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[Discordance] Question about disco on a cu sidhe

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by Turdnugget, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Turdnugget

    Turdnugget Guest

    How much music/discord is needed to discord a cu sidhe after it has been tamed? If none of it's skills are worked up...
  2. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    I believe, if memory serves, its around 95-100 depending on stats resist and starting skills.
  3. Barding difficulty of a tamed cu sidhe usually ranges 95-100. Discording it takes about 5 points of difficulty away with 120 discord skill... the less discord skill you have the less reduction. For example, a 125.9 Barding Difficulty (BD) untamed cu sidhe went to 96.9 tamed BD, then to 91.8 BD tamed and discorded. (I just happen to have an Excel spreadsheet with a bunch of cu sidhe date on it... heh).

    The skill needed discord the cu sidhe depends on the starting BD of the cu sidhe, the instrument, music and discord skills. The highest untamed cu sidhe I've seen was just over 131 BD to about 100.8 BD after taming, and the lowest was about 120 untamed to about 93 DF tamed.

    The Barding calculator doesn't take the varying DF of the cu sidhe into account (just the average I believe) but shows that with 100 music and 94.5 discord skills, you have about 5% chance to discord. 100/100 skill gives you about 16% chance with a normal instrument. Exceptional instruments add 10% success, of course.

    Is that what you are asking?
  4. Turdnugget

    Turdnugget Guest

    I kinda got lost in your post... but what i'm asking is this...

    Lets take a freshly tame cu, with good HP/resists. With the barding difficulty it ends up with, what is the minimum amount of discord/music that I need in order to discord it? Exceptional instrument... doesn't matter if I fail a few times as long as I can get it discorded.

    Example: If I have 80 discord 110 or 120 music what are my odds of discording a freshly tamed Cu Sidhe with no skills trained up.
  5. RichDC

    RichDC Guest

    lore it and see :p

    The barding difficulty is i believe the base skill to disco.
  6. Sorry about the confusing post... I blame it on the cold medicine.

    Let's try this another way, using the Stratics Barding Success Calculator:

    A freshly tamed cu sidhe has about the same Barding Difficulty as a Blood Elemental, 93.8 or greater. Using this calculator, you can plug in your "what-ifs". For example, with 100 Music skill and 70 Discord skill, you will have about a 20% chance to discord a freshly tamed cu sidhe using a non-exceptional instrument. That's 1 successful discord for 5 tries.

    With 120 music skill and 60 discord skill, you have exactly the same chance to succeed as 100 music/70 discord.

    Theoretically you could discord the cu sidhe with less skill, but you will fail a lot, and have to wait for the music to stop playing to try again.

    Does that make better sense?
  7. Turdnugget

    Turdnugget Guest

    Yes, thanks =)