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[Magery] PVP template and suit advise

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Peisithanatos, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Hi there!

    I want to make a pvp mage template for having some fun with my guildmates. It will be on factions. I only want to be really hard to kill - I mean, due to my skills and, after that, to my experience -. It´s no problem to do no damage to my enemies, My purpose is to have some laughs out there haha. So I need some help...

    Im thinking in somewhat like this

    100 mage (+20 cristal ring)
    100 sw
    100 resist
    120 parry
    120 bushido
    100 eval
    80 focus (+20 cristal ring)

    That´s 720 skillpoints.

    And, of course, an imbued SC mage wep no -1 for defense. I obviosly need good MR and DCI on the suit. Would you mind to help me with my template and a faction suit? All advises are welcome.

    Thank you.
  2. Ivor_MacGregor

    Ivor_MacGregor Journeyman

    Apr 13, 2011
    Likes Received:
    Find a way to take resist to 120. It is pretty much useless at 100 in pvp
  3. L1Z4RD

    L1Z4RD Guest

    Id rock a -20 sc magewep for the dci with 120 magery and the cryst ring....120 eval of course too.

    orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr you could run a gangster wrestle parry mage

    120 mage
    120 eval
    80 nox
    100 scribe
    120 wrestle
    120 parry

    maybe split stuff up for med....plus youd have the 30 sdi AND 10 sdi from scribe.....magic reflect is super annoying for others......same with disarms, stuns and high lvl poisons.
  4. icm420

    icm420 Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 28, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I see a few things wrong.

    100 magery +20 off ring -20 from weapon = 100. Gonna want to be 120 magery natural if you plan on using a mage weapon. If you are going to use a staff of magi then ok makes sense, but I think 5% in parry isn't as good as pot chugging.

    what is 80 focus for? I would do 80 med.. 20 focus on a ring is nice but 50 ep > then +20 skill points you really don't need. (for a mystic I say use crystalline ring otherwise it's useless.)

    100 resist is doable- 120 is best- but 100 resist in pvp won't kill you usually. The only exception is when you get 8 mages on you and 2 alternate para spams.

    Disarm bait- a solid defensive character doesn't want all of their defense disarmable. If disarmed you loose your weapon skill, your parry, your evade, etc. The best defensive character would be open hand with a shield because this is solid non disarmable defense.. meaning you will never loose your defense no matter what someone else does.

    What are you using 100 weaving for? I love weaving but at 100 you have a lot of skill points and a lot of mana tied up for certain spells that are very situational. 60 is more then enough for all the good defensive spellweaving abilites. Attunemnt and gift of renewal are free, but lets assume you really really like the self res and arcane empowerment. No more then 60 for defensive purposes.. wind is nice yes but with this build you may get 4 winds off and be out of mana and out of options..

    So ok you want a parry pot chugging mage, I'm assuming evade and confidence, and spellweaving buffs.

    Since evade is with a weapon you are really limited in what you can in terms of a bushido mage. I would go all out for a bok mage since that is in my opinion, the only reason to play bushido. A staff of magi evader works ok, but once they figure out you are disarm bait that will not be enjoyable.. you will be disarmed non stop and find that more then half of your skill points are wasted when you get disarmed. I also think you need weapon skill at at least 50 to use evade.. meaning you need 50 macing to evade on the proposed template.

    In my opinion the type of char you want to play is the 4/6 chiv, ninja, spellweaving macer with resist. This should never die.. but rarely kills anyone also. Unless you can squeeze deathstrike on.. it would take time to figure that out.

    For a mage.. 6x120 wrestle parry mage is the best option.

    Also remember you need 80 dex to get the most from parry. It scaled based on parry skill and dex. Sooo if you do parry.. you need dex.. once again making a weapon skill parry mage the best idea, making a bok mage seem best out of all of them...unless you do the 30sdi pure.
  5. Thanks for all the ideas.

    After reading your posts, I love the idea of the "4/6 chiv, ninja, spellweaver macer"...how would you build that template?

    How do you fit chilvary, spellweave, ninja and resist on a dexxer template? Maybe without parry or heal/anatomy?

    By the way, it sounds really funny and hard to kill. That´s all I want. And what about the suit? Obviosly, a fc 1 shield and weapon with 1/3 dci hci ring and brace and any other prop (it could be lmc)...but, what else? Mace & shield for head and...heartwood pieces for the gaps?
  6. icm420

    icm420 Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 28, 2008
    Likes Received:
    A 4/6 chiv ninja spellweaver is just everything that can be 4/6 casting. This is almost always a blue character also because karma is pretty important to the build... or at least it had been I havn't played chiv in years and they just did something to it.

    105 chiv- 100% for holy light

    120weapon skill (macing usually could be what ever)


    For weaving you could be 60-100.. I would think usually 80ish for 100% pixies.

    For ninja you are mostly looking for forms and mirror images.. so idk 110ish? If you could fit deathstrike in then you would kill a lot of people but that needs hiding and stealth and 120 ninja.

    100-120resist- 4/6 chiv with resist is godly- 4/6 chiv without resist sucks.

    60-120 med.. gotta get that mana back to heal and special and cast.

    It's a temp that can be run many differnt ways.. It doesn't really kill anyone, but it's very very hard to kill assuming you can keep the mana flow for the chiv heals. If you do hiding and stealth then you don't need resist but you most likely will die a little bit more often.

    For gear.. well.. I would use an imbued djinni ring I have that is 2fc/3fcr with 9hci.. since you can't make this anymore I am not sure what to say for a ring. I would use an orny as bracelet.. but idk they have some crazy new arties out that I don't know much about. I don't play dexxers I play mages so this is all speculative. I wouldn't use a shield tho so you can pot chug.. unless you squeeze parry on somehow. But basically all you do is disarm, mayb send some pixies and mayb bleed? IDK your gonna have to find out and let us know!

    EDIT* Uhm I just remembered about gargoyle throwers.. this may not be as good as I originally considered it to be... you may need parry on this temp to survive them. But if you fight on foot you can just spam mirror images and try to dismount.
  7. Shinners

    Shinners Guest

    with 4/6 does that allow close wounds on the move almost? As i read the post and replys i was coming up with a interesting template. Also, if i got magery along with chiv do i lose the 4/6 casting for chiv due to magery or would i still be 4/6 with chiv spells?