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Question #17 - Topic : Servers

Discussion in 'Question of the Week' started by Bo Riddler, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    I have found myself on a third server.

    First, there was Kirin Tor. A bustling little RP server brand new when I arrived in '05. Then I moved to meet up with a relative on Kilrogg and have advanced my toon there to 64th level.

    I like Kilrogg, except since it is not an RP server, any old name and any attitude almost can be found in the world around me. Yes I ignore most of it, but how seriously can you take a toon named Creamcheese?

    <Looking for Group> (Bo Riddler) LF1M need MT for HH Ram
    <Looking for Group> (Creamcheese) Invite dude, I'm l33t!


    So I discovered something... I came home early from work one day and there was the wife on a character I'd never seen before...

    "whatcha doin?" I asked.

    "ummmm, I adopted Sisters of Elune to play when your not around. A friend of our from waaaay back in Kirin Tor caught up with me and asked me try it."

    So here we are, I have 60's on Kirin Tor, Kilrogg and after a few hours on the RP Sisters of Elune, I found I liked it there too. So that makes 3!

  2. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    I have characters on Kirin Tor, Cenarion Circle, Whisperwind, Mauradin, Frostwolf, and Vek'nilash.

    However, I solely play Vek now really. Heck, I have one character I've moved from CC, to KT, to Vek, haha.
  3. We have 50 character slots. Only 10 allowed per server.

    I have one server with all 10 filled. All 40+ characters.

    Then I have one with 7.

    Then I have one with 6.

    Then a have a few with 2-3.

    Then there's Vek'nilash.

    I move through servers as the mood suggests. I may not play a particular for a few weeks or months, then I may play it exclusively, until all the rested XP is used up of all the characters.

    I play Horde and Alliance, PvE, PvP, RP, and RPPvP. I play every race and every class. Granted, I don't have any 70s, and my one 60 is in semi-retirement until I exercise more of the others.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I started playing on the RP server Sentinels, but found it to be NOT RP at all, actually it became full of little dweebs worse than the normal servers, so when hubby and I returned to the game we paid to transfer our characters over to Antonidas, where someone he works with plays.

    Recently I made a character on the Veknilash server to join the Stratics guild there so I have chars on 3 servers.. (there are still some inactive ones on Sentinels).