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pvm order of difficulty

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by slasherofveils, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. Started a sammy from scratch on atlantic (I am normally on cats) and been having fun with it. Anyway im lookin for new challenges to build up on.

    Balrons still are too hard, though I can take normal succubi and paragon daemons NP. fan dancers I can also take on 3 at a time... also tried a paragon executioner and holy crap, got my ass whooped bad.

    Anyway my current stats are:
    94.1 anatomy
    80.9 healing
    99.7 tactics
    102.4 swords
    83.9 parry
    97.1 bushido
    63.9 chivalry

    resists are 70/67/63/61/75, max dci, 23% HCI, using soulseeker.

    not bad stats considering ive spent maybe 250k max on this char, got lucky with the wep getting it for 30k, but most other half decent weapons are WAY too expensive on atlantic

    Anyway im lookin for some new challenges, as I said balrons still whoop me bad unless I joust, tho para daemons and bloods are dying pretty easily.. and when should I start trying my luck vs swoop and miasmas and other nameds?
  2. I started taking on Miasma the moment that I hit GM swords. I still won't touch Swoop without someone else helping out.

    The other weald named beasties you can take on pretty much at any time, so long as you have decent healing and cure potions.

    You could probably take on the Bedlam named creatures (except Red Death) right now, but I'd rather have more weapons skill. I have 115 swords and do well so long as I can pick out the named baddies one at a time.

    I don't go to Lady Mel's place unless someone else already has all the keys, so I can't comment on those.

    But right now, you could do a lot worse than the Citadel. Right now, I'd stick to the high executioners room or the long hallway, but the Citadel is a great and challenging place to train your skills and make lots of gold in the process.
  3. Kakitasteel

    Kakitasteel Guest

    why not try painted caves lurg is always fun and w/ some sort of scimitar be it soul seeker or a radiant scimitar gains should come very quickly
  4. StarlaUO

    StarlaUO Guest

    I currently practising to kill bigger mobs with a new sammy (my other sammy has 120s in anat/tact and I prefer not to drop those skills) and managed to kill a paragon balron yesterday (after 3 deaths).... [​IMG] its not easy at first but its doable after some practice.

    When I get the time I will try to gather keys either for dread horn/paroxy for the ultimate Pvm and tons of deathrobes. And a big thank you for all the experts' posts here regarding template and weps choice.


    120 Sword/Parry/Bushiddo
    100 heal
    65 Chiv
    35 Necro
    90 Anat
    70 Tact

    Wep - Ornate Axe HSL 38 HML 50 SSI 25 HCI 8
  5. I always do forget that there is a quest to get in.

    In the city of Britain, in front of the castle (north of the west bank, south of the library), there is an NPC named Sarakki the Notary. You want either the quest named "Evidence," or the quest named "Black Order Badges" from her. If you are currently doing the library donation quest, she won't offer you the Citadel quests. From there you can use the crate to enter the Citadel. But I wouldn't suggest doing that alone the first time you try. The place takes some doing to figure out and can get quite dangerous if you don't know where you're going.

    Good job on soloing Lurg. I still hesitate to try him solo simply 'cause of so many other Trogs running around in there. I do handle Grobu with no troubles though. I just like having a bunch of Grobu fur.
  6. Kakitasteel

    Kakitasteel Guest

    btw when u kill lurg or grobu keep an eye out for a decent ornate occassionally they might have a decent one in they're loot.

    also check out fan dancer dojo, fan dancer's, succubuss, and oni are all located within a few lvl's... and will get you ready for blood dungeoun and the para succy's, and para bally's