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Q and A Session!

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Azureal, May 13, 2008.

  1. Azureal

    Azureal Guest

    Right, first off, who killed the forums? You selfish bastards! I NEED the forums. NEED IT, you hear me? I dont want to hear no "batabase this and that". I want NAMES damnit!

    Anyhow. Its good to be back. Ive missed UO.

    Got some real questions though that because of the forums being down, I'll ask them hear in hopes of getting some answers.

    Lower Mana Cost - Ive got around 30-40% on my current LRC suit, but dont seem to notice any real difference. Does it need to be at 100%? Also, whilst I know that LRC doesnt affect scroll making, will LMC work, or is it for spell casting only?

    Rubble! Seen a fair bit of this stuff around the place on display in homes and such, and Ive visited the now useless island that once housed Magincia, and Im wondering if the rubble continues to spawn, or if its finished now completely? Some of the pieces are quite nice, the walls and such.

    Real Estate in Luna! Sadly it seems that one must part with real world cash in order to buy Luna real estate, and Im beginning to wonder if its worth it? My main thoughts are for vendoring (Im going to get back into scrolls/runebooks/etc, possibly also resources) so those who run a shop let me know. Its sad so see so many neglected/empty vendor houses that could be put to such good use.

    Tokens! Once I logged in and checked out my belongings, I found a heap of Transfer and Adv character tokens. Are these sought after at all, and if so, at what price?

    I'll add more questions as I think of them.
  2. Mr Plod

    Mr Plod Guest

    The mods did it.

    40% LMC is the max u can have, and definetly worth it on a mage. I'm pretty sure it does help with making scrolls.

    It all spawned during a event and as far as we have been told wont be spawning again. Also a lot of ppl will be handing theirs in for the Spring Cleanup.

    Transfer tokens are worth a decent amount. Not sure exactly how much but around 10 Mill I think. Others are worth less. I'm sure someone can list some prices.
  3. Azureal

    Azureal Guest

    Thanks for the replies Mr Plod, good to see youre still around, I can remember you sig from the forums, a zombie if memory stands correct.

    10mil for a Transfer token? Excellent. Im in need of some funds to get up and kicking.

    So the rubble is for hand ins too? I must go check the Sping Clean Up list. I have a few pieces Ive managed to find selling cheaply. If I sell a token or two I wouldnt mind buying more.

    Another question:

    Some how or aonther Ive managed to find a small piece of blackrock. It was in my miners backpack, so Im guessing he recieved it while mining? Searched the stratics uo item database but failed to find anything.


    Looking at the list of rewards, I'll be holding onto my rubble. And probably willing to buy other pieces. The hand-in rewards are...lacking...
  4. Fink

    Fink Guest

    I think the current cap is 40% LMC. The best way to see the difference is to take it off, spam a spell, then compare with the suit on again. eg: for a spell you can normally only cast 5 times before running out of mana, you'll get around 8 casts with 40% LMC.

    Sadly it's no longer spawning. I'm all for the addition of more deco pieces by making legacy art available (eg: heritage tokens), but unfortunately that's at odds with the rares preservation movement. Some people still sell rubble if you're after something unique, but be prepared to pay a lot for it now that the Spring Clean is basically sucking up all the spare rubble.

    Some places are still available for gold, but at ridiculous prices. If trade's your angle, best just to rent yourself a vendor spot or two (0-15k/week). I've lived in Luna and personally I found the experience to be horrible. Ugly sandstone blandness, bad architecture, poor town planning, too much lag, etc..

    Yes, Transfers go for around 10m and Advanced Chars for 8m. Ch-ching! :D
  5. Azureal

    Azureal Guest

    Heya Fink, thanks for the replies.

    Im going to test the LMC thing tonight. I plan on making a lot of varied runebooks to sell, and whilst an LRC suit is a must, saving mana in any form is also a godsend. My current runemarking/scroll suit cost me a little over 3 mil to put together, but I have 164 mana and probably more mana regen than is actually working.

    As for setting up shop in Luna, Im going stick with my house at the Spirituality Shrine in Trammel, and transform it into a vendor shop. Location isnt everything as they say. I REALLY wanted to set up shop again in Vesper, but the location I want/ed is taken. One day maybe.

    Right then, anyone looking to buy Transfer tokens? *grins*
  6. Farscape

    Farscape Guest

    0Another question:

    Some how or aonther Ive managed to find a small piece of blackrock. It was in my miners backpack, so Im guessing he recieved it while mining? Searched the stratics uo item database but failed to find anything.

    blackrock will spawn in your pack where the old valotire and new sites are and not always while its valorite so you need to check your pack all the time unless you want an un welcome visitor :D:rolleyes:
  7. nushpapa

    nushpapa Guest

    I know i dun play anymore but sure things havn't changed that much that my infomation is useless.

    Regarding LRC.

    What you CAN do those who r having trouble making a suit is to make a suit thats 90-95lrc... 5-10% difference does make a lot believe me. But to make up for this? u use an arcane boots. Yes i know snake skin boots r out which i believe r 2% poison but i'm sure u would have noticed, it just happens that poison is a very easy resist to get... well i found that at least.

    24 charges.. and only have a 1/20 chance of using a charge.. your boots should last 480 spells on average... Off course 480 is not accurate maybe like 300ish... but hey whats 500gp for one arcane gem every 1-2 days?

    I dun think i ever was able to make one decent 100% lrc suit in my time playing... 90ish i did but 100... nope lol its hell hard and i prolly spent over 200-300 mill on barbed kits

    Regarding LMC

    40% is a must... 30% for warriors... i forgot the maths of it.. i worked it out ages ago but i vaguely remembered that there was no difference.. well for the special moves i used between 30 and 35% LMC due to mana usage being rounded up... i.e: if it uses up 12.4... it ended up as 13... so that -.6 mana is actually useless might as well make it 13 lmc from the beginning yeah? But then again my maths can be wrong as i have never known if lmc effect comes in before or after the -5/-10 mana cost for specials due to 200/300 fighting skill. But i found that i managed ok(JUST OK) with 30 lmc.. but then again i had vamp form + a 8ish mr..