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Putting things into perspective

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Guest, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest


    This is exciting news.

    Why would I be excited? Well, because this could be the best three months of this game.


    It all seems so stoopid at this point. What's the point? I guess that IS the point.

    I was all set to post something about that...how now that we have nothing to argue over, it's a done deal...why fight...let the cheerleaders realize the folks offering suggestions were trying to save the game in their own way, coming up with the "one thing" that will prevent it from getting the axe...let the "screw the cheerleaders" crowd or whatever they called themselves realize the rah-rah's were trying to save the game in THEIR own way, protecting it from any criticism for fear of folks realizing that the king is naked and thereby having subscriptions being dropped like a body-skill-of-zero sim trying to play basketball. And can we all come together and just enjoy the socializing/roleplaying/fun aspect of the game, now that there's no point to the lists, skills, money, or most of all fighting over everything under the sun?

    I was all set to write a post like that...and probably still will when the dust settles in my REAL life...a few final thoughts, interviews with folks (real interviews, and some fake ones from the crazy mind of William B. Head, heh heh heh heh heh [and no, even THAT'S not my real name, so don't be calling up some old dude in Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky at three in the morning just to say, "heh heh hmmf hmmf, hey Bughead: You suck!" {that's my Beavis voice}])

    I was all set to post one final song about the end of days...give tips on filming things for YouTube or whatnot...happy memories of simball and such...

    And THEN...

    THEN...I got the phone call. From my brother, trying to reach me.

    My father, may he live and be well, recently noticed his vision seemed a bit off lately. It started to get worse this last week, to the point where he was having trouble reading, and seeing a black area over part of his field of vision. He'd been to the doctor, and had another appointment scheduled for a week from now, but he also finally went to an eye doctor yesterday. I don't quite understand why he waited so long. I think it might have been denial. The first doctor had told him that it might have been a mini-stroke. After doing a test on my dad's eyes, the eye doctor told him not to wait until next week to get a referral from the main doctor -- go to get an MRI of your brain done NOW. Which he did, and figured he'd go home afterwards, after getting the MRI picture to bring to the main doctor. The hospital staff took a look at it and said yep, you had a mini-stroke, we need to admit you and do some more tests. For some reason they didn't do the tests today, just some therapy stuff, and hopefully he'll get the tests tomorrow, and God Willing they won't turn anything up that's more serious, like problems with the heart itself God Forbid. I'm praying he'll be ok and can go home tomorrow. He won't be able to drive for a week and a half. He's worried about work, but I told him just take one day at a time. He seems in good spirits, under the circumstances. Runs in the family, I guess.

    Yet another reminder from God about how fragile life is.

    And it puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

    A year from now...ten years from now...twenty years from now...what will I remember most about April 29th, 2008? A silly game I played ended, or my father going into the hospital with that stroke thing?

    I'm sorry, folks, but when you get down to it, it really IS just a game...
  2. I'm trully sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he is well.

    You are right. I think it will a peaceful goodbye. I think I will be playing more now that the game is wrapping up.. as odd as that sounds. I hope they give us infinate money. (hint - rosebud, lol). Truthfully, I haven't really played in 2 years. I'd occasionally log on but never for long. My fun level was near zero...especially after the money was taken away...because I loved to build, pet pull, decorate and redecorate. More so because I saw friends leave and never come back. Friends that I do have in game, I saw less and less because of time. Hopefully we will be able to let loose and have a party til the end.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank you for your wishes concerning my father.

    Yes, I hope that after the mass exodus of "gimme my money back" folks have left, the rest of us will just try to squeeze as much fun out of it as we can over the next three months...
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank God I was on the phone with my dad this afternoon and the dorctor came in, they're sending him home, and he should be able to go to work right away. As to driving, he'll need to take a test and then see if he needs more rehab, or if he can drive right away, or if it's so bad he has to turn the license in. But the doctor seemed more inclined to think he'll be driving right away God Willing. The heart and artery are fine, it's just a portion of the brain that died due to the clot. I'm thinking it was all for the best -- had it not hit that part of his brain, and started to effect his sight, he'd be walking around with parts of his brain dying God Forbid without knowing something is wrong until it's too late. This way, we caught it in time for him to get on meds to thin his blood.