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  1. I'm not sure the decision to de-emphasize PVP is a good one. I think NPCs really take away from the persistency of MMOs. I think competition between players is really crucial to MMOs.
  2. Jeffdogg

    Jeffdogg Guest

    Theres always Competition between players in an MMO. Competition to get the better gear, to be the better player, to be the alpha player, to have all the missions completed, to have all the maps in the game (Yes there are some people like that lmao). PvP dont make competition thats just an event IMO. Thats why MMO's have PvE and PvP servers. It dont make the game better or worse some people would rather spend their time fighting eachother, some people are adventures. Just have to go with how you feel and how you play.. But PvP is not crucial, it wont make or break a game. :popcorn:
  3. Lairkingo

    Lairkingo Guest

    I think PvP is pretty darn important :p
  4. Jeffdogg

    Jeffdogg Guest

    Everybody has their own preferences :thumbup1:
  5. Clacke

    Clacke Guest

    There will be the option to tag yourself for PvP when the game launches, so with consensual PvP available I'm sure we're going to get some decent world PvP sessions set up by the players themselves, until the full PVP content is added in after launch. :gun:
  6. Ledaye

    Ledaye VIP
    VIP Stratics Veteran

    Jun 26, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Who said we were de-emphasizing PvP? Our PvP will be layered in fully after launch, but we're planning lots of play centered on PvP, including missions and story.