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putting NIX back together

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by peanutbutter, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. peanutbutter

    peanutbutter Guest

    hello all.

    okay, i'm the former co-guild-leader of the Phoenix*Inquisition. we played here and on Legends a few years ago. the Legends guild which has many tags now (but they all contain [NIX]) is still in operation and quite successful.

    i have obtained the original account that had control of the name and tag.

    i'm looking for individuals who wish to participate in PvP and a little PvE. we used to have many house fights and had a good time trading licks with Blacklisted out front of my house. we fought through HAX when they were around and had a temporary alliance with both UDC and UOF.

    right now, the roster is dead ( i mean, it's been 3 years...) but i see that a couple of people still log in from time to time. i plan to clear the roster and find some competent individuals to give emissary status and start building the ranks.

    i must stress that i can only accept a world where NIX's focus is primarily PvP.

    i am also seeking to be helped by and help through an alliance with an established (or seeking establishment) PvP guild.

    our rules are simple:
    1) play the game - and play it well
    2) only 2 characters per real life member (no matter how many accounts). in the past, we set up a NiX2 guild for alt characters (this helps us maintain a good idea of true activity and ability: if we have 50 on our roster, we know we can field 25 at most)
    3) fight... alot... dual each other... dual others. maintain your killer mindset at all times
    4) no crybabying. you win some, you lose some. deal with it and do better next time (meaning: win faster or lose slower).
    5) have fun. it's a game.

    the character who has control of the guild as a leader is not an often played character, so emissaries will be considered equal and titles will be given to denote rank/responsibilities beyond that.

    NIX was a great guild. we took people from tram and fel alike and managed to work together, teaching one another the joy of both sides (though it was mostly taking people formerly afraid of PvP and teaching them how fun it was).

    since our UO time, we moved to GW and build one of the largest alliances within a year, being featured as guild of the week and holding the top five in vote ratings for several months. after leaving there, our members split up to create NIX in WoW, CoH, and other games - we now have a name in (i think) 6 mmorpg.

    though real life and stuff got in the way each time, dwindling and separating our original members, somehow, the dream of NiX stayed alive.

    now, i'd like to see it brought back to life in UO on LS.

    if you would like to help - especially if you are a former member - of if you seek further information, please PM me or post here and we'll talk about it.

    as a last note, nobody will be the "guild leader". i've found that to be a double-edged sword. there will be a council of leaders that will grow as the guild grows. they will be in charge and dictate the guild's actions and membership according to the few rules we have, not me or any other single person.

    thank you.
  2. Glad to see you guys back. We had some fun times, send me a pm or an email when you get a chance :)