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Quest help

Discussion in 'WoW General Discussion' started by Aurorah, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Aurorah

    Aurorah Guest

    Hi I am new to game as well as forums so I'm not sure if this is in right place, I'm a level 10 Druid and im trying to figure out the fel moss quest, it says I have to kill timberlings to get fel moss but I keep killing them and getting nothing but gold.

    sorry for double posting this, but I think this is the right place to put this [​IMG]
  2. Actually, fel moss drops off Grel or Grellkin and is the objective of a level 3 quest called The Woodland Protector..There are a few quests to kill Timberlings, but not for fel moss:

    Timberling Seeds (level 7)-Collect 8 timberling seeds off the timberlings around Lake Al'Ameth.

    Timberling Sprouts (level 7)-Collect 12 timberling sprouts off the timberlings around Lake Al'Ameth..Both of these quests are given by Denalan who is near the dock at Lake Al'Ameth.

    Tumors (level 9)-Collect 5 mossy tumors off the timberlings around Wellspring Lake..This quest is given by Rellian Greenspyre in Darnassus.

    Hopefully this will help. [​IMG]
  3. Aurorah

    Aurorah Guest

    Thanks but still doesn't answer my question, it says I need to kill Timberlings to recover the tumors and im not getting any.
  4. Well, I wasn't sure which quest you were on since you had mentioned needing "fel moss" off the timberlings..But now that we know, are you killing the timberlings around Wellspring Lake? Tumors are dropped by the Timberling Mire Beasts, Timberling Tramplers and Elder Timberlings all around that lake..I can tell you from past experience that the drop rate on the tumors is terrible, at least it always has been for me.
  5. Aurorah

    Aurorah Guest

    I was getting them in Lake Al Meth, where is Wellspring Lake?
  6. If you have cords, the southern tip of the lake starts at 42,42..If not, take the road leading out of Dolanaar towards Darnassus..You'll eventually see a path on your right..Follow that heading towards The Oracle Glade..Wellspring Lake will be to the right of the path.
  7. Krosis

    Krosis Guest

    I use this site to look up quest information and get tips. Just go to Quest-Lookup and type in the name of the quest.
  8. I do the same, except I use a site called Wowhead..Sure does make questing a whole lot easier.
  9. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    I personally try and steer clear of anything WoWhead or Allahakzam related. A couple weeks ago they had some serious problems with trojans being embedded in their ads (they're also owned under the same umbrella as IGE - one of the major gold selling sites).

    I'd recommend checking out the databases that are offered by some of the sites that are listed on the Worlfofwarcraft.com Official Fansite page.
  10. That is definitely something to be concerned about..I suppose it's not something I think about because I've never seen any adds on Wowhead since I use Firefox and have NoScript and Adblock Plus..I don't use the other sites because I find Wowhead much easier to use..Of course, coming here and asking questions works, too. [​IMG]