry list of changes. Some of this is going to get VERY interesting. I urge anyone interested to read the following or do your own research. This is going to have some sort of effect on about every player.

    Factions have a lot of changes AND will effect the town attacks!
    The War of Shadows is beginning and every time a town sigil in Felucca is captured by Chaos (Shadowlords or Minax – Current Guilds include UcV, N/A, $CAM
    [email protected], XP, -TM-
    ) it allows the same Trammel city to be invaded by the forces of the Shadowlords! Up to three towns can be invaded at one time and Sigil corruption time dropped to 2 hours. Players logging into a town under invasion or trying to recall into a town under invasion will be relocated to Jhelom. Invasion of a town ends when the sigil is recaptured by Order (TB or CoM – Currently according to UO.com we have NO ORDER FACTION GUILDS on Napa Valley), or the local invasion is completely defeated. There is also a new twist - Corrupted townspeople. Some will aggressively attack players and other NPCs and some will attempt to steal from players!

    Affected cities for the invasion:
    Britain: Dragons
    Skara Brae: Elementals
    Magincia: Undead
    Minoc: Plague
    Moonglow: Void
    Trinsic: Orcs
    Vesper: Rogue Ophidians
    Yew: Daemons
    All invasion monsters and army members drop faction silver. Rare bonuses possible. All invasion monsters have at least double the normal loot and drop special weapons and spellbooks with properties based on their rank
    TAMER NOTE: Crimson Dragons introduced as allies to the Shadowlords, Platinum Dragons introduced as allies to Britannia, enemies of the Crimsons. Both dragon races are intelligent, and cause all dragons to go wild in their presence.

    Factions will be a bigger part of the game after this publish. We will probably start seeing more players joining factions. They have added new equippables and consumables. They are adding a community collection chest inside each stronghold to collect silver, and give faction equippables (enhanced Artifacts - not tradable or equippable by anyone else) and consumables (Shrine Gem: One-use item that can be used to teleport your ghost to the nearest shrine) as rewards. These items are available only to certain ranks faction; if you lose your faction rank you will no longer be able to equip an item of that rank. Killing faction enemies inside warzones results in bonus kill-points and silver.

    Faction players control a town on Fel >> This starts an invasion in Tram >> Tram defenders destroy the invaders >> The faction players lose the town. This is going to be interesting if you are a player allied to a Chaos faction guild because you could technically be fighting in Tram and working against your allies in Fel. Some new community collection chest faction items include:
    Rank 1: Rune Beetle Carapace with additional +3 to all resists
    Rank 4: Crimson Cincture with additional +5 Dexterity
    Rank 7: Spirit of the Totem with enhanced resists (instead of the linked resists, this version has Phys 20% and 10% in each of the others)
    Rank 9: Folded Steel Reading Glasses with additional +10 DCI
    Rank 10: Ornament of the Magician with additional Mana Regen 3
    There are a total of nineteen new artifacts spread out across the various tiers.

    Other stuff...

    A new quest will be starting in the Yew Courthouse: talk to Jasper and read the book on the table. Once more details arise from Test Center I’m going to complete a runebook of quest locations and will lock it down for shared access.

    Other things of importance to note:
    Disarm will no longer affect shields
    Ranged attacks on slimes will no longer cause acid damage to your weapon
    Successfully taming an aggressive animal will stop its attack
    Tamers can no longer aggro with their pets and stay hidden
    Mounts under the effect of Nerve Strike will not be able to be mounted
    Blackrock of all sizes can now be insured (This is going to be important because it is revealed that Blackrock has an effect on Shadowlords so you may need to carry some with you)
    Blessed items will remain blessed after being traded
    Public trash cans will no longer accept blessed items. This does not affect personal trash cans in your home.
    Blank scrolls can be added to commodity deeds
    Empty bottles can now be added to commodity deeds
    Instituted a new Vending Penalty for players who attempt to circumvent the daily vendor charge for their items

    For the hey of it…
    NPCs in Heartwood will no longer spawn without clothes (ROFL)
    A tamed cow can only be milked by the owner (Apparently this was an issue?)

    Thoughts? Ideas? As for me... I think its about time I get schooled on Factions!
  2. Pezu

    Pezu Guest

    This is just another attempt to make UO just as cool as the latest games out there. Some time after WoW was released UO introduced quests and elves into the mix. UO also released new dungeons with instance bosses. This mirrors WoW also.

    In Warhammer online RvR (realm vs realm) combat is taken from Dark Ages of Camelot (which was made by the same company). Two different factions (order and destruction) battle over keeps and castles. Taking over an objective will give bonuses to the faction that controls them. The more objectives a faction controls, the greater the bonuses.

    In addition to the standard level system in the game, Warhammer has a renown level system, which is essentially just PvP/RvR levels. These could be compared to the faction point system in UO. however, other than seeing how leet pvp skilled you are, the Renown levels in Warhammer allow players to equip items that lower renown ranks/levels cannot use. Higher renown levels will also grant characters additional skills and abilities.

    So no UO is giving faction characters new faction items that are "better" than standard items and require a certain amount of faction points to be acquired before the items can be used. However, the UO faction items only retain their additional bonuses for a period of time.

    This is just one more attempt by UO to incorporate the ideas of other games to try and compete. The problem is they're building on a game that's already 12 years old. It's only a matter of time before they build too much on top of the old, weak, foundation and cause the whole house to come crashing down.
  3. Pezu

    Pezu Guest

    Faction basics:
    Kill or be killed. Don't ever go afk. You're faction, and as far as I can remember, you can be attacked anywhere. I've never had a blue faction char, so i don't know if you can be attacked in trammel or not. You should be able to, IMO.

    Each faction has a faction animal, and dying to that creature/animal will result in a stat loss penalty, just like you were killed by a rival faction player. True Brits have silver serpants as allies. All other faction members will receive stat loss dying to them (HINT: try to get faction players killed by spawn in despise on 4th level if you're not a faction member yourself).

    Faction traps are similar to the traps on the floors of dungeons and champ spawns, but more powerful. Disassembling them is a must for town invasions. (HINT: If you dont have a remove trap char, make one. BIGGER HINT: USE STEALTH.)

    Killling faction players will reward you with silver, which can be used to buy faction traps and guards (ask Da Trav for a lesson on how to use faction guards with devastating results).

    Up until Pub 56, faction points were almost worthless. Faction armor has been around for a while, and has always been temporary. It's better now, but still temporary.

    If you're not a faction player you cannot enter faction bases or even cast spells or attack players within a certain tile radius of the bases... You should learn where all of the faction bases are, and how to quickly identify different faction members. I think UO now displays [Min] or [SL] etc in player names if they're in thhe Minax or Shadow Lords factions, respectively. I would presume that True Brits would show as [TB], and Council of Mages would show as [CoM]... which will be confusing, as there are many COM guilds on different shards. If you've never played as a member of Chaos/Order, or any of the four faction groups, you will quickly learn a new color: ORANGE. This is the color of any non-murderer rival faction player. It means fight or flight. If you panic when you see red players, be prepared to **** your pants when you see a hoarde of orange.

    For the most part, with the exception of stat loss, there is no difference than normal game play. Of course, factions center on PvP. So you should learn to fight or learn to run.
  4. Pezu

    Pezu Guest

  5. Hey, I don’t care if they are putting spinners on a Studebaker… If it gives people something new to do, to keep the interest going, then as long as it doesn’t crumble the whole system I think it’s a good idea. Is it going to get us new players? NO - May it keep some people from leavening? Maybe

    Why would the average player have any interest in factions? I haven’t figured that out. There doesn’t seem to any real reason to join outside of just the joy of PVP combat. So, a lot of people aren’t going to do it. All risk and no reward (that I’m aware of). Maybe they were just trying to fix the faction system.

    What I wish they would have done differently, is to NOT put alllllll this out at once. I’m going to want to do the Halloween Quest and seeing as how that is only temporary I will do it before trying to defend Tram cities…. They added the Magencia quest that will give each character up to 12 pieces of rubble (if I read it right). I’m going to want to do that too. Ricardo isn’t dead… I need to read up on what happened while I was gone. Then there’s the Factons/Shadowlords attack on cities. That’s a lot to do… where we’ve had nada all month (who knows how much longer, cause I wasn’t playing!). I expect this war to get off to a slow start then start picking up in momentum. I didn’t get hundreds of snake skins by sittin on my hiney at the bank!

    I figured maybe I will take Nathan up on his offer to join ROFL, it would surly make me not so bored…. hopefully. But perhaps I should start a Faction guild, not that I know the first thing about Factions but anyone who knows me knows when I decide to do something I do it and I do it well. I don’t even have a thief and I’m not sure on the POINT of factions. I do “own” the guild abbreviation [BRIT] and we are in need of an Order faction…. Choices…. Choices…
  6. Snakeman

    Snakeman Grand Inquisitor
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Jun 13, 2002
    Likes Received:
    Well TB is not completely dead :sleep2:, we just don't make a lot of noise :spider:when we move around. There are approx 6 of us that are on throughout the day/night at different times. We're doing this for fun & something diff to do.
  7. Pickaxe Pete

    Pickaxe Pete Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 27, 2000
    Likes Received:
    This publish makes me wish I had time to play anymore. I used to spend 6 hours a day on games (prominently including UO), but nowdays that just seems irresponsible to me when I have so much 'work' to do. Have fun!
  8. Ailish

    Ailish Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Lavender, so you know, [email protected] is the faction guild associated with KOS/ROFL/^Up - we are SL. So if you want to go Order for this, that might limit you a bit :)
  9. Lavender isn't going Order. It was a thought, but I'm not doing it... There would be nothing in it for me... except a lot of death =P

    I also might add, BECAUSE I know you read my post on UHall, That the most beneficial Faction to be at this point would be SL. If any one Faction gets a big jump in members its going to be SL, and probably mostly with Trammy members.

    Where my situation could get sticky is that I intend to fight the invading Shadow troops. I always do event stuff and everyone knows it… so this isn’t going to be different. So, if I join ROFL who is allied with [email protected], HOW am I to know which invading troops to attack? How do I know which invasion would be beneficial for [email protected] and which ones wouldn't? This may not be an issue, I don't know... if [email protected] announces in allied chat that they are stealing a sigil then I would know not to attack those troops. But do they announce that stuff, I do not know.

    All I'm saying is it sounds like things could be sticky for a player like myself.
  10. Otis Firefly

    Otis Firefly Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    you gave up to quick....could be interesting placing a guild into com or brit and being against.....everyone!! lmao little drinking and a little kungfu :spider:
  11. LordChimaera

    LordChimaera Guest


    And thanks for the scoop on the whole deal, I just returned to the game a few days ago and have been trying to stay on top of the news, but that's a good summary of factions. What's to be done with unguilded people? If I join SL, for example, can I still count on getting ganked by my old friends? =)
  12. Yes. That is how the game is played. Yesterday I dusted off an old char (she had gift boxes in her backpack from 2006 thats how long she hasn't been played). I slapped a Virtue suit on her, gave her a Holy Sword and a Blessed Shield (forget the name) sent her, as the Guildmisstress of BRIT to sign up as faction, to test things out.

    Yeah, she was killed 3 times in like, 10 minutes. People know who I am, sure, but I cant expect them to honor that when I am an enemy. Its business, not personal. I never loose sight of that. I'm not sure if I will keep her signed up or drop that. It might be fun to play around with but she doesn't have very good skills, and even Lavender can't PVP so well. I'm pretty good at healing it's the running I have issues with lol.
  13. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest

    This new faction thing sounds like fun. Now can someone help out me for I have never done factions and all that fun stuff.

    I do have a char Im working on that I havent played in a long time. FIghter mostly. Just some info for these new events that are happening.

    Faction is something I havfe always wondered about...hey now is a good time to play it...
  14. LordChimaera

    LordChimaera Guest

    Yeah, you're right...that's an answer I knew was coming. Now I just need to get myself signed up with the biggest baddest guild on the shard...I wonder if they'll take me?
  15. PlayerSkillFTW

    PlayerSkillFTW Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Actually Pezu, UO had an Order/Chaos system long before any other MMO (Before most other MMOs even existed, including EQ 1). Even before the current Factions, like Shadowlords, Minax, Council of Mages and True Brittanians. Those weren't introduced until UO: Renaissance in 2000, which also introduced Trammel. Where do you think Order/Chaos Shields came from? They were the highest AR Shields in the game, and could only be acquired from Order/Chaos members by asking a Guard for one. Order was Lord British's faction, and Chaos was Lord Blackthorn's faction.

    My Stealth Assassin has been in SL since Factions came out, and i still have the guildstone to my faction guild, The Night Knives. My Thief/Mage is in SL as well, since you can now have multiple chars on the same account in the same faction. Last faction action that i was in was a few months ago, fighting against a Minax Fencer right outside the entrance to Brit Castle, we fought for about 10 mins before another Minax came along and i stealthed off.
  16. Pezu

    Pezu Guest

    I know that. I also know that UO was the first MMORPG and set all kinds of precedents for others to work towards. This is the game that really started it all. I know Chaos and Order factions long ago.

    I also know that factions fight for towns, and having control of a town gives access to things such as faction vendors, guards, and mounts. Unfortunately, that's about it.

    The point that i was making previously is that faction (SL/TB/COM/Min) points were never used for anything, really. Now the new faction armor is 'better' than other armor, and earning faction points will be meaningful, other than cool titles.

    Because UO is a skill-level based system, instead of a experience-level based system, the only other bonuses or rewards that could be plausible, would be bonuses to gaining skills. However most faction characters are completely skilled out already.

    So what rewards could faction members receive for higher points? New items. That's about it. And my point was just that UO is adding this after warhammer and other games have done it.
  17. Oooooo Ahhhhhhh - Linky

    HQ Rune: (insurable) On use, the faction member will be teleported directly to his faction stone inside the HQ, destroying the rune in the process. All criminal flagging rules apply. A cooldown applies based on rank. Cost: 150 silver.

    Shrine Gem: (blessed) Upon death, the faction member will be offered to be teleported to a random shrine. If he accepts, he gets teleported and the gem is destroyed. Otherwise the gem remains on the player’s ghost. No cooldown. Cost: 100 Silver.

    Supernova Potions: (stackable) On use, creates a ring of fire around the player that inflicts fire damage to enemy targets within a 5 tile radius. The closer the enemy, the higher the damage will be. Damage is increased based on player’s alchemy skills and EP items. There is a 2-minute cooldown. Cost: 100 silver.

    Enchanted Bandages: (stackable) Enhanced bandages that also lift curses like enchanted apples do. Standard application time rules apply. Cost 100 silver for 10.

    Powder of Perseverance: (insurable) On use, player can target an equippable faction reward to restore/reset durability on it. The recharge is 1 charge only. Each time the player uses a recharge on the item, the total durability will decrease (new item 255/255, 1st time 225/225, 2nd time 200/200, etc.). Equippables can be recharged a maximum of 5 times. Cost 300 silver per bottle.

    Greater Stamina Potion: (stackable) On use, restores 100 stamina points over 5 seconds. The player cannot drink another such potion while one is already active. Cost: 50 silver per potion.

    Morph Earrings: (insurable) While wearing them, ignores the Elf Only requirement on armor and clothing. If the player removes the earrings, any Elf Only equippable will drop to the player’s backpack. If his backpack is full, the equippables will be sent to his bankbox. Cost 1,000 Silver.

    Equipable list should come later today... With some of these being made available it's going to make it VERY difficult to PVP non-faction vs. faction. Heck I want me some Shrine Gem's and bandages that lift curses!!

    The ONLY fault I find with this is that there will be a LOT of silver obtained during the war... in Tram... where there is no PVP... but the silver is so be spent in Fel... where there is no war with mass droppings of silver. So, it seems a bit circular.
  18. Pezu

    Pezu Guest

    How is this better than a total refresh potion? These restore 20 stam per second for 5 seconds for a total of 100 stam. I know there's a delay on total refresh pots, so maybe these can be stacked... If it was a mana refresh potion, that would be godly.
  19. Yeah I’m not sure about that. I’ve never been a potion user in the first place, maybe I’ll learn someday. I don’t think it stacks, it says “The player cannot drink another such potion while one is already active” I assume this includes regular Refresh potions. Maybe the value is in that, for players like myself who need a weapon equipped, instead of repeatedly chugging refresh pots I could drink one Greater Stamina Potion? Although I’m not sure 5 seconds is going to make or break anything and for a player like myself I rarely run out of stamina.
  20. PlayerSkillFTW

    PlayerSkillFTW Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    You push through someone, drink a Total Refresh Pot, push through another person, and have to drink another Total Refresh Pot to push through more.

    With a Greater Stamina Potion, you can drink one, run through a person, wait a second, run through another, wait another second, run through another, etc. Plus if you're in a melee fight, you're unlikely to lose more than 20 Stamina at once, so you can drink a Greater Stamina Potion and keep yourself at max Stamina rather than waiting to lose enough stam to slow down on attacks, then drink a Total Refresh.
  21. Pezu

    Pezu Guest

    That's going to be the longest second of your life.

    Yay! Per Regine_EAMythic the nasties in Graveyard (Brit for sure, possibly other graveyards too) will spawn 3 kinds of rewards including an undead slayer talisman "Skull Totem". The other 2 rewards are a bat statue and Dragon gloves.
  23. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest

    Woot nice.

    Hrm..Now IM going to have to dust off my newbie rune book. For all the graveyards around the world... This shall be fun.
  24. When these events go on I end up with like 5 runebooks on me! I’m also going to get a Sherry statue from the Spring Cleaning rewards. I think I’ll buy 2 one to keep in my bag and one for home. If you have it on you she will announce invasions. So she’ll say things like “Invasion beginning in Moonglow” or whatever. I’m the kind of player that will kill in graveyards until an invasion begins then switch to doing that, then do the Magincia quests when the graveyards get full of people and I don’t feel like fighting.

    One thing to note…. To do the Halloween quest you’ll have to kill these monsters in the graveyard anyway. You will receive a green scroll in your pack like an artie drop when you kill the Uber Lich (it’s name escapes me)… but as for the other 3 rewards we’re going to have to be QUICK because the items drop to the ground so there is no corpse. I suppose I’ll have to decide where is better to fight… in Tram you have the people who don’t fight they just let you do it and run up to grab your loot at the last minute as it drops but in Fel there’ the possibility of getting killed for your loot… so I guess it’s a tradeoff. As usual I’ll probably start in fel… I’d rather take my chances there than deal with mass crowds of people always whining and stealing kills… Without the looting rights being damage based I prefer to fight with other people in the general vicinity, but not share kills. I guess I’ll have to see how hard these monsters are though. I missed last Halloween but the one before that I solo’d reapers. I hope these are hard but not TOO bad.

    I’m not sure what strategy to take on the Halloween boss…. Its like Mephs and throws webs so I’ll probably have to join a group to be able to kill it. I guess you can’t solo her. I would LIKE to do this quest with all my chars but that might be hard. I’m not sure how much damage you need to do get a reward.
  25. Otis Firefly

    Otis Firefly Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    .........were all gunna die........but at least it'll be in the graveyard, not very far to go after
  26. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest

    well at least the graveyards will be active for a bit :D

    This new publish is going to be fun Big time.
  27. Otis Firefly

    Otis Firefly Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    lol it should be good...battles all over the damn place!
    uo's been too quiet lately, it needs a mayhem boost :gee:
  28. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest

    what would be fun is to nuke luna....aye when an invasion starts, one attack would also starts in luna....
  29. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest

    Side note:

    Can't wait for this invasion..going to be a freaking blast. The only problem tho is there has to be factions to have fun in tram. Come on pvpers...show the trammies what ya got :D
  30. Sunrise, I've read a lot and somewhere someone (Draconi perhaps) said Luna was looking like a safe haven. I dunno, someone said I forget who.

    Most of you know I just came back, and I’ve been reading up on the Pub 56 coming soon.

    In Magincia the nasties there will be giving some sort of special threads… my understanding is these were previously obtainable through some Moonglow event while I was away. Anyway, FYI these will be spawning again in Magincia and per Draconi they will be used to enhance shadowlord cloaks? I don’t know if cloaks will be available again, I hope so cause I don’t have one! Also, all the threads are dropped in your backpack directly, there's nothing to loot on the corpses at this point in time. They are needed quest items to obtain the new rubble in the Magincia quests.

    Restless Souls - Approx 1 in 5 chance to drop Threads of Life
    Forsaken Souls - Approx 1 in 3 chance to drop Threads of Thought
    Corrupted Souls - Approx 1 in 10 chance to drop Threads of Fate if using melee warrior. 1 in 40 chance if using other templates (including archers).

    Here’s the kicker…. You need a necro character to do this. I don’t have one =/

    More notes about the publish:
    Sigil is 4 hours on for corruption, 6 hours for purification.

    All Felucca faction cities will have their guard zones removed, becoming warzones - Killing faction enemies inside warzones results in bonus kill-points and silver

    Corrupted townspeople - Each NPC can only steal one item, Item is returned to the player if the NPC dies or is purified when the invasion ends (player must be in the city) In other words.... if you loose something important because an NPC steals it make sure you don't leave the city!
  31. AustinRules

    AustinRules Guest

    The way I understand it is if a faction takes over a town in Fel then the same town in Tram will be invaded? Up to three at a time. Whenever someone sights the first invasion that person needs to post it here on Napa, tell us where the action is so we can all respond. Sounds like it will take the entire community to kill some of these invaders. After clearing the first town we can move on to the second and third.
  32. Yes your understanding is correct... but say there are already 3 towns under attack and another sigil is taken... that city's invasion will be put in a queue and when we clear one of the original 3 the 4th will begin, and so on.

    They are supposed to announce invasions on the town criers. Also, if you buy a Sherry The Mouse statue and lock it down in your house (I thought you could carry one but I guess it MUST be locked down) if you say "news" she will give you the news and tell you about invasion.

    Honestly... this is going to be interesting. It's going to be like every other invasion... it will be the same people over, and over, and over. Besides they have released SOOOOOOOOOOO much to do that it's going to "thin the herd" of available fighters.

    1) Halloween quest in Yew - Special reward
    2) Trick Or Treat w/special rewards for GM Begging
    3) Halloween graveyard spawn w/special rewards
    4) Magincia Quests for Rubble and collection of threads (Necro skill required)
    5) Town invasions - Special loot
  33. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest

    hey there LL. First off thanks for the updates. I been reading them on the millions of thread on UOhall, but you organized it all down to one thread thats easy to read :D Thank you for that :D

    Now for luna being a safe town..Grumble Grumble..when is luna going to get some love and be blow up? :D I really hate luna.

    Other than that. I got my rune book ready with my graveyard places. I got my hot key set up for Trick Or Treating....got my ale in me hand. Im ready to kick some butt. Hope to see you tomorrow around the dead people :D
  34. AustinRules

    AustinRules Guest

    The invasion starts tomorrow....Wednesday morn.
  35. Da Trav

    Da Trav Guest

    *Wonders How Many Trammies Will Fall To KDL*
  36. Da Trav

    Da Trav Guest

    If Im TB Does This Mean I Can Goto Trammel ???
  37. Faction members can still go to Tram (if they aren't red of course). They just can't have a war in Tram...

    The way I think of it, being in a Faction just gives you more people to PVP with. People who used to be blue will now be orange and everytime you see someone orange you fight to gain points and silver which you will spend on l33t items =P
  38. Pezu

    Pezu Guest

    Probably none cuz they dont play any more. Just like there's no more WtF? :'(
  39. AustinRules

    AustinRules Guest

    Just checked all the cities that can be invaded and saw nothing unusual. Except at Magincia, it is covered by hundreds of those corrupted folks. The graveyards have the new monsters including the Skeleton Lich.

    Did I miss something? Anything out there?
  40. No invasions will happen until a town sigil in Felucca is captured by a Chaos Faction (SL or Min).

    Factions: They want to steal the sigil, they want to war with other factions and earn kill points and bonus silver. No sigil stealing = no Tram invasion. If SL and Min do not steal sigil’s we will have no invasions.

    Trammy’s: They want invasions. They don’t care who started them… they just want to kill monsters and get cool loot and “useless” Faction silver (useless because most aren’t in a Faction and can’t spend the silver). Problem is… if the players kill the invasion monsters the Faction looses the town. There are way way way more players wanting to fight invasions than those who want to create them. The question is, if the Factions keep loosing towns repeatedly because the invasion monsters are getting wiped out, are they even going to bother trying to steal new sigils? Only time will tell…
  41. Ellis

    Ellis Guest

    TRAV!! you are still playing here homie! i almost started acct back up couple weeks back. new pub seems like it might be fun and i might check it out...
  42. So apparently I've been a gigantic dork for thinking EVERYONE gets faction silver for killing invasion monsters. It said they drop it, it didn't say you NEED to be faction! And here I wanted some silver =(

    Now I must be consoled…
  43. Pezu

    Pezu Guest

    Get some from ezra [KOS]. He should have 40 silver from the time one time he killed me. :)
  44. Yeah that wasn't very nice. You know me though... we had the trade window open, you got attacked, I took off after you but I am a bad runner and Chiv doesn't get a great healing range. But it got my typical "that wasn't very nice" response. Sometimes I only wish I knew how to be mean! Give people a talking to! But, I'm just too nice for my own good.

    I do have some faction silver... I just wanted more =( The big reason why I won't join a faction now is because if invasion monsters kill you you get skill loss.... and I tend to die.... a lot. But as Book Master says "you don't give up"!