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Puzzle Pirates: Ultimate Teamwork

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by wtfisit123, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. wtfisit123

    wtfisit123 Guest

    Though many may know of Puzzle Pirates, some don't know how good of a game it truly is. If you like puzzles, or even an rpg you can "chillax" and play when you're waiting for something or bored, Puzzle Pirates is an amazing game. It is free to play, though you have a few options to pay for some items (on a non-subscriber server) or pay a monthly fee (subscriber server), though on a non-subscriber server you can get the "real-cash currency" through trading in-game currency for it. The game has a system where you can join voyages and pick whatever station/puzzle you want on the ship and play and it while help the ship in certain ways. Bilging: lower water levels and speed up the ship. Carpentry: repair the ship and slightly speed it up. Sailing, Rigging, Navigation: speed up the ship a lot. Battlenavigation: maneuver the ship during battle phases. Gunnery: allows use of guns during battles. There are many more puzzles as well including many parlor game puzzles and labor puzzles, and lastly fighting puzzles. There is no requirement to do any of the puzzles you don't like (unless you obey the captain... which is also usually a good idea). There are many other things about the game that I would strongly suggest you gamers to find out, like how epic the teamwork in battles, sailing, and fighting truly is.
  2. lyly10388

    lyly10388 Guest

    Thanks you for sharing
  3. CaptRex

    CaptRex Guest

    What kind of a game is this? Would you share some info please?