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Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Megilhir, May 6, 2001.

  1. Megilhir

    Megilhir Guest

    This post was last updated in 2004 and will no longer be maintained. Since then much has changed. Some homes are no longer there or have changed ownership. In no manner do I suggest that this post is still accurate. If you head to one of the spots and the tub (or even the house) is gone, scout around. You will get to update your knowledge of the local area and perhaps find a new tub.

    To all those who helped update this list, thank you and be well in all your adventures.

    PUBLIC REWARDS TUBS UPDATE #16 (Updated after a long while)

    With the advent of Rewards there are Tubs all over the place. If you have information not listed here, please post it in the format below and forward it to me. I will provide periodic updates as available.

    Shard--Facet--Doorstep Sextant Coordinate--Building Type/Name--Type of Tub(s)--Additional Information

    AOL: Legends--Trammel--5' 53''N 38' 27''E --Keep/Taboo's ReTreat--Black & Leather--Head due east out of Brit, follow the coast. Dye Provided.

    ARIRANG: Trammel--: 103'58" S 14'3" E--Old Style Patio/’Telpemar’-- Black, Leather, Special.

    ARIRANG: Trammel-- 63o6’N 63o8’E-- Marble Patio/’With Love’-- Black.

    ASUKA: No data.

    ATLANTIC: Trammel-- 92o11'N 156o10'W-- Log Cabin/’Wind's Realty’-- Leather/Special. On Ice Island.

    ATLANTIC: Trammel-- 46o29'N 68o3'E-- Log Cabin/'The Gaff'-- Leather/Black. Peninsular right of Cove a couple of screens.

    ATLANTIC: Trammel-- 36o54’S 168o 11’E-- Villa/’Goodman's Rune Library’-- Leather/Black. Magincia, north beach.

    ATLANTIC: Trammel -- 92o11'N 156o10'W -- Log Cabin/ Wind's Realty -- Leather/Special -- on Ice Island.

    BAJA: Trammel-- 34o16'S 5o45'E-- Small Tower/’Tower Mall’-- Leather. 1&1/2 screens east of Britain moongate.

    BAJA: Trammel--132o16'N, 79o31'E--Large Smithy (old style)/’OPUS Vendor House’-- Leather/Black/Furniture for special orders (icq1296479). House is located against the mountain near Minoc North Mines.

    BALHAE: No data.

    CATSKILLS: Trammel-- 23o 59'S, 12o5'E-- Log Cabin/’Travel Lodge’-- Leather/Black/Special and a Furniture for special orders. Rune Library & Vendor shop, Opal Laur is the proud owner, "Come see where we can take you".

    CHESAPEAKE: Unk-- Unk-- Tower/’Winter's Vendor Mall’-- Leather/Black. Beach by Britain.

    CHESAPEAKE: Unk-- Unk-- Small Tower/Unk-- Leather/Black. On second floor just southeast of Moonglow Bank, first on the road.

    CHESAPEAKE: Trammel-- Unk-- 77o57’N 30o56’E-- L-shaped Two Story/’Celestial Dragon’ -- Special/Leather/Black. Downtown Avalon, west of desert bridge along road.

    CHESAPEAKE: Trammel-- 91o19'N, 36o0'W -- Stone Tower / Secret Hide Away -- 2nd floor has Special/Leather/Black/Regular/Furniture Tubs. North of Yew Moongate. Or you can stop by North 'Glow Vendors NE of Moonglow Docks, marble house. Rune is on steps for Secret Hide Away.

    CHESAPEAKE: Trammel-- 13°N, 126°W-- Unk/The Moonglow Mercantile-- Leather/Special. On the coast by the Hind Field, just a few screens south of the SE mage shop known as the The Sorcerer's Guild.

    CHESAPEAKE: Trammel-- 68oN, 51oE Trammel-- Sandstone/’Aislin's Mystics’-- Special/Leather/Black. One screen south of the Guard Tower at Oberon's Pass (X-Roads) on the road. Dyes available but please bring your own if you're dying lots of stuff. I'll dye your leather if I'm home.

    CHESAPEAKE: Trammel-- Unk--At Moonglow-Chessie Shop. There are 5 Moonglow Isle vendor & *public dye tub* homes in the Runebook on the roof. A few are: Wizard Tower/’Focusll’, near bank, Black/Leather tubs. Marble Shop by the barracks, Black tub. Near there, Log Cabin, Black tub.

    CHESAPEAKE: Trammel --68N, 51E – Sandstone/Aislin's Mystics - Special, Leather, Black & Regular tubs. Located one screen south of the Guard Tower at Oberon's Pass (X-Roads) on the road. Dyes available but please bring your own if you're dying lots of stuff. I'll dye your leather if I'm home.

    DRACHENFELS: Trammel--UNK -- Small Tower/Smithemturm -- Special. Located east (right) of last house below guard post on road to Yew from Skara-Britain crossroads.

    EUROPA: Trammel-- Unk-- Large Brick House/’Tayrnagh Tavern’-- Leather. Located just outside Vesper by southern bridge.

    EUROPA: Trammel--100o 59'N 22o 0'W-- L-shaped Two story/’Swarz Rune Library’-- Special/Leather. North of Yew Crypts.

    EUROPA: Felucca-- Unk-- House/’Pot Shop’-- Special/Furny. First house on right at end of upper-west bridge (just 1 step out of guard-area). Tubs are in a top floor chest.

    EUROPA: Unk--53o10’N 40o21’W-- Marble Workshop/’Ironfells Home’-- Leather/Black/Special/Furniture.
    Moonglow docks

    EUROPA: Felucca 133' 14N - 84' 9E-- Tower/unk-- Black. Near North Mines there is a no fighting/griefing etc, rule in place, which is generally observed. All customers will be protected by the neighbours.

    FORMOSA: No data
    GREAT LAKES: Felucca-- 139.55S 37.20E-- Marble Shop/ Graelion's Abode -- Leather/Black/Special, Below ruins south of Trinsic, in the jungles.

    GREAT LAKES: Trammel-- Small Fieldstone House/’Home of Elthanas and Jhalin’-- Leather/Black/Special. Next to Britain between a Sandstone and Small Tower.

    GREAT LAKES: Trammel-- 30.8S 38.52W-- Tower/’South's Market’-- Black/ Leather/Special. Courtesy of Lady Akanah.

    GREAT LAKES: Trammel-- Unk/Unk--Small House/Unk-- Black/Leather/Special. South of the south Moonglow gate (i.e. North of the Moongate. The sandstone next to it may contain a Black/Leather. Exit Moonglow and walk towards the moongate. You'll run right into the house.

    GREAT LAKES: Unk-- Unk-- Small Tower/’Le Tailleur’-- Leather. Very south beach of Fire Island. There are 2 towers there, it's on the second floor of the tower on the beaches’ west side.

    HOKUTO: No data

    IZUMO: No data

    LAKE SUPERIOR: Trammel-- 97º5'N, 155º28'W-- Two Story Villa/’Las Vegas Casino’-- Black. Right by northern exit from Honesty.

    LAKE SUPERIOR: Felucca-- 73o 12m N, 55o 11m E-- Sandstone/’The Lich Motel’-- Leather/Black/Special. On roof.

    LAKE SUPERIOR: Trammel--Unk/Unk-- Small Marble at Shame entrance-- Leather/Black.

    NAPA: Trammel-- Unk-- Small Stone Shop-- Unidentified types (x3?). Moonglow.

    NAPA: Trammel-- Unk-- Tower/’Ajax's Aerie’--Leather. From Skara Brae follow the coast south. The tower is on the water.

    NAPA: Trammel-- Unk-- Tower-- Leather/Black/Special. North of Minoc.

    OCEANIA: Trammel-- Unk-- Small Marble Shop/Unk-- Leather/Black. Just North of Britain-Yew-Skara crossroad, west of road. NOTE: This is presently no longer available. A leather tub is in the Large Marble Patio located two screens northwest of this location.

    PACIFIC: Trammel-- Unk-- Sandstone/'Whispering Tree'—Leather/Special/Black/Regular – Dyes Provided. First curve south out of Skara Brae. This location is also available for vendor placements. E-mail to: [email protected]

    PACIFIC: Trammel-- 75o 3' S 18o 25' E (2478.1585)-- Large Tower/Unk-- Leather/Black/ Special. Spirituality Shrine. Vast rune library.

    PACIFIC: Felucca-- 66o 37’N 10o 15’E. @ Chaos Shrine. -- Leather/Black/ Special. Tubs are on 2nd floor.

    SIEGE PERILOUS: NA-- 84o 27'N 62o 47'E-- Two Story -- Leather. Across bay from Minoc. Look for the Tailoring sign. Bring your own dyes.

    SIEGE PERILOUS: NA-- 24o31'N 45o50'W --Log Cabin/’kyn Hut’-- Leather. Bring your own dyes and tribute for the Orcs that may find you.

    SONOMA: Felucca-- Unk-- Tower/’YMCA’-- Leather/Black/ Special. Second-floor sewing room. There is generally a veteran to dye your things for free. Tower is a located directly across from Yew Cemetery.

    SONOMA: Felucca-- Unk-- Marble Patio/’The -S- Guildhouse (-S-prit de Corps)’-- Leather/Black/ Special. Second floor. Located west of the road, directly above the Yew Crossroads.

    SONOMA: Felucca-- Unk-- Tower/’Project Mayhem’-- Leather/Black. HQ of owner’s faction guild and a public place. Located just north of the desert in a backward C-shaped clearing.

    SONOMA: Trammel-- Castle/’22 Acacia Avenue, HOG Castle South’-- Leather/Black/ Special. North from Trinsic to the Swamp area, last castle in the "strip" next to the ruins. Public for all to use.

    SONOMA: Trammel-- Unk/Unk-- Small Tower/ ‘The Shrine of Vecna’—Leather/Black/Special. Just past the row of inn looking things out of the south-gate. Tubs are on the second floor.

    WAKOKU: No data

    YAMATO: No data
  2. sloppyjoe

    sloppyjoe Guest

    Atlantic Trammel -- 46o29'N 68o3'E Log Cabin 'The Gaff' Leather/Black. Peninsular right on Cove. couple of screens
  3. LanDarr

    LanDarr Guest

    I replied to update #7 with the correct information regarding The Celestial Dragon & Wnters Rares.

    Since that time The Celestial Dragon has closed & is now the name of my personal residence. My Tubs are there for all to use & I will post the coordinates & a picture, if you will update your information.

    My vendors are now at Winters, which has moved since your original post & I have replied with this information in your last 2 updates.

    HERE IS A PICTURE OF WINTERS NEW PLACE, Note the Coordiantes & its on Chessy Trammel


    this is the last time I will send this information as its very frustrating being ignored :)

    Stolen From Tuna Eat'n Joe, Thanks Matey Arr!!
  4. Megilhir

    Megilhir Guest

    Mate!! Never were you ignored. I have included the updates as I understand them. I do not fully understand all computing operations (I am technically challenged you see). I ask for the information in a specific format to ease the transition and assimilation of the volumn of data I receive. Do not be frustrated or imagine you are being ignored. If you have the opportunity to review one of the newer updates you will observe that the information updated was submitted in the requested format. That is not to be pedantic or overly strict. The guidelines were established to reduce my chance of screwing things up, as it would appear I have done with your information. Nice picture of the tower, but when the auto-reply-forward portion of stratics operates it does not include images, it includes link text to that image. I then pursue that link and attempt to transcribe all relative data. The fact is I wish to consolidate a list so those folks that are nice enough to place Rewards Tubs out for public use receive recognition for their magnamious effort. I do hope that this allieviates some of your frustion while serving to illuminate you to a bit of mine. Thanks for your continued efforts. :)


    One page New Player help at; http://www.geocities.com/megilhir/index.html
  5. Dragoon

    Dragoon Guest

    SIEGE PERILOUS: Felucca-- 84o 27'N 62o 47'E-- Two Story -- Leather. Across the bay from Minc. Look for the Tailoring sign. Bring your own dyes.

    Dragoon<font color=blue>(Seige Perilous)</font color=blue>; <a target="_blank" href=http://my.uo.com/cgi-bin/my_chars.pl?52616e646f6d4956ada8052880226f0a4e52c6c345d55adabaae834ce8ddfbe1c84a0a489b021169b020f72c5cc9996e>Smythe</a> , Old Salty, Ironman<font color=blue>(Chessy)</font color=blue>
  6. Mike&Marie

    Mike&Marie Guest

    I have put a Leather Dye tub in my small tower "Le Tailleur".
    It's on the beach on the very south of the Fire Island. There are 2 towers there, it's in the tower on the west side of the beach on the second floor.

    When the rewards come back, I'll put one of each tub there, black, special and furni (i know you have to lock things down..if you catch me there I'l dye things for you then). I will dye leather for people who can't, for free as long as you dont bring me 100 suits at once.
    Usually I'm on during the night and I hang out in brit bank usually as Agmar or Marie. Just holler.

    Here is a map to the tub: (Bring your own dyes)
  7. Kofu

    Kofu Guest

    OK public leather and special dye tub

    Europa Felucca: Pot Shop, Vesper go up between the jeweller and bank first house on right at end of bridge (just 1 step out of guardarea) Top chest in the corner contains dyetubs and the special and furny one.

    If people want i can also add the black one :)


    <font color=blue>King Kofu - Founder of Valoria - Playerrun town on Europa
  8. Kofu, I would be delighted if you'd add the Black dye tub also /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif.

    I will get coords for you on Windbrigers Library.


  9. <blockquote><hr>

    EUROPA: Trammel—L-shaped Two story-- Windbriger Rune Library--
    Special/Leather. North of Yew Crypts.


    It has now Changed slightly. The library is owned by Swarz now So its Swarz rune Library and shop. The Coords for the library is 100o 59'N 22o 0'W

    Hope that helps all Europa players! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Shard--Facet--Doorstep Sextant Coordinate--Building Type/Name--Type of Tub(s)--Additional Information

    Baja--Trammel--132o16'N, 79o31'E--Large Smithy(old style)/OPUS Vendor House--Leather/Black/Furniture for special orders(icq1296479)--House is located against the mountain right near the Minoc North Mines.

  11. New Yankee

    New Yankee Guest

    Hello Megilhir,
    I found one of your listings to be incorrect on Atlantic. The one that says : 112o6'N 63o8'E -- Sandstone/W#R -- Leather/Black/Special is not there. I did find the W#R house at the same latitude on another peninsula (112o35'N 95o7'E), but they had no dye tubs there. They did however have a rune locked on the floor that said 'new house.' So I followed it.
    So, here's where the tubs really are in the correct format:

    ATLANTIC: Trammel -- 92o11'N 156o10'W -- Log Cabin/W#R -- Leather/Special -- NO black -- Wind's Realty house on Ice Island.

    New Yankee - GM Bowyer/LJ/Swords/Tac/Anat - owner of The New Yankee Workshop - Atlantic
    Revere - GM Tailor/Smith/Carp/Tink/Miner/I.D.
    Gekizai - GM Alchy/Scribe/Fisher/Mage/Med/Eval/Poisoner
    Shikaeshi - GM Archer/Macer/Parrier/Tac/Anat
    Bill Sikes - GM Hide/Stealth/Music - Carto/Bard wannabe
  12. I have found yet another one for Europa /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Let me find it for you tommorrow, Keep up the good work with the list! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

  13. Siege Perilous-- 24o31'N 45o50'W --log cabin-- leather-- bring your own dyes and umm.. tribute for the orcs that may find you; name: "kyn Hut"

    <P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Pe_Ell on 06/13/01 09:03 AM.</FONT></P>
  14. Scouse

    Scouse Guest

    Europa 133' 14N - 84' 9E Near North Mines Felucca.
    The shop is/will be a dedicated tailor, there is a no fighting/griefing etc rule in place which is generally observed. All customers will be protected by the neighbours.
    Every special Tub available: Black/Leather/Special/Furniture, dyes provided.
    If any other type of tub becomes available they will also be added.
    Take Care and enjoy

    YES im a 'Real Scouser' and NO im not a thief :)
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    At my Moonglow Chessie Shop..I have a rune book that customers can hit for vendor homes on Moonglow Isle that house public dye tubs. Focusll near the bank there mini tower has black and leather dye tubs and even dyes for people to use. A mini white marble kinda my neighbor by the barracks has a black dye tub for public use..right near it the log cabin also has public black dye tub. I have 5 Moonglow Isle vendor homes in the rune book on our roof for *public dye tubs* home trammel ches. shard Moonglow. Since my own vendor home is on the isle, I use my mage to mark other vendor homes which feature public dye tubs for our customers use and anybody elses.:) I shop glow live on glow most time and keep rechecking every few days. Some times the public ones for some reason pull their tubs off tables or floor ..but return a few days later..same homes normally reliably feature their public dye tubs.. least on Moonglow tram.

    The Illustrious Queen Zen(Mrs. LaBRUJO) GM Archer/GM Sword/Gm Tact/GM Tailor also Shalom Aleichem owner of The Black Pearl Shoppe Moonglow TRAM&gt;
  16. Pfredd

    Pfredd Guest

    The Moonglow Mercantile, your provider of all your essential UO needs for over two years, is proud to announce the installation of public Leather and Special dye tubs!

    The Moonglow Mercantile is located on Chesapeake Trammel at sextant coordinates 13°N 126°W. It is on the coast by the Hind Field, just a few screens south of the SE mage shop (The Sorcerer's Guild).

    <center>[​IMG] [​IMG]

    Pfredd Mudd
    UOSS News Manager
    Moderator of UO Carpentry & UO Tinkering
  17. Guest

    Guest Guest

    :) COOL .. already had yall in my rune book on our roof labeled *Other Fine Moonglow shops for ye to try* which my customers use all time (saves them walking around all over glow looking.. and now I will come back mark again and add yall into my other rune book labeled *public dye tubs of glow * :) ^^^ waits for vet rewards to get her own special dye tub ^^^^^^^^^ :) BTW If ye the same one and only Pfredd that gmd tailoring ages ago passing out your very first gmd items free to many in Delucia fel at that time..I still have the hat ye gave me with ye name on it :) if that is you ! :)

    The Illustrious Queen Zen(Mrs. LaBRUJO) GM Archer/GM Sword/Gm Tact/GM Tailor also Shalom Aleichem owner of The Black Pearl Shoppe Moonglow TRAM&gt;
  18. Pfredd

    Pfredd Guest

    Well - I dont THINK there are any other Pfredd Mudds out there, so it probably IS mine :)


    Pfredd Mudd
    UOSS News Manager
    Moderator of UO Carpentry & UO Tinkering
  19. Guest

    Guest Guest

    :) well that hat is ANCIENT now ..but I still have it :) Its like banked like some memorial cuz somebody GMd tailoring and gimme a gm item for free that day ...like a million yrs ago when bout all I could do back then was thigh boots..with visions of gming tailoring myself one fine day :) I finally did gm it before ph..before oil cloths existed..gmd it with knight errants attackin me OoOO in delucia cuz they were invading back then but nothing was gonna kick me out of MY town fel del with all that cattle underfoot :) But yes still have ye hat :) like some great incentive to keep on keepin on ..a hate with my own name on it I kept saying.....some day yes maybe me too will give away first gmd items I go to make, like some happy celebration !God that feels like a million yrs ago LOL

    The Illustrious Queen Zen(Mrs. LaBRUJO) GM Archer/GM Sword/Gm Tact/GM Tailor also Shalom Aleichem owner of The Black Pearl Shoppe Moonglow TRAM&gt;
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest

    cool lol



  21. Aerin

    Aerin Guest

    68N, 51E Trammel - Located one screen south of the Guard Tower at Oberon's Pass (X-Roads) - Sandstone right on the road. Special, Leather, Black & Regular tubs. Dyes available but please bring your own if you're dying lots of stuff. I'll dye your leather if I'm home.
  22. Aerin

    Aerin Guest

    Aislin's Mystics - 68N, 51E Trammel - Located one screen south of the Guard Tower at Oberon's Pass (X-Roads) - Sandstone right on the road. Special, Leather, Black & Regular tubs. Dyes available but please bring your own if you're dying lots of stuff. I'll dye your leather if I'm home.
  23. Rave

    Rave Guest

    my house on LS has a pre rewards black dye tub, pre rewards special dye tub (any player under 1 year can use it), and a leather dye tub. It is in a large marble patio south west of moonglow island in trammel. Take the south teleporter and walk west along the road. Befor you hit the NPC building start walking south and you will immediately see it.
    Coords: 11*25N 142*45W

    <P ID="edit"><FONT class="small">Edited by Rave on 07/17/01 08:21 PM.</FONT></P>
  24. Finculin

    Finculin Guest

    Shard: Arirang Facet: Trammel Sextant Coordinates: 103'58" S 14'3" E
    Type: Old Style Patio Name: Telpemar Tubs: Black, Leather, Special

    To get to the house head due west from the Trinsic main gate until you get to the mountains, then just a little south. If you get to the jungle/forest line you've gone too far. All tubs are on the patio around a small forge. Bring your own dyes.

    Finculin of Arirang
  25. BORED

    BORED Guest

    Trinsic Hunting Lodge:

    Log Cabin in Trammel, noth of Trinsic @ {58o 47 S x 32o 58 E}
    Contains Black dye, Leather dye, Special Dye and if you need
    Furniture dyed you can either ICQ me or PM me on startics.

    ICQ = 46212636


    /php-bin/shared/images/icons/sick.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/disgust.gif¿GOT PUNK¿/php-bin/shared/images/icons/disgust.gif/php-bin/shared/images/icons/sick.gif
  26. Taboo Treats

    Taboo Treats Guest

    I am honored to be the first AOL Legends player to post a public dye facility here, but certainly am not the first to offer one.

    Aol Legends--Trammel--5' 53''N 38' 27''E --Keep/Taboo's ReTreat--Black & Leather--Head due east out of Brit, follow the coast. Dye Provided.

    "Congress shall p*ss no law...abridging the freedom of sp**ch, or of the press, or of the right of the people to peaceably *ssemble, and to pet*tion the Government for a redress of grievances"

    - United States Const*tution
  27. Crest Lavender

    Crest Lavender Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Here is another one on Europa :

    shop is called Avatarian Wares and is located at 14o 24' N, 24o 49' E Sextant Coordinates
    Its an L-shaped old-style 2-story right north of east britain bank, near the street to the swamps/ravenmoor on trammel side.


    There are leather dye, special dye and black dye.
    There is also a vendor you can find dyes and normal tubs on.

    Shop is run by Europa-Boardies under Leadership of Blade Swinger /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Crest Lavender, Passionate Crafter on Europa Shard
  28. Graelion

    Graelion Guest

    I have public special, black, and leather tubs available on the roof of my small marble in Felucca on the Great Lakes Shard. The house is called Graelion's Abode (Yes! Just gained a .01 in Tailoring! 99.2!), and as I am sitting here on my roof, next to my spinning wheel and loom, my coordinates are 139 degrees, 55 south, 37 degrees, 20 east. I am directly below a ruins south of Trinsic, in the jungles. I am also more than happy to dye furniture free of charge if you catch me while I'm not busy.

    Graelion: Gm Smith, Gm Tinker, Gm Miner, Carpenter in-training, Tailor in-training.
    Lathandar: Gm Alchemist, Gm Scribe, Mage in-training, Stoic in-training
    Abraxus: Gm Mace fighter, Gm Swordsman, Gm Tactician, Gm Healer (Anatomy), Gm ... um... weapons'-swing-blocker-guy(Parry)
  29. Kilraven

    Kilraven Guest

    We have 3 public tubs , Leather , Black , and Special, I change the colors daily.

    The shop Cabin can be found north of Vesper coordinates 98 N , 114 E shown below, juts north of the Vesper Tailor shop.

  30. Guest

    Guest Guest

    All four dye tubs and a stack of dyes are available for public use in the shop and five of our ladies can dye leather for you. The Shoppe is in a villa on the south bank of the river just south of the Trinsic moongate with our Library in a small marble just to the east of the Shoppe. Map and pics are available on our TG Almanac linked below. There isn't a lot of spawn: ettins, trolls, harpies, an occasional brigand camp, and giant spiders wander by once in awhile.
  31. 124o 43N 179o 14W Large Tower (the northern tip of Ice island) Trammel
    have all 4 dye tubs on the main floor. The black tub is pre rewards(so anyone can use it). There are dyes locked down on the floor in case you forget to bring some /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    SW Guildhouse
    113o 12N 131o 41E Large Tower north east of Vesper, north of Windmere Wood
    all 4 dye tubs there as well and a pre reward black tub here too, but bring your own dyes... no dyes locked down here.
  32. Oceania Fire

    Oceania Fire Guest

    PACIFIC: Trammel -- 33o34'N 21o5'E -- Tower/Aidenn -- Furniture/Black/Special. Tubs on second floor. Dyes for sale at cost on first floor. Regular dye tubs also available. Will add a leather tubs as soon as someone will sell me one.
  33. Pacific:--Trammel--79o 6'N, 27o 54'W (a few steps away from yew crypts)--small marble/D's--black, leather, special, normal, furniture tubs (can contact me any time to use the furniture tub).
  34. Piotr

    Piotr Stratic's Finest
    Professional Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Patron

    Feb 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Drachenfels Trammel, all dye tubs + dyes /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Follow the link under my sig.
  35. Avatarian Wares on Europa (Trammel)

    14o3'N 24o49'E

    Black/Special/Leather and supplied dyes

    Damn, didn't notice Crests post there
  36. ShaiLyn

    ShaiLyn Guest

    BAJA: Trammel - 90.31' S 22.4' W - Villa / "Temple of the DarkMaiden" - black, furniture, leather, special, and regular tubs. South of Skara on mainland not far from shore. Dyes, studded leather armor, leather armor, and leather material available on vendors.
  37. o0o Pink o0o

    o0o Pink o0o Guest

    NAPA VALLEY : Trammel - Just above britan moongate.. marble workshop... all tubs.. w00t
  38. Shard--Facet--Doorstep Sextant Coordinate--Building Type/Name--Type of Tub(s)--Additional Information

    Atlantic-Trammel-170o 35'S 12o 30'W-small tower/What House?- ALL tubs/Directly above Jhelom bull pit, on right :c)
  39. NaKrahnoth

    NaKrahnoth Guest

    Heres 2More locations for you; 1)Just outside Vesper on road,named S-Mart, sandstone. 54o 55 N 97o 52 E. 2)Just outside East Brit,Named Sosarian Renaissance Provisoners,Sandstone 10o 53n 24o 49e.#2 also has a HUGE rune library. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  40. Guest

    Guest Guest

  41. Guest

    Guest Guest

  42. Guest

    Guest Guest

  43. sandman

    sandman Guest

    PACIFIC: Trammel
    70o 32'S 27o 21'W, 2 Story L shape "Temple of the Dog"
    Furnature/Special/PrevetBlack/Regular - Dyes Provided
    South of Skara Brae near pumkin field
  44. Guest

    Guest Guest

    On Chessy - near Wind. 60, 1'N, 46, 58'E Court of the Ruby Grail. We have: Furniture tub, Black Tub, Regular Tub, Special Dye Tub &amp; Leather Dye Tub. Also there are dyes on the floor to use. We have a rune library &amp; vendors as well.
  45. Tancred

    Tancred Guest

    OCEANIA - Tram "Gorilla Armoury" 80o 9'N 36o 37'N (2 Screens East from the Yew Moongate) Leather/Black/Special/Furniture/Normal
  46. Chesapeake/Trammel/117' 9" N - 28' 53" E/Small Tower/Kevin's House/Black,Leather,Special,Furniture,Regular/Bring your own dyes,I will dye your leather if I am home.
  47. Dragoon

    Dragoon Guest

    SIEGE - All tailoring tubs are available at Dragoon's Stitchery. Bring your own dyes. You'll see it on the south edge of your screen when you step out of the Trinsic moongate at 117o56'S 35o13'E
  48. Mykroft

    Mykroft Guest

    LAKE SUPERIOR: Trammel-- 12º7'N, 2º27'W-- Small Marble Shop - ’M&amp;W Provisions’-- Black, Special, Furniture, Leather, Runebook. Due West of the Britain Graveyard, not far from the Blacksmith's
  49. Dragonz_Toes

    Dragonz_Toes Guest

    Lake Superior Shard, Trammel, Coords are 34o 21' N 25o 1'W, Type 2 story L-Shape by the name of Echos Emporium. Special, Leather, Furny, True Black, and Runebook. If anyones account is not old enough to use any of these feel free to let me know and I will surely dye stuff for you /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  50. Rosie1

    Rosie1 Guest

    The one on GL "Le Tailleur", we've renamed it to "La Strasbourgeoise" and it's on Trammel, on the Fire Island, coordinates are: 7o59'S 14o41'W. If you stand in front of Hythloth, go west and follow that coast all the way south to a beach..that's where it is.

    We have *all* the tubs except for the statue one.
    So that's: Black, Leather, Special, Furniture, Runebook