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PvP event on Oct 17th. Over 200 million in prizes.

Discussion in 'UO Pacific Events' started by Lightheaded, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Lightheaded

    Lightheaded Guest

    That's right Lady's and Gentlemen of the RP alliance. We have a major PvP event coming up!

    When Sunday October 17th.

    Where Varn's Quarter Master Tower.

    Time is still to be determined on that day.

    There will be food, drinks, and TON's Of prizes.

    There will be 3 different Brackets you can join. 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3.

    As teams come together please notify me on the forums or in game so I can update who is going to be playing.

    There will be some rules and these are subject to change until 2 day's before tournament.

    1. No pet's. It would be unfair for a 3 people to get 3 GD's and go at it. I am thinking of adding a separate bracket for Animal Tamer's. It depends on what people want. I am willing to discuss this further for now. There is also a possibility of maybe letting weaker pet's in. Once again I am up for the discussion.

    2. All is fair in love and war. Including this tournament you can bring your best armor set, weapons, and supplies.

    3. No Looting. We are all one guild so I am not worried about this. But just in case you don't know now you do. NO LOOTING!

    4. As of right now No Mounts. It seems kind of silly to me as the space is not huge.

    5. Trash talking, as long as it is PG to PG -13 and it is not offensive it is fine. But nothing rude please.

    6. You are aloud up to three of your alts. So you can get into each bracket 1v1 2v2 and 3v3 if you so choose.

    (more rules may follow that is it for now)

    The winner's will all get different item's. For now here is what it is set at.

    1st prize 1v1 Crimson Cintrine Half Apron Ancient Mummy Wrappings 15 Million Gold

    2nd prize 1v1 Shadow dance armor

    1st prize 2v2 Armor of fortune Brave Knight of the Britania 20 Million Gold

    2nd prize 2v2 Fey Leggings Elves only 2

    1st prize 3v3 Chaos Tile Deed Talisman Elder Detective of the Royal Guard 25 Million Gold

    2nd prize 3v3 Coupon Free hair styling 2 Natural hair dye token

    There will be a few other categories.

    1. Best team name - 3 Million Gold. If your on a team or just solo please give a team name and if it is rockin' and rollin you could win!

    2. MVP - 5 million gold. The best player to be determined by the Guild Leaders.

    3. Best move of the day - 5 million Gold. If you pull of a breath taking save, move, or counter for yourself or your team you could be the winner. To be decided by Varn.

    That is all I am open to any comment's or suggestions. Please get your teams listed as fast as possible to I can create the brackets and you can know who your fighting against.

    email and icq name is [email protected]

    in game name is : Varn, Lightheaded and a bunch of others.

    This is also posted under my guild alliance on Pacific on the uoforums site.