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[PvX] vVv Gaming - Sponsored by Steelseries - Is Recruiting!

Discussion in 'Guild and Event Announcements' started by SleepyTigerz, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. SleepyTigerz

    SleepyTigerz Guest


    vVv Gaming
    (Vision. Valor. Victory)

    E N T E R T A I N . E D U C A T E . D O M I N A T E .

    Est. 2007


    Current BWE Server: Sorrow's Furnace​

    About vVv Gaming:

    vVv Gaming is built on a community based model. Covering over ten titles from Starcraft II to Mortal Kombat, vVv Gaming consists of professional and amateur gamers as well as a graphics team and a staff of about 20 people, and we receive an average of 45,000 unique visitors to our site every month. One thing that separates us from other organizations is that we rarely pursue and bid on top talent. We believe that our role in esports is to identify talent early and help it to develop, an essential part of the growth and success of competitive gaming. Not only do we do this for competitive players, but if you're an aspiring eSports commentator, player, coach, content provider, or even want to work in the competitive gaming industry, then vVv Gaming is the place for you! We help you gain skills for eSports, skills for life. Anyone can join, regardless of skill and experience, you just need the passion to want to contribute. To make sure we're getting the most passionate people in eSports, vVv has an application process that can take 60-90 days. With more than 4,400 applications and just over 700 acceptances vVv has a 16.8% acceptance rate! So if you're serious about being part of the growth of eSports, take a look at our Applications Forum


    vVv Gaming is looking for players of all skill levels for our Guildwars 2 team. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply. Though some restrictions do apply.


    Activity and Value - What we want from you is to be a valuable member of our organization. We require all members to use social media like Twitter and Facebook. Adding content is incredibly important for any member of vVv Gaming and we expect the same level of activity from every member and applicant. Beyond that, we also expect you to get to know the other members. Socialize with them in game, on the forums and shoutbox, and social media.

    Respect - vVv Gaming is built on a platform of diversity, it's what makes us so great. We do not tolerate any form of sexism, racism, or homophobia. We pride ourselves on being a large community with players with all kinds of backgrounds. Our passion for gaming brings us together, and our respect keeps us strong.

    Drive - Motivation is a key factor in any game. We will never ask you to be anything you're not, but we expect you to play to the best of your ability. Whether you're looking to be a high-end competitive player, or just a casual, it doesn't matter in our eyes. We want every member of vVv to have the utmost fun with whatever game they play. But we also want you to strive to be the absolute best you can be.

    Contests - We hold giveaways, launch events, and all kinds of other contests. Sometimes we'll give away entire games, sometimes gear from our sponsors. Beyond the giveaways, we also hold events at the launch of major games we plan to be involved in. These vary with the game, but are always aimed at creating a fun atmosphere for everyone involved.

    Structured PVP teams - vVv Gaming, no matter what, will always be comprised of two factions: The casual and the Hardcore. Because of this we have systems in place to create fun for both ends of the spectrum. A month after the release of Guild Wars 2 we will be holding try-outs for our Tournament PvP teams. These will consist of nothing but vVv members battling it out to prove themselves the best. Those we feel should go on to the next stage will be hand picked by the leadership and taken for further try outs. But you may be wondering "Oh I'm not hardcore, I just want to play casually". Well, worry not, because we have stuff for you as well! We encourage players to form their own teams within the guild to play with. Everyone has a right to play with a team, just because you don't get picked to go into the Tournament rounds doesn't mean we don't want you to PVP with us.

    Knowledgeable, and experienced leadership - The President of vVv Gaming is a well known and experienced team-leader. When we go to him with ideas, issues, comments or concerns we know we're talking to someone who isn't giving us useless responses. On top of that, the leadership of the Guild Wars 2 guild is well versed in MMO gameplay and guild work. With people from <vodka> on World of Warcraft and <Triality> on Everquest, we have a solid team in place taking the reins of leadership.
    A place in a passionate community of competitive gamers - Everyone has a place in vVv Gaming, regardless of who you are or how good you are. Being in vVv Gaming means you'll be surrounded by gamers who are passionate and determined to be the best you can be.

    Voice Chat - Mumble is a requirement of all members and applicants. The very best PvP and the most challenging end-game PvE requires excellent communication. Stopping to type out orders or advice can cost you the game. It's the 21st century. There's no reason you can't get access to a microphone. We will not consider applicants that can not use Mumble voice chat.

    Click here for the Application!

    Good luck to all future applicants, we hope to see you in game!


    Our Forums
    Our Top 4 LAN Finishes
    Our Facebook page
    Our Twitter page
    Our TwitchTV Live streams
    Our Xfire, Steam, and IRC
    Our team page on Steelseries's website
    Our gallery with pictures of us at live events

    If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact our GW2 Division Manager, Corza, at [email protected]! :D