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PvP Thread Take 3... Last chance gang!!

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Oriana, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. Well the biggest problem here I suppose is that you sense "hatred" in my post, when in fact, it is more disgust than anything. I do not hate, because I dont know Goodman well enough to "hate", but from what I saw today, I feel I have the right to be disgusted by his actions at the EM Event.

    Am I trish?...Uhmmm no, its just a rumor Goodman deemed necessary to start. Now, use some deductive reasoning and try to figure this out...Its not me, its not Morgaine, its not Missy...hmmmmmm :scholar:
  2. King Salmon

    King Salmon Guest

    I hear some kids crying in the background go cook dinner.
  3. awww ok Pan, did i strike a nerve? maybe you should find out whos who before you make assumptions next time.
  4. King Salmon

    King Salmon Guest

    Evidently u cant read morgaine....is that why u dont cook? U should just shut the he!! up and post when posted to like a good woman.
  5. rofl rolleyes: so funny that when you get mad and have nothing else to say you always turn to making comments about my life outside of game. You forget, I've heard it all before, it dont phase me any. :p lol

    get some new stuff to talk about, you cant talk crap about game, dont talk crap at all.

    ps since you brought it up, its no surprise you sit home playing uo with that way of thinking, what woman would want that? =/
  6. King Salmon

    King Salmon Guest

    If u had any brains you'd remember your the one that started it. R u really that stupid? Starting crap then trying to turn it all around to make u look good. dont bother answering my question either anyone that has met u knows the answer already.:popcorn:
  7. lol yeah, I started it by saying you had too many drinks again and you were trying to make an assumption about someone I know quite well. Like she would say something like that? So, if you wanna talk about stupid, take a look in the mirror Slayer.
    I am sooo stupid mmhmmm rolleyes: again come up with something better than that and btw, no one has met me and if anyone had, you again, would look like the stupid one. Shhhhhhh while you think you're ahead.

    now that that is out my system, how about we move on to something that actually relates to the PvP boards? hmmmm?
  8. King Salmon

    King Salmon Guest

    absolutely nothing to do but try and get the last word in a subject she was not even involved in. so very sad. get a life
  9. pssst.. in case you havent noticed, its a public forum, anyone can add their two cents on anything, even if its a subject they werent involved in.
    Besides, how do you know that I'm not involved? Another assumption?
  10. King Salmon

    King Salmon Guest

    wow :postcount:
  11. Stussywear

    Stussywear Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Did you take a seminar on ******baggery 101 with Deimos Salmon?

    Please dont come to the realization that you suck at pvp, and now need to turn to RL insults like your boy.

    Remember, deep breath, its only a game. I understand that can be an upsetting concept to some people.
  12. King Salmon

    King Salmon Guest

    if u weren't a 1/2 wit stussy you would be able to understand what u read and see she started it, and morgaine will post till her damn fingers fall off to get the last word in...about something she has no clue about....pure comedy see u on the field playa
  13. Good morning Slayer!!! awww cant believe you're still here posting!
    Maybe you should reread what my last post said last night and think about it long and hard before you post again.
  14. King Salmon

    King Salmon Guest

    show your face in game morgaine wait your to skerd....if u need something constructive to do with your time other than trying to slam us i hear the house in the ssw corner of baja's luna housing area is hiring.:postcount:
  15. Coragin

    Coragin Guest

    With all the insults I have seen since I just read this thread from beginnign to end (long read). Including my own insults to people, I feel compelled to apologize for my own petty shots and personal insults towards people.

    So consider this a formal apology to all of you I insulted on a RL level since the beginning of this thread. It was childish and un-called for. For now on I will do my best (which is usually done quite well) to not insult people on a RL or in game type basis. I know this is an oxymoron due to the title of the thread, but I believe in the spirit of fun and the game insults are not needed (at least from my end). I am not calling for a change to the way everyone talks or does things here, I dont wanna force my posting style on anyone, this is just a personal choice.

    So to all my friends (and allies), enemies and people I just verbally attacked, I apologize for personal insults.
  16. King Salmon

    King Salmon Guest

    Glad to see somone has some sense still....i thought this game was turning everyone into benjamin button or whatever that movie's called where they are born old and turn into a child. Is it time for a :grouphug: or a :bdh:
  17. lolol on the job thing slayer.. considering I work two jobs, I suggest you keep your trap shut and keep the trash talk to in game stuff, follow your own advice and shut up about things you know nothing about.
    FYI, I was very involved in what happened in Luna the other night, again follow your own advice.
  18. Goodmann

    Goodmann Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
  19. Not to sound like I'm name calling, but honestly, King Salmom, if anyone sounds stupid here it is you with the comment that "Morgaine started this conversation". Fact is, others can read here also and Morgaine was correct in saying that you started it by making assumptions. Refer to this post you made:

    Morgaine did reply to it, but as she also stated, this is a public forum and she has every right to add her opinion, just as you did.

    I did happen to see this "Trish" you speak of at the bank last night and she is sporting a SIN guild tag. So if you want to accuse someone of something, maybe you should just go to the source which would be SIN.

    Now that that is cleared up, How about everyone go back to Pvp smack talk.
    That's where the entertainment is LOL.
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