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PvX - Reckoning EU - A guild with everyone in mind

Discussion in 'Guild and Event Announcements' started by demonhun, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. demonhun

    demonhun Guest


    Contact Details
    Xfire: Demonhun72
    Steam: Demonhun72
    Enjin: Demonhun


    On 27th February 2012, this guild was created in anticipation of Guild Wars 2. The aim of this guild will be to create a big community where everyone is free to do the activities that he likes best, wheter it be PvE, small scale arenas, World vs World and other activities that one might find in Guild Wars.

    Everyone is invited to join us and be a part of our community. We understand that there are people that do not always have the time to play, and we give them a chance to play with us without a lot of expectations and impositions. However having said that, the hardcore player will still find a home here. Guild structures will be placed in order to ensure that the hardcore player can do regular events, while the casual player can do the activities he would like to do on a more easygoing timetable of events.

    This way, we not only ensure that everyone has his or her good share of playing the game, but those people who have limited time will find themselves doing activities that they might not be able to keep up with in other guilds.

    Recruitment Policy

    Anyone can join this guild at this stage. The important thing at this stage is that we get to know each other and even play some other games while waiting for Guild Wars 2 to release.

    Hardcore Players - Hardcore players are essential for the guild, as they are the ones who propel the guild forward with progression in all aspects of the game. In this guild, they are sure to find like minded people with similar goals.

    Casual Players - Casual players are a solid backbone to any guild, as they provide a big community. We will not only cater to the hardcore players, but also to the casual players. This will enable everyone to expirience the game to the full.

    Recruitment lasts for 2 weeks where you will be under watch for behaviour.

    Guild Rules

    1. Respect your guildmates
    2. Racism is forbidden
    3. You are representing the guild wherever you go and it is expected that you do not give the guild a bad name.
    4. Let the Officers handle matters with other guilds if problems arise. Do not try and deal with it yourself.
    5. Joining other guilds is allowed only if the reason of joining that guild is because you want to have a guild with a small group of IRL friends, or similar circumstances.

    Mumble Specific Rules
    1. Mumble is mandatory if you wish to participate in any guild activity we do. This means both PvE, PvP and WvWvW.
    2. English only - If you wish to speak in another language please use a private channel where there are no other people there except the people you wish to communicate with.

    PvE Rules

    NOTE: These rules will be altered to reflect the Guild Wars 2 engine, however these current rules are a good basis to any MMO.

    - Always do an attendance post for every raid that is put up, even if you are not attending. This will allow the raidleader to plan accordingly.
    - Attendance posts must be done at least 2 hours before the raid starts, to give time to the raid leader to adjust the raid depending on the people showing up.
    - Make sure you are always on time if you say that you will be there.
    - Failure to sign up for the calendar will be met by disciplinary actions unless you have not told anyone of your absence or otherwise. This is so we can mantain a high standard of progression.
    - You need to be online at least 5-10 minutes before so that the raidleader doesnt waste time from raiding.
    - When signing up as Mabye status, please leave a note if and when you can join late or not at all so the raidleader won't keep waiting for you for a long time.

    Consumables and Requirments:
    - Please bring enough consumables to sustain you during raiding.
    - It is expected that everyone knows their class well, and you should ask for help if you have doubts which spells to choose etc.

    During the Raid:
    - Short breaks will be taken during the raid when the raidleader calls for them, depending on the situation. Please make sure you do not go afk unless something important happened, otherwise you would be slowing the whole raid down. Make sure to always ask for permission from the raid leader beforehand so they don't pull any mobs/bosses without you.
    - The raidleader always has last word on anything related to the raid that he is leading, ranging from switching players to reserves, changing tactics or switching player roles. This is only to mantain stability in a raiding environment and keep everyone at the same level of thought during boss fights.

    Disciplinary Actions
    - The Raidleader has the right to use disciplinary actions in order to ensure a high quality in raids.

    PvP Rules

    Structured PvP will not have a lot of organization at the start of Guild Wars 2 due to the fact that people can form their own groups without any supervision easily. As time goes by, official teams will be formed in order to represent the guild.

    World PvP Rules

    1. In World PvP, should Reckoning have a keep under its control that is being attacked, a call to arms will be issued and you must drop whatever you are doing and help to defend what is ours.

    World PvP Groups

    World PvP requires a level of organzation that our guild can provide. It's one thing to just create a mass of people and charge forward, but another to be a part of small groups trained and lead by multiple commanders capable of using limited resources to win a battle against bigger odds.

    The Vanguard - This group will be in charge of anything related to offensive operations against any enemy asset, primarily the strong points like castles. Scouting parties will be used to scout ahead of the advancing force and determine enemy strength before engagment.

    The Rearguard - This group will be in charge of anything related to defensive operations of guild owned or allied owned points. Patrol groups will be used to escort friendly supply convoys.

    The Raiders - This group will be in charge of anything related to small target hunting, primarily supply points and enemy caravans.

    The Artillery - This group will function in conjunction with the other three groups, primarily the Vanguard and the Rearguard groups. This group's role is to provide siege equipment while attacking castles, provide and operate defensive positions on friendly owned positions, and create ambush locations with siege equipment support.

    Joining one group does not limit you to only these tasks, there may be cases where every group will be called on to help defend or attack one particular target. However, these groups will make communication and job allocation easier, as people will function as a group, not as an individual.


    In this guild, everyone has the chance of actively working for the community should they wish to do so. Officers are chosen not because they know the guild leader, but rather because they show a willingness to offer their services to the community. I do not believe in the system of having people in high ranks just because they know people, because in the end, this hurts the guild and the community.

    A high ranking member may be demoted at any time either by the guild leader, or by posting a vote of no confidence.
    Vote of no confidence - This is to be posted as a poll in the elections forum entitled "Vote of no Confidence - (Name)" The poll will be up for a week. A 75% is needed for the vote to pass.

    Elections - These will happen once every 3 months. Members can give in their names as possible candidates whenever they want except in the last week of the 3 months, where polls in the election forum are posted and everyone can vote according to who they wish in those posts. As a candidate, you cannot apply for multiple posts. The guild master is the only rank which does not change, unless the guild leader gives his title to someone else because of inactivity and other issues.


    Some ranks will require you to have a microphone and you should be able to talk most of the time, due to the nature of the rank.

    High Command

    Guild Master - The guild master will have the final say on any issues that the guild is involved with. He has the right to veto any descisions or votes that are going on if he thinks it is better for the guild to do so.

    Rights: Voting, Veto, Accept/Reject Recruits, Promote/Demote Players, Organizing Events, Administer Forums.
    Marshal - Second in command of the guild. Chosen by the guildmaster. Does not have veto and can be removed by a vote of no confidence.

    Rights: Voting, Accept/Reject Recruits, Promote/Demote Players, Organizing Events, Administer Forums, Run for Elections.

    Warlord - In charge of WvWvW. These are activities ranging from tactics, keep upgrades, communicating with allied guilds and so on.
    Rights: Voting, Organizing Events, Run for Elections.

    General - In charge of PvE Content. These are activities ranging from leading the raids, tactics on bosses on the forums, scheduling raids and so on.

    Rights: Voting, Organizing Events, Run for Elections.


    Centurion - Second in command after the Warlord in WvWvW. There can be multiple centurions.

    Rights: Voting, Organizing Events, Run for Elections.

    Tactician - Second in Command after the General. There can be multiple Tacticians.

    Rights: Voting, Organizing Events, Run for Elections.
    Advisor - In charge of mantaining stability in the guild through making sure rules are being followed, and helping out whenever possible. Also helps in recruitment processes. There can be multiple advisors.
    Rights: Voting, Organizing Events, Accept/Reject Recruits, Promote/Demote Players, Run for Elections.


    Veteran - A member that has proven reliable and active for a long time with good conduct. If a veteran and a member both want the same post, veterans always take priority.

    Rights: Voting, Running for Elections

    Member - After passing the 2 weeks trial, you are promoted to member rank, where you can then apply for higher ranks.
    Rights: Voting, Running for Elections

    Recruit - Recruits are under watch for their behaviour. Recruitment period lasts 2 weeks. You are not allowed to apply for higher ranks at this stage.

    Rights: On Probation
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  2. Bella

    Bella Guest

    A well thought-out hierarchy with a clear vision of responsibilities! It looks like this will be a well-run guild with clear player objectives. A great fit for someone looking for a structured guild with common goals in mind.

  3. demonhun

    demonhun Guest

    Post edited with more in fo in WvW, ranks are now better, and the general layout of the post has been changed.
  4. demonhun

    demonhun Guest

    Im happy to say that we are now in an alliance. For more info visit the alliance tab on our website.

    We have also increased in number, and Ive gotten lots of interest from a lot of people regarding ranks.
  5. demonhun

    demonhun Guest

    We are still recruiting members.
    Most of us have pre-ordered the game, so we will have a big group ready to test out the beta :)
    We are also actively doing new projects that improve the guild website and the guild structure.
    Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.
  6. demonhun

    demonhun Guest

    Check Recruitment - Reckoning - Guild website for the updated version of first post.
    Guild's been growing nicely, and first elections have also started so that people can start growing accustomed to the ranks.
  7. demonhun

    demonhun Guest

    Its been a nice beta weekend for us, had a lot of fun playing together and meeting other people. Beta also gave us more insight on how the game mechanics are going to work, so we are already underway in doing any necessary changes to further improve our guild.
  8. demonhun

    demonhun Guest

    We have started electing people and they will now start working on their respective fields depending on their rank, where they will start organizing stuff better.
  9. demonhun

    demonhun Guest

    Elections are overwith and the people who have been elected have already started working on their respective fields in order to improve the guild and the community.

    We are getting prepared for the next beta so that we can try out some guild functionality and see what can be improved or implemented to further build up better structures for the different aspects of the game.
  10. demonhun

    demonhun Guest


    The link above is a small montage that one of our members did of what we were up to the past beta weekend event. I must say that this beta has been the best so far in terms of activities that we did together as a guild.

    We spent hours on teamspeak just doing jump puzzles and laughing together, especially the on in world PvP, where we had to fight other players while doing the puzzles.

    Lots of us also did the new zone and Ascalon Catacombs, and I really liked both of them.

    The new 5v5 tournaments show a lot of promise and competitive PvP'ers have already tried their hand at this and liked it a lot.

    On Sunday we spent about 8 hours just sieging Stonemistwhich was an awesome expirience. The fort had more then 3000 supplies and through use of lots of siege weapons and people working together we finally cut off all supplies to the keep and barraged them for hours until they could not repair any more. During this bombardment we had to relocate all the time because they had trebuchets of their own on the walls which were countering us with cows and flaming boulders. At one point we were shooting from one tower over the hill with trebuchets and mortars until they got a trajectory on us with their trebuchets.

    All in all it was a fun expirience and all of us enjoyed it.

    Remember that if you wish to check us out, please visit http://reckoningguild.enjin.com/recruitment where you will find everything you need to know about us.
  11. demonhun

    demonhun Guest

    The release date is announced, and in 2 months time we will finally be able to play the game which we have been all waiting for. Make sure to check us out and join us if you would like to form a part of a special and unique community and guild structure!

    Feel free to PM me with any questions.
  12. demonhun

    demonhun Guest

    From 8th until the 17th July I will be abroad so dont PM me on this forum.

    Instead please PM me on our guild website, or check our member list and contact other officers through PM's, or feel free to use the shoutbox.
  13. demonhun

    demonhun Guest

  14. demonhun

    demonhun Guest

    We have a new tab called World PvP, where we will have our PvP teams located and also some lore behind the groups. Feel free to read it for your enjoyment!

    Now that there is less then a month left, I would like to renew my invitation to anyone who has not yet found a place he can call home. Our guild will offer a great community with lots of events in all the aspects that the game has to offer.
  15. demonhun

    demonhun Guest

    If anyone would like to play with us, we will be on Gandara tonight for the beta :)
  16. demonhun

    demonhun Guest

    We have chosen Gandara to be our server on live!

    We will also be there in tonight's beta.