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Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Varhagn, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Varhagn

    Varhagn Guest

    I would love to host a pvp tournament for people with gold as reward.
    I am thinking like 3 vs 3 and 1 vs 1 matches say top people get prize.

    any template accepted only condition no switching template the one you start with you finish with. no rules on what templates you can bring.

    my curiosity is how many people would be intrested in doing this on pac. if there isnt enough people i dont do it.

    also what amounts would get people intrested as a reward. i was thinking in 1 vs 1 person who wins gets 25 mill. in 3 vs 3 75mill for the group.

    i could locate an area that is open no trees or buildings. and set it up for spectators who wish to come. obviosly this would be in fel so all chars welcome. and you can enter in both matches i dont care. if anyone is intrested let me know or if you think the prizes should be diffrent tell me. i just like watching good fair fights.
  2. KalVasTENKI

    KalVasTENKI Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 23, 2009
    Likes Received:
    I am interested but you better be hell of an organizer, events like this can turn into chaos quick.
  3. Varhagn

    Varhagn Guest

    im actually great at organizing things. what i need is input from people on things that ar good or possibly bad for such an event.
    i was talking to one person last night about it and they suggested.
    no fields no summons and no hiding/stealther. which in a way makes since fields can drag out a fight same as a stealther people may become bored with it. same with summons bringing in tamers can make it tricky as g dragons and such can make a fight off balance. those type of inputs is what i need i dont want to throw together some stupid event that falls to crud in 10 minutes. at same time though i would like to have a way that stealthers could fight if they wanted but im sure no one wants to watch someone locate some stealth ninja for 20 minutes either. would ruin the event. i am also searching for a good spot to hold event i want it to be open field mostly with room for spectators as well being big enough people can effectively fight i am thinking possibly the island in t2a near the sparkle in back but seems kind of small for the turn out i would like to get and other spot is possibly outside of yew that field is decently big and we can just make the narrow opening into the area an out of bounds.
  4. good luck, theres always a renegade group that will attack and pk the spectators and the redlined competitors. you need to be in a private house so you can banish
  5. Stuiicide

    Stuiicide Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 29, 2009
    Likes Received:
    the EMS put a dueling areana inn. It is located right of the t2a mines goin to bog, u should make it full mage temp groups an full dexxer groups. an the winner of each mage or dexxer. fights the loser of the other, wich means start it out mage vrs mage an dexxer vrs dexxer. An the first mage to win fights the first dexxer to win, an then the loser of each fights each other an so on. so this way at the end u have either a mage an or a dexxer winning. im sur eu post on the EM website when u have enough people they would let u use it. but u need to make a max of supplys like 200 bandaids for dexxers an 25 of each pot except stam 50. also make it 15 to 25 apples for the dexxers, also let the mages use 40 of each pot except stam 50 of course. I mean if i cared enough about other people having funn in uo this is what i would do...:thumbup1:
  6. Varhagn

    Varhagn Guest

    thank you stui that is a good idea and i would use the arena but not to fond of it. i am thinking of turning my house into an arena possibly the house just ne of minoc cave is one of them and would possibly work very well for this type of an event. and i am considering doing just a one vs one tourny for now since a 3 vs 3 seems to be a bit tough to gather up the proper number of people. my only issue with doing in a house is in my opinion not really enough room to make each fight worthwhile. even in a 18-18 but yes right now i agree my biggest challenge is organizing a way that people cant come in and start creating issues. since i expect once a guild gets knocked out of fight they will most likely bring a group to just mess the rest of it up. thank you for the idea on the 1 vs 1 with mages / dexxers and pot limit as that would assist in keeping things a fair match. i shall look into redecorating that house near minoc mines tonight see if i have any luck with a good arena build if i do i shall mention it on stratics and maybe people can come check it out and offer input.