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Queen Dawn proclaims recognition of towns by the Crown

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. This evening at the weekly Chesapeake House of Commons meeting, EM's Dudley and Vladimere once again spoke at length about the town recognition program. They clarified a bit here and there, mostly regarding town banners, teleporters and retraction from participation in the program for abusive behavior. The discussion was then extended further with the announcement of the classification system for player communities by size(and the possible consequences!).

    After they departed, a Royal Ambassador by the name of Tavalia Zodok arrived and bid all those present interested in petitioning the Crown for recognition to come bear audience with the monarch herself. Every soon made way to the throne room of Castle Britannia in Britain and in short order Queen Dawn was heralded by Tavalia Zodok.

    After much fanfare and excitement, the queen called forth those who would represent their towns allied to her. She then passed out books for each representative to petition her for official royal recognition.

    Quills were twirling as each town's petition was written up. The queen then called for the petitioners to line up and be received by her. I was lucky enough to be the first in line and was soon called to approach her and got to petition Gyldenfeld first as a Chesapeake community for recognition by the Crown.

    Others soon followed, each in turn received by the monarch until all the towns had been presented. The queen read through the petitions, fingering through the pages until she had finished and made a decision. By royal proclamation, she announced the recognition of the towns by the Crown.

    She then called forward each of the town leaders to stand at the base of her throne and to bow to her in a mark of allegiance to her and to then stand as nobles. She then gave a brief benediction and soon exited the room to attend to other matters of the realm.

    I've included my journal from tonight's historic events below if you wish to read in detail what and how events transpired.

    You are now under the protection of the town guards.
    EM Dudley: *turns to Tancred*
    Ozog Giantfart: eep
    Niva the Savage: Dark Boss Robe!
    EM Dudley: You sir, are hysterical
    Tancred RedStar: hello
    Morpheus Mardox: lol
    Tolerance: jhehe
    EM Dudley: *smiles*
    Tancred RedStar: hehe
    EM Vladimere: he got your e-mail
    Yoshi: Hello everyone
    Morpheus Mardox: *waves*
    Tolerance: hi
    EM Dudley: Alrighty, lets begin
    Ozog Giantfart: new cabe not ready for tour
    Cax Gavigan: Good 'morrow Vlad, Dudley.
    NANOC: hiya yoshi
    EM Dudley: Recognition of townships will be as follows
    EM Dudley: one to four structures you are a Settlement
    EM Dudley: Five to ten you are a Village or Hamlet
    EM Dudley: Eleven to Twenty you are a Town
    EM Dudley: Twenty one to Thirty you are a City
    Tolerance: nice
    Gareth: Guess the savages will need to move out so we can be a village.
    Amon: And anything above thirty is a metropolis
    EM Dudley: Thirty one to Fifty you are a Kingdom/Empire/City-State
    Niva the Savage: *growls*
    Tolerance: lol
    Tolerance: wow
    Gareth: *Snaps finger* darn.
    Tancred RedStar: wow
    Gareth: wow thats big
    Se'an Silverfoot: Dang, wish I had a tent
    Niva the Savage: Niva know Human/Elf Gareth Huts!
    Amon: One heck of a place
    Ozog Giantfart: Niva can lib wif Ozog ina cabe
    Cax Gavigan: Fifty or above you're a solar system?!
    Tolerance: hehe
    Morpheus Mardox: Hehe
    EM Dudley: And they do exist...pretty sure the largest is around 35 structures
    Gareth: hehe
    You see: Ben [MIST]
    EM Dudley: So that is for designation purposes
    You see: Mach [DWxC]
    Morpheus Mardox: *coughs*
    EM Vladimere: As the people all in favor of this proposal say Aye
    Mach: Hail Friends
    Tancred RedStar: Aye
    Gareth: Aye
    Ozog Giantfart: aarp
    Tolerance: Aye
    Hidan: aye
    Morpheus Mardox: Aye
    Xzebog Pitmuck: aarp
    EM Vladimere: opposed say Naa
    Se'an Silverfoot: Aye
    EM Dudley: Anyone have any issues? Questions?
    EM Vladimere: Seems the Aye have it
    Tancred RedStar: *raises hand*
    EM Vladimere: :)
    NANOC: aye
    Cara: sit still mach hehe
    EM Dudley: Tancred?
    Mach: lol
    Gareth: Aye for what? heh
    Mach: there
    EM Vladimere: *watches trolls*
    Mach: lol
    Ozog Giantfart: yu got him hr sliooed
    Amon: *raises a hand*
    Ozog Giantfart: slipped too
    Tolerance: u handing us all u'r gold
    Tancred RedStar: will settlement status change as populations raise or lower?
    Ashlynn: so you don't need a cathedral of the virtues to be recognised as a town or anything?
    Tolerance: hehe
    Tolerance: j/k
    EM Dudley: Aye, as you grow/shrink it can change
    Ozog Giantfart: silly big majik man slip on banana
    Tancred RedStar: and is there a difference to the levels other than designation?
    Elijah Cross: Nice red, Vlad.
    EM Vladimere: Troll Blood
    EM Dudley: Not directly
    Tolerance: lol
    Elijah Cross: *laughs*
    Tolerance: i thought turkey
    EM Dudley: However Mesanna discussed placing some items etc. etc. in the future
    EM Dudley: And this may play into it
    EM Dudley: But that's not firm
    EM Dudley: It will effect Events though
    Yoshi: a little Im drinking tea
    Tancred RedStar: size of invading force, hehe
    Tolerance: oh
    EM Dudley: You got it
    EM Dudley: *smiles*
    Cax Gavigan: Dudley, how will these categories affect events directly?
    Winfield: *raises hand*
    Tancred RedStar: thank you
    EM Dudley: Well
    Tolerance: did u raise u'r hand
    EM Dudley: You know what they say
    EM Dudley: The bigger they are, the harder they fall
    Niva the Savage: *shudders in fear*
    EM Dudley: Anyone else?
    Winfield: For a kingdom, empire, city-state, does that need to be one location, or multiple villages?
    Amon: *raises hand*
    Winfield: Such as PaxLair Statehood is three cities/towns.
    Winfield: Just wondering that a Kingdom may be more than one village/town
    EM Dudley: One collection of structures
    Winfield: *nods*
    NANOC: In one area?
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    Tolerance: wow
    EM Vladimere: *makes note to remove Strawberry Milk Shake from Luna Bank*
    Cax Gavigan: What if these structures are a bit scattered due to terrain?
    Xzebog Pitmuck: nerg!
    Cax Gavigan: If they are loosely conglomerated...
    Cax Gavigan: Does that factor in?
    EM Dudley: Will be taken into consideration
    Tolerance: where the heck is there a location for player's of that size toplace's that many house's
    Tolerance: yea sorry typed the same ??
    EM Dudley: They exist
    Gareth: Guardians Gate
    Amon: Em.. if you are guilded, yet not a part of the area...
    Morpheus Mardox: An Corp - Resurrection
    Morpheus Mardox: Aye GG has 42
    Tolerance: uhm
    Gareth: 41 now *Takes down house*
    Amon: Do you still fall under the category as a settlement?
    Tolerance: hehe
    Niva the Savage: *makes note to avoid GG during future events*
    Morpheus Mardox: lol
    Tolerance: land lord
    Tolerance: get out
    EM Dudley: You do not need to be in a guild to apply
    Tolerance: lol
    EM Dudley: for recognition
    Amon: Thank you
    Amon: I live near Trinsic
    Amon: Far away from the DWC lands
    EM Dudley: now
    Gareth: *Raises hand*
    You see: Sari-Liane [D^T]
    EM Dudley: There will need to be some common theme among the structures
    Niva the Savage: Niva joking Human Mardox
    Sari-Liane: *Coughs8 Sorry I'm late peeps
    EM Dudley: House sign, design, banner, etc. etc.
    Morpheus Mardox: good good niva
    EM Dudley: Something to designate which structures are part of the town
    EM Dudley: And which are not
    Elijah Cross: Name on sign count?
    EM Dudley: I would prefer some graphic if that's not too much trouble
    Cax Gavigan: Sigils or objects unique to these locations...
    Gareth: I like my tavern having the tavern sign. *smiles*
    EM Dudley: A name will definitely help
    EM Vladimere: Visual would be much better
    Tancred RedStar: You feel sober.
    Cax Gavigan: Would that be viable?
    Elijah Cross: Well the sign could be a problem...
    Cax Gavigan: Excellent.
    EM Dudley: Doesn't have to be a sign
    Elijah Cross: What of different estblishments
    Winfield: We used red mailboxes outside for a while, that worked well.
    Elijah Cross: That's what the signs are originally for.
    EM Dudley: Some common thing
    Winfield: *nods*
    Elijah Cross: Alright.
    Morpheus Mardox: I see alot with reward banner
    Morpheus Mardox: and common house sign
    EM Dudley: Reward banners work really well
    Morpheus Mardox: or just name in the sign
    Ozog Giantfart: aarp
    EM Dudley: Especially since you can have your town banner match it
    Morpheus Mardox: aye!
    EM Dudley: And the same with the teleporter banner
    EM Dudley: That's up to you guys though
    Tancred RedStar: *raises hand*
    EM Dudley: yes Tancred?
    Exavior: cimerian pass is ready
    Tancred RedStar: how do we "reserve" a specific design? we've been using same one for over 5 years
    You see: Patroclus
    EM Dudley: I'll get to that
    Tancred RedStar: ok
    What do you want to use this on?
    Tancred RedStar: You feel sober.
    EM Dudley: Anyone have anything else about the levels and the common theme?
    Gareth: I do
    Tancred RedStar: it sounds great
    EM Dudley: Yes Gareth?
    Tolerance: na
    Gareth: I am not sure if it was asked. Do you have to raise up to the next level say from town to city
    Gareth: or can you remain a town?
    Morpheus Mardox: good question
    EM Vladimere: No requirements
    EM Dudley: You can use whatever designation you like
    EM Dudley: So long as you qualify for it
    EM Dudley: So if you have sixty buildings
    EM Dudley: You can still be a Settlement if you wish
    Tolerance: now doe's the queen approve?
    Gareth: Pick settlement. Go back to the "Wild Wild West"
    Gareth: hehe
    Gareth: IM done
    Gareth: thank you
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    EM Dudley: Ok
    EM Dudley: Next part is banner choices
    EM Vladimere: gimme a sec
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    EM Vladimere: if you have a small placement of 4 houses and get a banner
    EM Vladimere: and later get say 3 more for 7
    EM Vladimere: you can ask for an upgrade to the next level
    EM Vladimere: ofr stay the same
    EM Dudley: Aye
    EM Vladimere: nothing says you have too
    EM Vladimere: but if your 50 houses and 40 of the players IDOC
    EM Vladimere: expect a change :)
    Tolerance: eek
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    EM Dudley: And a visit from the Royal Engineer's Office...
    EM Vladimere: maintaining your status is a requirement
    Tolerance: nod's
    EM Vladimere: we not gonna place a banner and let you walk away from it
    Tolerance: earn it and kep it ..
    EM Vladimere: We are making history within UO
    What do you want to use this on?
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    Tancred RedStar: aye
    EM Vladimere: I am done
    EM Dudley: Okies
    Morpheus Mardox: *cheers*
    Ozog Giantfart: we makin histories
    EM Dudley: Next bit is banner selection
    EM Vladimere: *eyes Goblins*
    EM Dudley: I know Vlad has visited a good portion of you
    Xzebog Pitmuck: *eyes back*
    EM Dudley: And he has forwarded all those to me, next step is to decide what you want your banner to look
    EM Dudley: like
    Mach: yusaid over hte river and thru the woods, lol
    Exavior: didn't take our tour on thur
    Mach: oops
    EM Dudley: To do this:
    EM Dudley: Use Inside UO to pick your banner
    EM Dudley: Mesanna can make Pirate ones too
    Morpheus Mardox: Woot
    EM Dudley: So you use inside UO to build your banner
    Ozog Giantfart: ozog wants ice cone banner
    EM Dudley: If you have any questions on that I'm sure Gareth can help you
    EM Dudley: *smiles*
    Gareth: Ctrl V
    Gareth: :)
    EM Dudley: pretty much
    Tancred RedStar: do you mean like the cloth part or the whole structure holding the cloth part?
    Gareth: Ctrl C as well.
    EM Dudley: You should also include the Item IDs
    EM Dudley: The entire structure
    Tancred RedStar: oh, so it could be quite grand
    Morpheus Mardox: Structure?
    EM Dudley: aye, but don't get too carried away
    Tolerance: lol
    Niva the Savage: *coughs*
    Ozog Giantfart: '
    Niva the Savage: Human/Elf Gareth
    Morpheus Mardox: better put a tile limit on that
    Morpheus Mardox: :}
    Tancred RedStar: yeah
    Tancred RedStar: 3x3 tiles?
    Tancred RedStar: 2x4?
    Gareth: More like 30x30
    EM Dudley: You'll get the signpost
    EM Dudley: And a banner
    Gareth: What if a town and another towen pick the same banner and color?
    EM Vladimere: Town War in Fell
    EM Vladimere: lol
    Morpheus Mardox: Hehe
    Sari-Liane: Sounds like my idea of bargining
    Gareth: Can they bring other towns to fight for em? hehe
    EM Dudley: Hmm
    EM Dudley: If that happens we will handle on case by case basis
    Gareth: brawl at the Hall
    EM Dudley: But there are a ton of designs
    EM Dudley: So use Inside UO to build your banner
    EM Dudley: Send me a picture, with Item IDs
    EM Dudley: to [email protected]
    EM Vladimere: Lets get them designed first before fighting over them
    Gareth: *Black with purple and green dots*
    Tolerance: haha
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    EM Dudley: Also include what you want the banner to say
    Morpheus Mardox: *chuckles*
    EM Dudley: City of Dudleyville
    EM Dudley: etc etc
    EM Vladimere: WAR!!
    Gareth: *Holds back*
    Gareth: *Holds back*
    EM Dudley: Also include where you want it
    Gareth: Ooo guard macro
    Niva the Savage: One Robe Dudley Enough!
    EM Dudley: It cannot block House placement
    Gareth: Can it go on a road?
    Gareth: *smiles*
    EM Dudley: Include sextant coords or X/Y coords
    EM Vladimere: The best place is a road and possible the middle of the town
    Gareth: Ugly Templars big roof blocks middle of town. :)
    EM Vladimere: that was a sugguestion
    EM Dudley: Got it?
    You see: Xzebog Pitmuck [MUCK]
    Sari-Liane: Oi! Shut it
    EM Dudley: Any questions?
    Sari-Liane: *Grins*
    Tancred RedStar: one question
    EM Dudley: Aye?
    Tancred RedStar: it can't block current or future house placement?
    EM Dudley: any house placement
    EM Dudley: Mes will let you know if it needs to be moved
    Exavior: did you all want us to reschedule your tour of cimerian pass
    Tancred RedStar: I mean, if it's in the middle of open land, it could technically block future placement
    EM Dudley: So pick a spot, if it needs to move, we can address that on building day
    Gareth: *Raises hand*
    Tancred RedStar: okk
    EM Dudley: Gareth?
    Gareth: Oh nm adress on building day. Pirates want it on the water heh
    Tolerance: the spot might be uneven for a house>but great for a banner
    EM Dudley: It definitely can't go on the water
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    Winfield: *raises hand*
    Gareth: darn
    EM Dudley: Because you can snatch it up with a boat
    Tolerance: hehe
    Gareth: Worth a try
    Gareth: Oh
    Gareth: Shhh...
    Cax Gavigan: *Raises hand*
    Gareth: :)
    EM Dudley: Winfield then Cax
    Winfield: Does the location of banner have any effect on the "spawns" that might occur in the town?
    Winfield: As to where the attacks would come from?
    EM Dudley: Nope
    Winfield: *nods*
    Exavior: *raises hand*
    EM Dudley: Cax?
    Cax Gavigan: In regards to the Pirates...
    Exavior: did you want to reschedule the tour you all missed on thurs?
    Cax Gavigan: Is it not possible to have a banner suspended in mid-air perhaps so that it cannot be molested or
    Cax Gavigan: become an impediment to traffic?
    Cax Gavigan: Just thinking maybe that should be a consideration...
    EM Vladimere: What tour was missed on Thursday
    EM Vladimere: Did I miss a tour?
    Cax Gavigan: As it surely would ingratiate players who wish to pursue naval settlement.
    Tolerance: thought we did all the tour's
    EM Dudley: I know water placement is out
    Exavior: we had e-mailed dudley about a tour of the town before the auction started
    Exavior: for our grand opening
    Cax Gavigan: How about a port perhaps?
    EM Dudley: *checks email*
    Exavior: last thurs
    Cax Gavigan: Do you think could be doable?
    Tancred RedStar: *hic*
    Mach: Hail
    EM Vladimere: I came to the auction and stayed for a few minutes
    EM Dudley: That is something we can evaluate on a case by case
    EM Vladimere: it looked good
    Gareth: Didnt they do that on another shard?
    EM Dudley: Mesanna will know better teh building constraints
    Tolerance: any chance to let Cax finish his question first ?
    Elijah Cross: Aye, loved the auction last Thurs, Ex
    Exavior: t5y
    Exavior: ty
    Cax Gavigan: Nah I'm quite fine, thanks for hearing me out.
    EM Dudley: About the port?
    Cax Gavigan: Yes, you said it would a case by case consensus.
    EM Dudley: Ok
    EM Dudley: Any other questions about banner design?
    Gareth: What colors CANT we use?
    EM Vladimere: Neon
    Ozog Giantfart: *jingles haha hat*
    You see: Ozog Giantfart [MUCK]
    Gareth: Any color insideuo that crashes players?
    EM Dudley: *jingle jingle jingle*
    Gareth: Neon okay sorry.
    EM Dudley: neons, and the crazy colors
    EM Vladimere: No Neon :)
    Tolerance: Hot Pink 4 Gareth
    Gareth: *Wants a hanging Em for Banner*
    Tolerance: :)
    Tiger Lily: lol
    EM Vladimere: Green Banner
    EM Vladimere: lol
    Gareth: :_)
    Tolerance: Green
    Tolerance: i like gren
    Gareth: heh
    EM Vladimere: Exa you get my message :)
    EM Dudley: If there is an issue with your selection
    EM Dudley: We will let you know
    EM Dudley: Anything else before we move on...related to banner placement?
    Morpheus Mardox: Aye
    EM Dudley: Yes?
    Morpheus Mardox: Does it have to be with the tele or can they be seperate
    Morpheus Mardox: like banner at beginning of town
    Morpheus Mardox: tele in center
    Tancred RedStar: You feel sober.
    EM Dudley: not sure if return teles are being added
    EM Dudley: Mesanna is still thinking on that
    Morpheus Mardox: ok
    Morpheus Mardox: ty
    EM Dudley: Ok
    EM Dudley: Next topic...the teleporters
    EM Dudley: And how to get them
    EM Dudley: Basically what will happen is that in order to receive a teleporter
    EM Dudley: A town must be recommended by three other towns
    Morpheus Mardox: a boost for diplomacy!
    EM Dudley: Indeed
    EM Dudley: This is something we are trying to keep shard wide, as they are doing the same thing on Cats
    Exavior: but no towns ar established yet
    Tolerance: oh really
    EM Dudley: *nods*
    Tolerance: copy cat's
    EM Dudley: *smiles*
    Tolerance: lol
    Morpheus Mardox: hehe
    EM Dudley: So once you get your banners
    EM Dudley: You can request audience with the Queen
    EM Dudley: and make your recommendations for other towns
    EM Dudley: to get the teleporters
    Morpheus Mardox: Are we limited in our recomendations?
    Niva the Savage: *raises paint covered hand*
    EM Dudley: nope
    EM Dudley: Niva?
    Winfield: *raises hand*
    Niva the Savage: (No Disrespect to the PaxLair Statehood intended)
    Niva the Savage: (But what if the nominating towns are related)
    Niva the Savage: (such as the PaxLair Statehood)
    Niva the Savage: Niva done!
    Hidan: I don't get the question
    NANOC: ?
    EM Vladimere: 2 towns are intermixed
    Morpheus Mardox: She's asking if its ok if the toowns who nominate ya are allies i think
    Hidan: ah
    Gareth: Like Kijustsu Keys nominating Kijustsu Anei
    Gareth: *smiles*
    Morpheus Mardox: lol
    Morpheus Mardox: I wouldnt call it wrong by any means
    EM Dudley: Hrm
    Tancred RedStar: sounds more like a formality than a challenge
    Morpheus Mardox: Aye
    Niva the Savage: (In the case of the PaxLair Statehood
    EM Vladimere: The purpose to get other towns to vote for you is allaince
    EM Vladimere: become friends
    Elijah Cross: *quietly excuses self*
    Tancred RedStar: I dont think it would have to be a formal alliance
    Tolerance: uhm
    Lin Min May: all stay
    Niva the Savage: (As I said, no disrepect meant)
    Gareth: Whats an alliance?
    EM Dudley: The idea is that this is a means to make sure towns are teleporter worthy
    EM Vladimere: you vote for me I will vote for you
    Lin Min May: omg
    Lin Min May: never seen so many here
    Morpheus Mardox: Hail :}
    Niva the Savage: (but they do have 3 seperate cities/towns
    Sari-Liane: So is the statehood classed as seperate towns now?
    Sari-Liane: I thought it was all one big.. well statehood
    Phoenix: We have always been
    Niva the Savage: (and would only need one other town to nomiate for teleporter
    Niva the Savage: (if they decided to work it that way
    Gareth: The PaxLair Statehood has always been seperate towns with its own government.
    Gareth: Sorry Niv
    Phoenix: *nods over to Gareth*
    Winfield: Statehood has always been 3 towns.
    EM Vladimere: We are making this much more complicated then it was intended to be
    EM Dudley: If that's the case then it'll just be that way
    Tancred RedStar: they each always had their own mayor
    Ozog Giantfart: aarp\
    Tancred RedStar: not necessarily
    Se'an Silverfoot: Towns have come and gone in the Statehood
    Tancred RedStar: what of Joe Blow sets up Road SHack and wants a teleporter
    Tancred RedStar: this way he will have to get some real respect/support from other towns
    Sari-Liane: Ok, so what I think Niva is saying...
    Winfield: Anomally in much of this is our Statehood, which is not really a topic for the banner system.
    Sari-Liane: If its all one big alliance... are they pemitted to vote for thier own towns?
    EM Dudley: If they are seperate townships, with their own government and residents I don't see a problem with
    EM Dudley: it
    EM Vladimere: let niva explain what she was saying :)
    Gareth: Makes sense.
    Exavior: if three towns have to reconize yours but they do not like the guild then what?
    Niva the Savage: (Sari-Liane explained it)
    EM Dudley: Then you don't get the recommendation from them
    doopliss: mach!
    Nyx: not a good call
    Winfield: *raises hand*
    Exavior: so you are sol?
    Gareth: Exavior i know your town already has one.
    Gareth: *smiles*
    Exavior: lol
    Exavior: i speak for the others
    Exavior: and for pvp towns/
    Exavior: just a question on my mind?
    EM Dudley: If there aren't three towns to recommend another for the teleporter
    Nyx: *question*
    EM Dudley: Then that's probably a good indication that they don't deserve it
    EM Dudley: For whatever reason
    Exavior: lol
    Exavior: ok
    Tolerance: aww
    Tolerance: lol
    Gareth: So make sure you are popular!
    EM Dudley: I mean think about it
    Gareth: Sorry village were out! kekek
    Tolerance: haha
    doopliss: ak death robe
    Nyx: Who are the 3 starting towns?
    EM Dudley: If you are a greifing, PKing, ne're do well
    EM Dudley: I doubt anyone would want to visit your town anyway
    Tolerance: lol
    Exavior: well if it was in tram or malas?
    Nyx: Who are the 3 starting towns?
    Lin Min May: Okuc
    Gareth: We have a town?
    Mach: knock it off doop
    EM Dudley: There are a quite many starting towns
    Lin Min May: okuc has been around
    Lin Min May: pax to
    Winfield: Will we get a list of what towns have applied? So we know who to potentially nominate?
    Nyx: right but who nominates whom
    EM Dudley: Anyone can nominate anyone
    EM Dudley: yes, the full register will be published Winfield
    Ozog Giantfart: ozog nominates eberybuddy
    Se'an Silverfoot: *Nods*
    Nyx: girkel
    EM Dudley: Also remember
    EM Dudley: You can lose your teleporter if you abuse it
    Ozog Giantfart: nebzie
    Winfield: And another question, a town mayor can nominate several other towns for distinction, but not own?
    EM Dudley: Greifing will not be tolerated
    Gareth: No toll taxing players?
    Tolerance: hehe
    Gareth: *Not a real question*
    EM Dudley: Aye, cannot nominate yourself for the teleporter
    Nyx: No bribes
    Winfield: But a mayor can nominate 5 other towns for banners?
    Winfield: as an example?
    EM Dudley: Oh
    Gareth: Does that mean I have to give urs back Nyx?
    EM Dudley: There is no nomination needed for banners
    EM Vladimere: Bribes... Hrmmmmmm.. Thinks...... No!!
    Gareth: *Evil Smile*
    Lin Min May: you need to just post all the rulls online
    EM Dudley: Just the teleporter tile
    Winfield: Oh I mean teleporters.
    Winfield: Not banners.
    Nyx: *shh Gareth*
    Tolerance: i am sure it's gonna be posted
    EM Dudley: Sure, if you want to stand up and say five towns deserve that's fine
    Winfield: *nods*
    Morpheus Mardox: How will we request audience with the queen to nominate
    Morpheus Mardox: ?
    Tolerance: e-amil
    Tolerance: mail
    EM Dudley: More on that in just a second...
    Morpheus Mardox: ty
    EM Dudley: Any other questions on the teleporter process?
    Nyx: is a leader from all towns here tonight
    Lin Min May: i have one
    Lin Min May: y not just move the moongates from where they are now
    Tancred RedStar: lol
    Lin Min May: to towns
    Morpheus Mardox: hehe
    Phoenix: *giggles quietly*
    EM Dudley: *smiles*
    EM Dudley: The moongates are stuck!
    Gareth: Settlments of 1 home can recommand other towns for teleporters right?
    Lin Min May: enough gates in list now when you use them
    EM Dudley: If you have a banner, you can recommend
    Lin Min May: one home is not a settlement
    Lin Min May: its a homested
    Gareth: *Nods*
    EM Dudley: But remember
    Nyx: so 1st thing is to apply for a banner
    Gareth: Yeah it is u can build 4 different buildings on a 18x18
    EM Dudley: Just having a house does not qualify you as a "Settlement"
    EM Dudley: the idea is to build community with this
    Gareth: *smiles*
    EM Dudley: so you'd better be doing something for the community with your one house
    Gareth: Thats what I was looking for Dudley.
    Gunga Din: lol
    Lin Min May: sorry to say ill not get a vote
    Lin Min May: my house is not moving
    Gareth: I love your house.
    Tolerance: alot goign on in u'r house
    Gareth: Good shop. Always stocked :)
    Tolerance: lol
    Lin Min May: ty
    Lin Min May: lol
    EM Dudley: Oh
    Gareth: Vlad hates unstocked vendors
    EM Vladimere: We need to get a teleporter to here and had to apply too and go thru the process
    EM Dudley: If you get greifed because of the teleporter
    EM Dudley: It is harrassment and you can page a GM
    Nyx: being griefed would only be in fel
    Lin Min May: brb
    Nyx: unless someone let loose aggressive pets
    Gunga Din: or harbingers
    Gareth: Someone might break 100 candels around your gate in spot.
    Niva the Savage: (or Karma sensitive ones)
    Nyx: we have natual karma sensitive creatures
    Niva the Savage: Niva not go Oath Town!
    EM Dudley: Any other questions about the teleporters?
    Lin Min May: lol
    Lin Min May: Niv whats wrong with them
    Lin Min May: lol
    Nyx: An Nox - Cure
    Morpheus Mardox: Nay here
    Nyx: pixies in the woods
    Niva the Savage: Pixies!
    Gareth: Pad? Sparkle?
    Niva the Savage: Niva swat pixies!
    Elijah Cross: Who's horse?
    Nyx: Niva I swat them too
    Nyx: :)

    *ran outside to help a young player, but turned out he was just visiting from Catskills*

    Tancred RedStar: he was just visting from Catskills
    You see: Tavalia Zodok
    You see: Tavalia Zodok
    Elijah Cross: Hmm
    Tavalia Zodok: ,go
    Tolerance: wlf
    Morpheus Mardox: lol
    You see: Tavalia Zodok
    Gareth: She is digging the new gate system
    Tolerance: why u under the fllor
    Elijah Cross: A diet might be in order....
    Morpheus Mardox: hehe
    Sari-Liane: I must take my leave... *nods* Good eve Citizens
    Gareth: heh
    Tavalia Zodok: *flips through the book*
    Tancred RedStar: *waves*
    Ozog Giantfart: thief!!
    Tolerance: lol
    Phoenix: Aww
    Elijah Cross: Vlad, someone's in the basement!
    Tancred RedStar: Tavalia has the witching walk!
    EM Vladimere: lol
    EM Vladimere: he can get out
    Morpheus Mardox: *looks down*
    Tolerance: she
    Tolerance: lol
    Gareth: She lookin for the missin feetwarmers

    *A person by the name of Tavalia Zodok enters, bearing a Town Registry book in her right hand*

    You see: Tavalia Zodok
    Morpheus Mardox: lol
    Morpheus Mardox: Voila!
    Elijah Cross: Fell right through the floor she did
    Tavalia Zodok: *mutters something about having the Royal Engineer look into this building*
    Cax Gavigan: Royal Register of Townships?
    Lin Min May: its called slim fast
    Tancred RedStar: substandard stairs!
    Gareth: heheh
    Tolerance: lol
    Lin Min May: if the floor cant hold you use it
    Tavalia Zodok: Good Evening
    Tavalia Zodok: *clears throat speaking loudly*
    Tancred RedStar: good eve
    Gareth: Evening
    Winfield: Well met!
    Phoenix: Good evening
    Elijah Cross: Greetings!
    Tavalia Zodok: My name is Tavalia Zodok
    Morpheus Mardox: hail
    Frosty: Good Evening
    Tolerance: nice meeting ya
    Ozog Giantfart: aarp
    Tavalia Zodok: I have been appointed Ambassador of the Crown by the Queen
    Ben: Hail
    EM Vladimere: brb
    Phoenix: *claps*
    Gareth: Congrats!
    Se'an Silverfoot: **claps**
    Tolerance: clap's
    NANOC: 6Hail
    NANOC: and well met
    Ozog Giantfart: *sticks finner in Yoshi's belly button*
    Yoshi: lol
    Tavalia Zodok: The Crown is excited to offer recognition of townships throughout the realm
    Phoenix: Huzzah!!!
    Tavalia Zodok: And I look forward to working with all of you to ensure a speedy process
    Tancred RedStar: *claps*
    Gareth: *Claps*
    Tavalia Zodok: With that I have orders to invite you to the Castle
    Tolerance: Woot
    Niva the Savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Tolerance: nice
    Morpheus Mardox: *claps*
    Tavalia Zodok: As you have been granted an audience with the Queen
    Tavalia Zodok: She awaits your arrivals
    Gareth: Even the savages?
    Tancred RedStar: wonder if she has refreshments
    Cax Gavigan: All Follow Me
    Morpheus Mardox: *dusts off robe*
    Tancred RedStar: to the castle!

    *Everyone heads off the the throne room of Castle Britannia to await Queen Dawn*

    Tancred RedStar: not polite to bear arms in the Queen's presence
    Phoenix: Not protocal to be mounted either I would presume
    Gareth: Queen might be mad if im mounted.

    *Most people begin disarming and dismounting*

    Tolerance: whooops
    You see: Tavalia Zodok
    Phoenix: *puts kyrss away in pack*
    Winfield: Hats off too I suppose when she enters.
    Tavalia Zodok: Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
    Gareth: *Has bald spot*
    Tavalia Zodok: Here now, Lady Dawn, Queen of Britannia!
    Tolerance: listen's


    *Queen Dawn enters the throne room from the rear*

    You see: Queen Dawn
    Yoshi: *cheers*
    NANOC: Long Live Queen Dawn
    Morpheus Mardox: *bows*
    Winfield: *bows*
    Tancred RedStar: all hail the monarch
    Yoshi: *claps*
    Gareth: *Bows*
    Phoenix: Long Live Queen Dawn!!!
    Tolerance: woot
    Exavior: brown nosers
    Cage Demore: **Bows**
    Ben: *claps*
    Frosty: i honor thee
    Queen Dawn: Good evening citizens of the realm
    Tiger Lily: good eve
    Morpheus Mardox: evenin
    Tolerance: Hail
    Exavior: evening
    Phoenix: Good Evening
    Elijah Cross: Good evening, m'lady.
    Gareth: evenin
    Tancred RedStar: good eve
    Yoshi: evening
    Frosty: Good Evening my Lady
    NANOC: Good Eve Queen Dawn
    Queen Dawn: I am so thrilled to see so many of you this eve
    Se'an Silverfoot: FGood evening
    Queen Dawn: A testament to our realms continued cooperation with one another
    Tolerance: ahara move
    NANOC: *claps*
    Tolerance: ahara move
    Queen Dawn: Towards achieving our goals and forging friendships that will secure our future
    Tolerance: ahara move
    Hidan: dont invis her
    Tolerance: lin could u plz dismount ?
    Gareth: (She fell asleep)
    Tolerance: oh
    Queen Dawn: I grant an audience with ye this eve
    Winfield: *cheers*
    Se'an Silverfoot: **claps**
    NANOC: *cheers*
    Exavior: *cheers*
    Gareth: *Claps*
    Queen Dawn: To hear your pleas for recognition by the crown
    Elijah Cross: 'Tis indeed an honor
    Queen Dawn: Are there those here, who wish that blessing?
    Nyx: Yes
    Tancred RedStar: aye
    Gunga Din: Aye
    Exavior: yes
    Niva the Savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Jen B: yes
    Frosty: Yes
    Winfield: Aye
    Phoenix: *nods and looks over to NANOC*
    Se'an Silverfoot: Aye!
    NANOC: Yes Queen Dawn
    Tolerance: rasise's hand
    Morpheus Mardox: Indeed
    Queen Dawn: *grins some*
    Tiger Lily: *smiles*
    Queen Dawn: To expedite the process please form up along the edges of the carpet

    *People line up along the top and bottom edges of the red carpet*

    Gareth: hehe fell asleep
    Hidan: do we hug the queen?
    Queen Dawn: Now
    Queen Dawn: Let us begin
    Queen Dawn: If you wish to be recognized by the crown
    Queen Dawn: Please take one step forward
    Nyx: 1 person from each town
    Nyx: ?
    Queen Dawn: *nods*
    Queen Dawn: One person from each township is all that is necessary

    *Some people step back to allow the leader of each town present to stand forth*

    *Queen Dawn begins handing out blank books to the town leaders*

    NANOC: Thank you
    Morpheus Mardox: ty m'lady
    Winfield: Thank ye
    Gunga Din: thank thee
    Niva the Savage: Thank you!
    Tolerance: thasnk u
    Demon Slayer: thank you
    Queen Dawn: Eowyn, are ye here to apply for recognition by the crown?
    Eowyn: yes
    Eowyn: ty
    Queen Dawn: Did anyone wishing to apply not recieve a book?
    Cage Demore: I thank Thee
    Queen Dawn: now then
    Queen Dawn: Listen carefully
    Cage Demore: yes queen
    Winfield: One more next to me please, Elijah for a township.
    Cage Demore: i thank thee
    Winfield: left of me
    Queen Dawn: Within these pages
    Elijah Cross: Thank you, your majesty
    Queen Dawn: You shall write your plea
    Queen Dawn: The title shall be the name of your township
    Niva the Savage: Niva draw good pictures!
    Queen Dawn: Include in these pages the name of the township's leader, the second in command
    Queen Dawn: Where the township is located should also be included
    Queen Dawn: Also, please move to the edges of the carpet
    Queen Dawn: Once you have filled out the ledger please form a single line in the center of the carpet
    Tolerance: i'll have to ge with Winfield and Prowler to fill this out :(

    *Town leaders who have filled out books for their towns now line up in the middle of the red carpet as the Queen takes a seat on her throne*

    *I was at the front of the line so the Queen calls me forward to the throne first*

    You've been transferred to Queen Dawn!
    Queen Dawn: Step forth
    Tancred RedStar: my liege
    Queen Dawn: Citizen
    Tancred RedStar: I have written a petition for the town of Gyldenfeld
    Tancred RedStar: I would be honored to present it to you
    Queen Dawn: I would be obliged to accept
    Tancred RedStar: may I approach the throne?
    Queen Dawn: You may

    *I hand her the petition for Gyldenfeld*

    Queen Dawn: *reads the petition*
    Queen Dawn: I thank thee Mayor RedStar


    Tancred RedStar: thank you my liege

    *I respectfully step back from the Queen and stand at position in front of the steps to the throne*

    *Nyx goes up next representing Cimmerian Pass*

    Nyx: *bows*
    Nyx: I am here on behalf of Cimmerian Pass
    Queen Dawn: Good evening Citizen
    Morpheus Mardox: *claps*
    Gareth: (Some take pics i cant get dawn in it)
    NANOC: :)
    Nyx: May I approach and give you our book
    Morpheus Mardox: i got some :}
    Queen Dawn: You may
    Nyx: *thank you*
    Nyx: *bows*

    *Elijah Cross goes next representing PaxOku*

    Elijah Cross: Your majesty, I come in the place of the leaders of the town of PaxOku
    Queen Dawn: *nods*
    Gareth: *Claps*
    Elijah Cross: May I please approach the throne?
    Queen Dawn: You may
    Elijah Cross: Thank you, your majesty.
    Queen Dawn: *nods*

    *Gunga Din goes next representing Torchwood*

    Gunga Din: Your Majesty
    Gunga Din: I represent Torchwood
    Queen Dawn: *nods*
    Gunga Din: Your Embassy and Safe Haven
    Gunga Din: In the New Lands of Ter Mur
    Gunga Din: May I approach the Throne
    Queen Dawn: You may
    Gunga Din: Thank You Your Majesty
    Queen Dawn: Thank you citizen

    *Winfield goes next representing PaxLair City*

    Winfield: Your majesty, I come representing PaxLair City on Felucca.
    Winfield: May I approach the throne?
    Queen Dawn: *nods*
    Queen Dawn: You may
    Winfield: Thank you your majesty
    Queen Dawn: Thank you Governor
    Se'an Silverfoot: I think he was going to do a lap dance
    Tolerance: clap's >Winfield

    *NANOC goes next representing Dragons Watch*

    NANOC: Hail Your Majesty
    Yoshi: *claps*
    Queen Dawn: Good evening Citizen
    NANOC: I represent Dragons Watch
    Hidan: yay NANOC
    Mach: *claps*
    Gareth: *Claps*
    Phoenix: *claps*
    Tolerance: Woot > Nanoc
    Ben: *claps*
    NANOC: May I approach the throne?
    Queen Dawn: You may
    Hidan: frisk him first
    Tolerance: lol
    NANOC: I submit my application and alliengence
    NANOC: to My Queen
    Phoenix: *claps*
    Phoenix: Huzzah!!!!
    Mach: *claps*
    Mach: *claps*
    Tolerance: ya wtg
    NANOC: Thank you
    Queen Dawn: Thank you Mayor Nanoc
    Ben: *claps*
    Yoshi: *claps* woot
    Yoshi: night frosty
    You see: Morpheus Mardox [UOSS]

    *Morpheus Mardox goes next represeting Guardians Gate*

    Morpheus Mardox: M'lady, It is my honor to present the application for the city of Guardians Gate.
    Morpheus Mardox: and with it thier sworn alliegance
    Queen Dawn: *nods*
    Morpheus Mardox: May I approach?
    Queen Dawn: You may
    Morpheus Mardox: ty m'lady

    *Demon Slayer goes next representing Moria*

    Demon Slayer: Your majesty, i represent the town of Moria, located at the britain crossroads in felucca
    Gareth: *Claps*
    Queen Dawn: Ahh an historically bloody place
    Queen Dawn: *smiles lightly*
    Demon Slayer: we have sworn our allegiance to you and wish to and wish to submit and application
    Demon Slayer: yes bloody indeed but we will fight for you now
    Queen Dawn: *smiles some*
    Demon Slayer: may i approach the throne?
    Queen Dawn: You may
    Demon Slayer: thank you your majesty

    *Niva the Savage goes next representing Kijustsu Anei*

    Niva the Savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Niva the Savage: Niva here village!
    Queen Dawn: *quirks a bit of a smile*
    Elijah Cross: *smiles*
    Niva the Savage: Village do lots good!
    NANOC: :)
    Niva the Savage: Niva have picture book for Human/Queen Dawn!
    Queen Dawn: *nods slowly*
    Queen Dawn: *motions her closer*
    Queen Dawn: Those who stand to be reconized please line up along the step

    *All the people representing towns who have submitted their petitions now move to the edge of the steps around the Queen standing in front of the throne*

    Queen Dawn: You have submitted application for recognition by mine hand
    Queen Dawn: And by mine hand it shall be decreed that should you be of upstanding character
    Queen Dawn: of laudable community standing
    Queen Dawn: and of loyalty to the realm and it's continued enhancement
    Queen Dawn: That by mine hand it shall be sworn dutifully and decreed foremost
    Queen Dawn: That these townships be recognized throughout the lands

    *And so it came to pass that on November 25 in the Britannian year 374(Earth date November 22, 2009) that the Crown recognized the petitioned towns*

    Niva the Savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Tolerance: Clap's
    Morpheus Mardox: k*CHEERS*
    Phoenix: Huzzah!!
    Tancred RedStar: *claps*
    Se'an Silverfoot: **claps**
    Mach: *claps*
    Gareth: *Claps*
    Winfield: *claps*
    Ben: *claps*
    Phoenix: Huzzah!!
    Elijah Cross: *claps*
    Phoenix: Huzzah!!
    Yoshi: *claps*
    Exavior: yea
    Queen Dawn: I shall dispatch mine Ambassador and together we can forge a future
    Lin Min May: *wonders y the kings castle has rat droppings on the floor*
    Tolerance: Woot
    NANOC: *cheers*
    Phoenix: Long Live Queen Dawn!
    Queen Dawn: Rich in prosperity and peace
    Phoenix: Long live Dragons Watch!!
    Yoshi: *claps*
    Jen B: royal janitor getting slack
    Morpheus Mardox: *applauds*
    Mach: *claps*
    Mach: *claps*
    Queen Dawn: Bow before me those citizens who seek to carry the torch of recognition
    Elijah Cross: Long live Queen Dawn!
    Nyx: *bows*
    Queen Dawn: and rise Nobles comitted to our cause!


    *The assembled leaders of the towns that petitioned for their towns all bow before Queen Dawn and are thusly made nobles to the sovereign*

    Phoenix: Long Live Queen Dawn!
    Demon Slayer: *bows*
    Winfield: *bows*
    Sophera: god save the qween!
    Phoenix: Long live Dragons Watch!!
    Niva the Savage: Nobles?
    Niva the Savage: Where?
    Gunga Din: *bows*
    Niva the Savage: *looks around*
    Tancred RedStar: I am honored my liege
    Queen Dawn: *waves her hand across the crowd blessing them*
    Tolerance: Thank u my queen
    Morpheus Mardox: Aye thank thee
    Queen Dawn: I bid ye goodmorrow and godspeed

    *Queen Dawn walks to the rear of the throne room and takes her leave to acclaim*

    Phoenix: Long Live Queen Dawn!
    Elijah Cross: Long live Queen Dawn!
    Niva the Savage: HA-OOH! HA-OOH! HA-OOH!
    Phoenix: Long Live Queen Dawn!
    Mach: *claps*
    Phoenix: Long Live Queen Dawn!
    Se'an Silverfoot: **claps**
    Mach: WOOT!! WOOT!!
    Gunga Din: Long Live the Queen!
    Se'an Silverfoot: **claps**
    Tancred RedStar: all hail the monarch

    (editted for 40,000 character length limit, last part slightly snipped here)

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