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PVPc This friday

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Guest, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    FYI, this will be the last time I make a special post about the event, from now on I'll just leave it posted on the caledar up top. This friday is another PVP Club biweekly tournament. The arena is located just SW of the Ice Dungeon in Felucca. Anyone can enter, unless you just happen to be banned, lol.

    Classes are as follows: Dexers, Archers, Mages (including Necro Mages) and Tank Mages. After the battles are over, a battle of champs, consisting of the four champions, will take place, winner takes all.

    Gating will be from WBB and Yew gate, fel. If you want to supply me a rune to a location for me to gate to, please feel free to PM me and we'll meet up. Get some buddies together and gate in all at once, I'm sure BC will be there doing their thing. Which reminds me, hehe. Defenders are always welcome, the fighting is outside as well as in!

    One last thing: Last tourny I moved the time back an hour, this time I'm moving it back to the normal time. Gating will be from 8:00pm eastern to 9:00pm eastern, last call for entries will be at 9:00pm eastern, no more entries after that. Entry fee is 50K, Submit bags will be sold at 50K at the tourny. Hope to see ya all there!
  2. Jobe FTW

    Jobe FTW Guest

    I just wanted to thank you for hosting this. Even if BC makes it a little more challenging you still do a great job. Hey it also brings out other PVPers to fight not only inside but outside [​IMG] Keep up the good work, and thanks.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks for the support, and yes, it does kinda bring more than just a tournament to fel. People come to fight outside too, not just BC. Kinda nice to have something besides Yew gate, spawns and harrys. BC coming and griefing, well, that's just them. Kinda makes things messy, but hey, that's fel. I just love the arguments on who owns fel/this shard. Too funny. Hey, how bout this... PVPc OWNS THIS SHARD!!!!! ALL YOU'S IS GARBAGE!!! TOURNY FTW!!! BUY A PERMIT!!! GAAAHHHH!!!!