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PvP Ladder - Project Thread

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by EM_Tailspin, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. EM_Tailspin

    EM_Tailspin UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Heya there, you dastardly murderers!

    This is the thread where I will be posting updates on our shards PvP Ladder project. It's also the place for anyone and everyone, including you, to come in and post suggestions and opinions.

    Here is where we are at...

    A PvP Ladder? Is that something I can use to pwn giraffes?
    Most definitely not.... well unless a giraffe registers as a combatant, but I wouldn't count on that one.
    A PvP ladder is a ranking system. The goal is to climb over people above you on the ladder to get to the top. To move up the ladder you must challenge the players above you and beat them in a one on one duel. If you can do that you move to the ladder "rung" above them.

    Who runs the ladder?
    The ladder will be run from a web site. My goal is to make the system as self-sustaining as possible. Officially your EMs, Cyno and me, will have moderator status on the site, but I want to automate things as much as possible. A lot of this will come from the way the ladder functions, which you can see, and comment on, in the design notes below.

    How often will a ladder tournament be held?
    24/7 hopefully. If everything goes to plan the ladder website will be up continually. There will be brief maintenance times of course.

    When will it be ready?
    When it's ready. I'm giving it all the time I can spare and things are moving along nicely. It's just one of my EM projects though so it won't be ready super soon. As a very loose estimate, I am shooting for sometime in the later part of July.

    The following are notes on the way the ladder will work. They are built on Balians suggestion in this thread. If you have ideas or suggestions on these, feel very welcome to post. Please do so quickly though as this system will soon be coded in to the web site, and I really hate re-doing code. :rant2:

    PvP Ladder System

    General Challenge System

    Initiating A Challenge
    • Challenges can be issued to any combatant within the three rungs above the challenger. So if a combatant is on rung 20, they may challenge the combatants on rungs 19, 18, and 17.
    • A private message may be included with the initial challenge.
    • When a challenge is made, the combatant challenged will receive a system notification along with any private messages that may have been sent by the challenger.
    • When a challenge is made both combatants are locked in challenge mode and cannot be challenged or issue other challenges.
    Accepting A Challenge
    • Once challenged a combatant has 72 hours to accept or forfeit the challenge.
    Entering Results
    • Results can be posted by both combatants through controls on the ladder web site.
    • If both combatants report the challenger as the winner, the challenger is immediately moved up to the rung above the challenged combatant and both combatants are returned to active status.
    • If both combatants report the challenged combatant as the winner, no changes are made to the ladder positions and both combatants are immediately returned to active status.
    • If only one combatant reports results, that combatant’s report will stand for 24 hours, or until 96 hours after the initial challenge was made, whichever comes first. After this time, if the second combatant has not entered results, the first combatant’s report is taken as correct, changes to position are made if required, and both combatants are returned to active status.
    • If no results have been reported from either combatant within 96 hours of the challenge, the challenged combatant will forfeit and the challenger will be moved above their opponent on the ladder.
    • If conflicting reports are received then the challenge goes in to witness mode (see below).
    Canceling Challenges
    • At any point during the challenge process the challenger may cancel the challenge and return both combatant to active status.
    • The Challenged combatant may never cancel a challenge.
    Forfeiting A Challenge
    • At any point during the challenge process, the challenged combatant may forfeit the challenge. The result will be recorded as a forfeit and the challenger will move above them on the ladder.
    • If the challenged combatant does not accept the challenge within 72 hours they forfeit and the challenger will be moved to the rung above them.
    • If no results have been reported from either combatant within 96 hours of the challenge, the challenged combatant will forfeit and the challenger will be moved above their opponent on the ladder.
    Flags, Tumblers And Dormant Players
    This is an additional system designed to help remove inactive combatant from the ladder rungs and thus keep things rolling along a little smoother.
    • If a combatant fails to enter results for a challenge, or fails to accept or forfeit a challenge within 72 hours of the challenge being issued a “Flag” will be added to their profile.
    • Flags persist for 20 days before being automatically removed by the system.
    • If a combatant accumulates 3 or more flags they are switched to Tumbler status.
    • Tumblers have only 24 hours (instead of the normal 72) to respond to challenges before they forfeit the match.
    • If a combatant accumulates 10 flags they are automatically switched to dormant status and no longer appear on the ladder. All flags are removed when a combatant becomes dormant.
    • A combatant can elect to remove their dormant status anytime and return to active status on the ladder. Returning combatants will begin on the lowest rung.
    • A combatant may choose to drop to the lowest rung of the ladder at anytime and immediately clear all flags on their profile.
    Witnesses Mode
    Witness mode is way for the combatants on the ladder to sort out disputes without having to wait around for moderators to intervene. When witness mode is invoked on a match that match displays a global advertisement calling for witnesses from among other combatants on the ladder.
    • Witness mode can be invoked in two ways. (1) Either combatant involved in the challenge may elect to invoke witness mode at any time through controls on the site. (2) Witness mode is automatically invoked when conflicting match results are reported by the combatants involved in a challenge.
    • Any other registered combatant may respond to the witness request. The responding combatant’s profile is shown to the two combatants involved in the challenge and they have the ability to accept or refuse the witness.
    • If both players accept the witness the challenge is reset to allow time for a re-match.
    • If a witness is not agreed upon within 72 hours, the challenged combatant will forfeit the match.
    • After the re-match each combatant will be able to re-enter the results. The witness will also be able to enter results providing a third vote to break any disputes. Combatants may not dispute a witnesses result report. It is their responsibility to accept a witness applicant who they can trust.
    The Moderators will always be EMs. They are the very last line in solving problems. Moderators have various abilities to manipulate the standings, challenges, and profiles on the ladder.

    Post those suggestions if you got'em guys! The code is going in soon.

    - EM Tailspin