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PvP Mage Temp Ideas (Help?!?!?)

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Dimebag, May 25, 2009.

  1. Dimebag

    Dimebag Guest

    ok guys i been throwing around a few ideas latley and this is what i have some up with, its a bit out there but ihave heard of some people running bushido ninja mage temps, i have had a few ideas but ran into a brick wall with the thought that do i or do i not need 90 tactics to use nerve strike. i really want to try n make this temp work as no one has one of these on my shard yet and would be intresting to play. would do something along the lines of

    curse exp fs nerve ds then just spam the hell out of them with magic arrow and fireball throwing a few poisons in here and there and what not

    all depends on how much HP they have i suppose.

    anyway if anyone has some ideas on how this would work, if i need 90 tact to run nerve (i was thinkin like the infectious strike doesnt need tact *crosses fingers*)

    as i said i have a few ideas but help would be lovely

    cheers guys
  2. HunterXHunter

    HunterXHunter Visitor

    May 9, 2009
    Likes Received:
    The template you are talking about is the gimplet of last generation before they nerf it and made tamers the new gimps.

    First we look at the stuff you wanted to do in your post...
    You need Mage skills (Magery, Eval), Nerve strike skills (Sword, Tactics, Bushido) and death strike skills (Ninjitsu, Hiding, Stealth). Thats already 8 skills without med or resist.

    I dont know what you are trying to do, but if what you want is a gimp mage that can kill people easy try tamer mage with dread, bake combo.

    Edit: yes you do need tactics AND bushido in order for nerve strike to work. Also you need 120 Ninjitsu + 120 Stealth + GM Hiding to do full dmg death strike now.
  3. Dimebag

    Dimebag Guest

    i was aware of the need for hide/stealth for full DS dmg hence why i had it in temp although i did give way to some skills for dmg as it is a backup skill not main dmg.

    and thank you for answering my question about the nerve strike needing tactics to work as i was not sure about that.

    see i never new it was a gimplate i have never seen it before, i seen a few bok mages and the odd ninja mage on my shard but ppl there dont try alot of new things. boring like and all.

    anyways cheers for the response.