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[quest] The Leader and the Follower

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Elayne, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Elayne

    Elayne Guest

    Hey everyone,

    i've read about that quest. (Click here)

    The last few sentences are about a sponsor... Now I wonder what exactly IS a sponsor?

    And what is the difference between clan armor and normal armor? (besides bonus)

    Um, another question... how can i get tu Schuttgart?
    I mean, which ports i have to use. I've never been there and i suppose it's expensive..

    And one last question. Are my other characters are allowed to wear that armor?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. psynik

    psynik Guest

    Sponsor is someone from main clan who ll escort you through your quest.

    Clan armor of course is cheaper and many prefer to save money.

    Instead of "The Leader and the Follower" quest in Schuttgart you can get "To Lead and be Led" in Gludio.

    Your other characters cant wear it.They ll have to do the quest.
  3. Elayne

    Elayne Guest

    thank u, that was very helpful!
  4. psynik

    psynik Guest

    I m glad i helped buddy
  5. Elayne

    Elayne Guest

    hey guys,

    i tried 'to lead and be led'.
    but i have a problem...

    pinter in gludio says, that he has nothing to do for me, or i don't fulfill the premises...

    i am lvl 23. my sponsor is lvl 22.
    we're both in the same clan and had party. (we tried also without party)

    can ne1 help us?

  6. psynik

    psynik Guest

    My friend

    it says that the sponsor has to be in main clan which means he has to be over 40 with second class completed and you have to be in academy.

    Also have in mind that he must just follow you dont let him hit anything and he must be in close range.

    Take care for now and if you have any other questions please be free to ask.

  7. Elayne

    Elayne Guest

    thank you

    but what means to be in an academy?
    and what about these crystals my sponsor must have? where will he get them from?
  8. psynik

    psynik Guest

    My friend when a clan is big meaning it is lvl 3 and has over 17 members i think it can seperate clan into 2 sections,the main clan with people over 40 and the academy with people below 40.

    As for the crystals you can buy those from players or if you give to a dwarf to crystalize a d drop.