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Question about Artifacts

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by imported_Hawkeye_Pike, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    yesterday I was slaying quite a lot of rats, wolves, slimes and ratmen in Ilshenar (there was a MAD spawn). After an hour or so suddenly an orange Plate Tunic popped into my backpack with quite nice properties (+10/+15 resist values, mage armor etc.). I also received a crazy title ("Controller of Vermin Horde" or something like that). I gained Valor during the progress of fighting, and after receiving the Artifact I couldn't gain anymore Valor.

    I found out that this must have been a Champion Spawn area and read a bit about this. My questions are:

    - Is the Artifact rewarded for my gaining of Valor, or is it rewarded for fighting champion spawn creatures, or is it just rewarded for fighting any monster?

    - Can I get another Artifact by fighting in the same champion spawn area again (as I do not seem to be gaining any more Valor)?

    - Are the Virtues (like Valor) connected to Champion Spawns anyway?

    I just can't figure out what I have to do to obtain artifacts, and what wouldn't help. For example: Do I have to do different Champion Spawns in order to get additional Artifacts? Can I do the same over and over again? Do I have to pursue the other Virtues? Can I just slay a big number of any creature to get an Artifact? Or only special creatures?
  2. Trukx

    Trukx Guest

    Since you were in ish, did you by chance kill a paragon 'anything' while attacking the spawn? The tunic you describe sounds like the Heart of the Lion which is a drop associated with paragon monsters (you have a chance of getting any paragon artifact when killing any paragon....the higher level the mob and your luck, the higher the chance of a drop).

    Virtue of Valor is connected w/ the champ spawns, thats the only way to raise it; its the only virtue associated with them.....although you could theoretically use the Virtue of Honor as you attack each mob.
  3. Thanks for clearning that up! It was the armor you mentioned. And yes, I did kill at least 15 of these paragon critters.
  4. excellent site by the way. i will refer to your maps often and read some of your tales. welcome back. what shard do u play on?
  5. Thanks!
    I play on Catskills. I'm an underdog, outsider, rogue, scumbag wearing GM-made leather armor and a poisoned dagger. :)
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Thanks for clearning that up! It was the armor you mentioned. And yes, I did kill at least 15 of these paragon critters.

    [/ QUOTE ]You were very lucky to get one after 15 kills. I kill hundreds of paragon ratmen for arrows and I rarely get a reward.