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PvP / PvM Tamer temp help!

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by komax, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. komax

    komax Guest

    Could use some help with a tamer temp that could do some spawns and doom. And still be able to kill other players in pvp.

    I have decided i need the following skills,

    Animal taming
    Animal Lore

    But i only got 710 skill points and dont know how to best distribute the skill points.
    Some help from a experienced player in both pvp and pvm would be nice!
  2. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    im going to focus on what you want for pvp, since if you spec for pvm you will just get owned. you can make a seperate suit/config for pvm if you like.

    you'll want either 110 taming/110 lore, or 115 taming/105 lore. i like the 2nd option because it gives the same control chance on a GD (99%), however at 115 taming you'll have a way easier time taming things than at 110. and if you temporarily equip the birds of britannia talisman, you have an effective 120/110 which gives you an extra stable slot over someone who specced 110/110...

    in PVP you'll want an effective 120 magery while holding your mage weapon. it allows you to avoid being hit as often. since you didnt list wrestle or eval+anat your first option here is a 2-handed -0 mage weaps artifact. more popular, and i prefer it, is an imbued 1-handed greater heal wand, with 15 DCI, spell channeling, FC1, and mage weap -20. compensate for the loss of magery with +skill on jewelry, either imbued jewels or crystalline ring.

    you can cut corners on veterinary; many either go without it, which personally to me would be too big of a pain in the arse to wait the 10 minutes for the npc vet to res my pet - plus its expensive. instead i'd rather spec to the minimum amount able to res (80), and then i might have +vet jewelry i'd swap on to make pet ressing more reliable, and to get to 100+ vet for the extra stable slot. gear-swapping macros are easy to make so this is a good place to cut some corners and save spec pts.

    the rest of your spec kind of depends on how many points you have left, which depends on your gear and ingenuity in designing your suit.

    going resist is a wise decision, and if you play pvm you can swap it out for spellweaving.

    petwise the best/most popular pvp pets are:

    bake kitsune (2 slot) (requires less spec pts but good little killers)
    nightmare (2 slot)
    dread warhorse (3 slot) (doesnt spawn any more, must buy from another player)
    rune beetle (3 slot)
    cu sidhe (4 slot)
    greater dragon (5 slot, need to have ninjitsu or be a gargoyle, also very slow, so used more often if you are spawning or choke point holding than for actual field pvp)

    bushido guys will run around with a lesser hiryu but i tend to stay away from melee only pets in pvp; the magery provides range, burst killing power, and interruptions. never seen anyone rock a reptalon but i'm kind of interested to try it out if i can find a nice one.

    pvp differs from pvm in that in pvm you see a lot of peopel focusing on a pets defensive abilities; high hit points, high fire and physical resist, etc. this is because you can get a monster to ignore you and focus on your pet as it "tanks"

    nobody is going to attack your pet directly in pvp trying to kill it before you. they will just focus on you since you have 120 hp and your pet has 300-1000. therefore you can focus a little more on offensive pet abilties, plus it will help you kill people faster.

    offensive pet stuff: higher str for higher dmg output, higher magery/wrestling, higher eval int, poisoning, etc. also an unknown "feature" is the higher a pets' dex, the faster it moves. so if you can find pets with high dex they will be able to keep up and chase people down easier. plus swing speed should be better which helps dmg output.

    gearwise you are also going to want high DCI. the DCI cap is 45, however if someone nails you with hit lower defense, it will drop 25 pts to 20. therefore many people "overcap" on DCI. 45+25=70, thus you are immune from HLD if you have 70 DCI. DCI makes a huge difference in being hit, if you are holding a mage weapon. many run with anywhere between 55-70 dci, its rare to see someone with 70 dci, but pretty nice.

    plus you will want all the normal mage things, like FC2/FCR6, etc...

    if you are not going to be an archer/tamer you'll want to carry bolas. find some way to macro:

    1- dismount from your pet
    2- bola your victim to dismount them
    3- pet attack your victim
    4- your nuke combos/interruptions

    you will also want to find a quick way to macro a re-mount in case a large grp of people come at you to avoid getting ganked. you can not re-mount after dismounting someone for a short period of time.

    tactics-wise, offscreening and running seems to be very popular these days. if you can remember to poison your dismounted victims mount. it'll prevent them from re-mounting and getting away. ninjitsu shurriken or a well timed poison spell would be good for this...

    especially if your target is very skilled and rocking a greater heal wand they can be incredibly hard to kill. you'll want some way to mortal them, a stealth archer buddy is a good complement here.