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Question #12 - Topic : In your opinion, how high will levels go?

Discussion in 'Question of the Week' started by Bo Riddler, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    Well sometime next year, we will have a level limit of 80.

    When I first arrived in Nov. 2005 when I saw those 60's walking around I thought they were all that and a bag of chips. All shiney, weapons enchanted to a glow and ... bored. If being 60 was so cool, why are there so many standing around this mailbox in Org?

    Oh well, I dribble sometimes... Here is this weeks question.
  2. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    here's what I think:

  3. RayneStorm

    RayneStorm Guest

    I'm thinking it will cap at 99 also. I'm guessing in the code that a two digit number represents level, and depending on how they coded the game, making that a three digit number might be a huge pain in the rear.
  4. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    So you think the creators of the gameworld that is so imaginative, that the seasons change, the sun rises and sets, etc. would be limited by a common digit?

    I know next next to zilch on programming but I would think that wouldn't be an issue. What about EQ as an example, what have their level limits reached, does anyone know? I think I remember them being pretty high several years ago.

    Thanks for the input!

  5. RayneStorm

    RayneStorm Guest

    Look at it this way...remember Y2K? All that fuss about the two digit year number instead of four? And all the people going nuts patching software so at midnight it wouldn't be 1900 all of a sudden?

    Yeah. Its kinda like that. Imagine hitting level 100, and suddenly you are level 00. That would be...unfortunate. Especially when all your armor falls off cause its for a level 90-99, but it checks and sees you are level 00. Whoops.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    <font color="purple"> If they had made it SKILL instead of LEVEL based, there would be no problem... I think what they will wind up doing is adding more of a skill thing in somehow, that way it can go on forever. </font>
  7. Sharten

    Sharten Guest

    I think levels will be capped at 90. However, this will NOT be the end of WoW.

    After WotLK, the cap will be 80 for sure, obviously...

    At the same time, Blizzard filed TWO patents. The first was Wrath of the Lich King. The second, "Into the Maelstrom". For those who don't know, the Maelstorm is the big whirlpool in between Azeroth and Kalimdor.

    This in it's self offers a new range of opportunites- Aquatic Mounts with Underwater Breathing Capabilities, Submarine Mounts for Engineers?

    *giggles* Tauren in a submarine...

    I think this expansion will raise the cap to 90.

    However, the prospect of levelling 90 levels is daunting to say the least.

    I believe at this point Blizzard will bring out something such as "World of Warcraft 2", or along those lines. Perhaps set a few years in the future, with some method of copying existing characters over and fiddling with the levels to be less daunting.. don't ask me how.

    Just my opinion.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hah! I was actually just wondering about when they would add in an aquatic world, as I was riding on the tram between Ironforge and Stormwind again the other day. Interesting stuff behind the glass there, I thought it was sooo cool when I was a newbie. [​IMG]
  9. Warblade

    Warblade Guest

    Probably up to level 100 at the end of the year :lick:. Lols, can't imagine working all your way up to that level, find wow gold to buy stuffs you would need. :gun: If we all reached the max level, what happens next? :sad4:
  10. mecantile

    mecantile Guest

    I don't know if it would go to 99 simply because ~20 levels seems out of sync from the last two expansions, however, I suspect that 'Into the Maelstrom' will be a massive expansion as they have been working on the Green Dream realm for at least 3 years now. For those of you who have never seen the leaked footage look it up on youtube.