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Puzzles and Games

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Aedon Durreah, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2008
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    It was a good night at the Tavern tonight. The tournament went smoothly and afterwards the Rest seemed to stay busy into the early hours. Lady Izznet showed up as did Calista, the seer Aiya and even Anfalas stopped in. Governor Greywulfe from Skara as well as Gillian showed up to watch the archery tournament, and there were many others from Skara and Yew. James of course was also there, but then again James is every where.

    I would like to say I was surprised when Penrose showed up again with Seska in tow, but in fact I was expecting him. I am surprised a bit at how predictable he has become.

    I think the first hint came at our meeting in Brit. Dramora got it in her mind to try to trade him a magical scroll in lieu of his getting his hands on the book. We sat up a meeting in a small tavern in Brit just before one of the many bridges that span the small stream dividing the east and west sides of the city.

    He was not on time.

    When he did show up Dramora told him about the spell and he asked if he might see it. Dramora asked him to promise that he would not take the spell and he promised not to. I asked that he promised Seska would not take it. Turning to her the told Seska, “You will not take the scroll.”

    But as I have stated he has become a most predictable sort, and I knew that he would find a way to skirt the promises made, and still obtain the spell. As he looked at the scroll he closed his eyes, and an odd look came over him. He seemed to be actually absorbing the spell or the knowledge of the spell into his flesh. Afterwards, he thanked Dramora for the knowledge, and we showed some indignation at his taking of the information and left.

    On the way back to Aegis Dramora asked if I knew he would still use some method to take the spell and I told her yes. He did what I expected to do and really what I wanted him to do. For a while he has seemed content with that minor spell, and did not seem to be seeking the book, at least until tonight.

    At one point he asked me where Dramora was, and said he wished to meet with her in private. I of course had to object to this, and even resorted to playing a few mind games with the man. He agreed on a time, but kept balking at the notion of my being at the meeting. And then, he did what I was expecting and wanting him to do. Seeing Judas down the bar he started making arrangements to meet Dramora with Judas. I listened as they set a few conditions, and could not help but chuckle when one of Judas’ was that he got to choose what Dramora would wear. The plans made and set, Judas said his farewells and headed out into the night.

    I will not worry about Dramora when she is with Judas. I know he will do his best to see to it that no harm comes to her.

    I stayed a bit longer listening to the chatter at the end of the bar. Mylar had come in with a young lad in tow. It seems that he is a bit of a bard. This of course excited me and I immediately thought of the prospect of song returning to the Knights Rest. I suggested to him that perhaps he would share a few tunes at a Bards Night, and Callista quickly agreed that she had also missed such things.

    The hour was late, and I will admit to growing tired a lot faster than I used to. I wished the room a good night and told them to stay as long as they wished.

    As I sit here now I will admit to being a bit intrigued by Seska. There is a wildness about her that causes my heart to quicken a bit. Perhaps it is a memory of years long past, a time when I felt a call deep within my soul that moved me to live life with wild abandon. And though I am well aware that her bite is worse than her bark, I still enjoy her company.

    As to Penrose. I know it is a bit unwise to play too many games with the man after all, even the most predictable among us can prove deadly dangerous. And it is clear that this man holds great power.
    #1 Aedon Durreah, Nov 18, 2015
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2015