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Question #27 Topic - Twinks / Level Locking

Discussion in 'Question of the Week' started by Bo Riddler, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Bo Riddler

    Bo Riddler Guest

    I personally do not Twink, in fact as a non-pvper it really doesn't matter to me but here is a question that is discussed at length in more than one guild I belong to.

    Before I get to the question, I have a favorable opinion of Twinks, because when a blue drops, often times, it is perfect to list on AH and make a huge proffit on, especially if it is near the level requirement of say 19, 29, etc.

    Should a player be able to lock their experience in order to continue pvping in a certain level bracket? If they slip and roll over to say, 20th, they would not only have to relevel another 9 levels, but they would have to update all of their gear and enchants.
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I voted yes. I am very annoyed by the kids and their "twinks" but in other games I know it is possible to lock your xp and it should be so here as well. Everybody has something that keeps them happy and paying for WoW, and many of those are these twinkers. Why not?
  3. Eldorian

    Eldorian Guest

    I voted no.

    If you want to use up an additional character slot on your server to have a twink, so be it. But don't make it a catered viable play style for people by locking the XP - it's not a feature to waste time programming into the game for.
  4. Leesa

    Leesa Guest

    I voted no as well... for me a twink is not my style... but i know alot of ppl who have them... the reason i say no is that a twink stays in a city just to run bg's... why bother with an exp lock... if the owner is irresponsible enough to go out of town and end up lvling then it's their own fault... plus it gives some varriation in equipment... if you lock the exp bar then a twink can run any instance any number of times to get the bop gear best for their lvl... that takes the fun out of running bg's as a low lvl non twink
  5. Death Magnet

    Death Magnet Guest

    Well I am a little between, But I shoot No. the only way a lvl lock can be in place is if :

    1. They lock the Exp bar, they will only get to play with others who have locked it

    2. they get No BG points/honor from BG's only, just basiclly play for PVP in that area.

    3. If they lock the bar, then play and decide to unlock it, they must wait say 48 hours before being able to re-lock it again

    4. Set up Most if not all BG's with NPC's (horde/Alia's) like the one when you hit 50's ( i cant think of the name, big base fields) where they do get EXP. and forces them to move on one way or another

    5. make it so the cant lock it, play the game like everyone else! thats why it has levels!
  6. Juliana

    Juliana Guest

    I agree that they shouldn't be locked. My best friend in game & I made twink mages. After the Jimmy & Mojache video on youtube. (If you haven't seen it, watch it, its SOOO funny.) We played at lvl 19 for a while. This was his idea, not mine really, but he does so much crap with me, I gave in & did the Twink with him. But what I hated, hated HATED....was standing in the BGs waiting for it to start, and people ripping apart a lvl 11-12-13 that was in there. WTF?!?!?! It was REALLY made for lower levels. I don't know if they should have twink specific BGs, or how to solve it. But I know some of these people were genuinely NEW to the game & had NO clue what a twink even was or why they shouldnt be in there to experience that part of the game.

    Back to the lock issue tho, same said friend had a level 19 twink rogue, and got obsessed with the BGs for the longest time. I would whine to him that he never came to play with me anymore because he was always on "Trips" and his hunter STILL hadnt hit 70, but I had been 70 for a few weeks. One day he decided to do some quest for WSG before he went in for a few twink rounds, came out, turned in his quest......DING!!!!!!! ROFLMAO woooot!! Ive never been more excited over my own ding's than I was when that damn twink was no longer a twink. [​IMG]
  7. Figgilsticks

    Figgilsticks Guest

    I think that having the ability to lock your experience might play out well. Who knows, you might even find a group of people here or there that lock themselves at 60 so they can experience the old "end game".
  8. wtfisit123

    wtfisit123 Guest

    i vote no because i really dont like twinks personally, but i think Activision blizzard has bigger priorities, and those priorities are going to be endless so message to twinks, do your best not to slip up lol
  9. Kalaskula

    Kalaskula Guest

    The only viable no-argument I saw above is regarding the huge advantage such a character would have in an open Battleground for that level range. There are some positive sides to it as well. My favorites are how a small economy is built up around those low/mid level items and how they are all of a sudden have value on the auction house. And the other is how I find playing with a maxed out level 39, 49, 60 or 70 character a great way of trying out new classes in an environment where I am not always going to be at a disadvantage gear-wise. Everyone can work on making several top-geared lower level pvp-alt, but everyone have access or the time to create several level 80 pvp-alts. I guess they actually can, but the time invested in the latter is too great.

    I think it would be a great option to add.