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PVE Spellcaster Artys

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Zannette, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Zannette

    Zannette Guest

    Hello Everyone,
    I saw few post on Artifact use for PVP suits but nothing about PVE.
    As I run Mysticism on all my Spellcaster templates i use RC as my meat shield so I don't care much for DCI.

    My current suit setup includes:
    Pendant of the Magi
    Scrappers Compendum
    Mana Phasing Orb SDI/DCI/LMC/MR
    The rest are imbued peaces

    My Templates are (715 Skill Cap):

    100 - Cartography
    100 - Lockpicking
    120 - Mysticism
    120 - Focus
    115 - Spellweaving
    66 - Mining (+15 from Pickaxe & Gloves)
    89 - Magery

    120 - Discord or Provocation
    120 - Musicianship
    120 - Mysticism
    120 - Focus
    115 - Spellweaving
    120 - Mage

    105 - Taming
    115 - Lore
    100 - Vet
    120 - Discord
    120 - Musicianship
    110 - Magery
    45 - Meditation

    My other characters are 2 Tradesman Sampire and Archer Fisherman so they don't belong in this post

    I will get Crystalline ring once I can afford it but the questions I have are:
    Tangle or Crimi?
    What Robe?
    Is Kasa of the Raj-In any better than imbued peacesince it has 12% SDI and 84 Resist.

    Please let me know what arties if any should I get and how should I tweak my templates.

    Thank you
  2. Hideyoshi

    Hideyoshi Guest

    I personally would use the tangle for the extra mana increase + sdi bonus the int bonus will give ya; and personally unless ur killing for sdi a imbued peice will be better; a few options u could look at if u really want the sdi is the crown of arcane temperament; treasure and trinkets wizard glasses; they both have some sdi + decent mods. and finally i would go with either the shroud of condemned for stat bonus or the conj garb if u can afford it for the mr2