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PVP Scout Temp Healing Method Question

Discussion in 'UO Crime' started by Wyland, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Wyland

    Wyland Guest


    I decided to create a Scout. I have a pretty nice suit put together so far. I am good on Def, Hit, Damage and LMC. I have 0 FC and FCR. Close to max resist i think one of my resist is sitting at 67.

    My Temp 720 Skill Points

    Detect Hidden 100

    Tracking 100

    Archery 120

    Tactics 94 (2 imbued rings bring it to 120)

    Resist Spell 120


    So now I need to decide on healing/support.

    I have thought about:

    1)Spirit Speak 100
    Necro 80 (necro could be lowered with +skill Items to = 100)

    With no FC/FCR and no LRC I am wondering just how well this would work.

    2) Bushido 100
    Chiv (60-whatever)

    Again no FC/FCR and lower int makes chiv pretty worthless. I like the idea of free refresh but other then that I would still be using pots for cures. Bushido would be pretty cool but I would lose out on a lot with a bow. Honor/lighting strike/hp regn may be worth it tho.


    Ninjitsu would give me animal form, mirrior image, and some poison darts that are pretty much worthless. Animal form and mirrior image are very nice tho.


    I know, I could fit both in the temp but it just seems boring to go with healing and anatomy. So that's why I am trying to avoid it.

    I have thought about Alchemy but My suit will not have any enhanced potions.

    So what do you think?

    This char will be for champ spawns and pvp. I am more of a support type player then a rack up the kills type. So I am not worried about owning one vs one I am looking to work with a team.
  2. Robthemilt

    Robthemilt Guest

    I actually use My thief to scout. Get your EP up and go Ninja alchy. I'm a royal pain in the nuts on the field if I feel like it and I dont even run a weapon skill.

    If you've got the hiding, stealth, ninja, detect, and you're human you'll be able to find anyone in the area and be relatively safe doing it. Tack on the alchy, archery and tactics and you'll be capable of killing most stealther templates, and supporting against actual pvp templates. just remember that your healing ability is pretty much just enough to allow a getaway so dont get too ballsy.