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Question about E.A.land

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Sephseraph, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Sephseraph

    Sephseraph Guest

    I am playing on the old TC, I want to be part of E.A. land, now some one told me that because I am not playing in a city I wil not be part of it, My question is Do I need to start over on a city to be part of E.A.Land or am I fine on the old TC??
  2. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Guest

    Move out of TC to a normal city
  3. <blockquote><hr>

    I am playing on the old TC, I want to be part of E.A. land, now some one told me that because I am not playing in a city I wil not be part of it, My question is Do I need to start over on a city to be part of E.A.Land or am I fine on the old TC??

    [/ QUOTE ]

    I think you should go to the following thread and get acquainted with some of the 'general' questions about EAland:


    As for your TC sim, you have several options, you can leave it there and allow it to be part of TC3 and make other sims in the 'other' cities that will be come EA-land, or you could move your TC sim now.

    It's really your option. Just because your TC sim is part of the test community in no way prohibits you in participating in EAland.
  4. Sephseraph

    Sephseraph Guest

    Many thanks monkeybeartso and DutchAmerica for answering my questions.
    From what I perceive from DutchAmerica's very nice link to the Q&amp;A it seems like TC &amp; TC3 &amp; Betaville will only be merged together and will NOT be part of EA Land? here is the direct quote from the Q&amp;A link below.

    What is EA Land and what does it mean to me?

    EA Land is the name given to the consolidation of all current cities (Aside from TC and TC3) and Betaville.

    AV, BF, FF, IH etc will all be merged into one main city – EA Land

    This means that each city will be picked up, given the new code and placed on a larger map, that is currently seen in City View, and connected to all other cities, even the ones not yet in use. EA Land will look something like this . (Please note this is not the actual image of EA Land, this is a mock-up of how it may look).

    If this is true than from what I gather here is that TC, TC3, &amp; Betaville will NOT be part of EA land, So why is everyone wanting to be on TC3 &amp; not playing on any EA Land cities?
  5. Personally for me, I've always had 2 cities. One is the main city I play in and a 2nd one that I visit for a break or if my main city is down.

    Since we can have sims in both EAland and test, I have chosen to do sims in both places.

    It's something for you to consider. You have more then 1 slot, why not make more then 1 sim?
  6. Sephseraph

    Sephseraph Guest

    One of the reasons My Wife &amp; I only play with one Sims is because we both work &amp; we are Buddhist so we have many Traditions that we follow in Buddhism, such as our meditations &amp; Dharma talks with our Sangha. Put this all together &amp; we have very little time to play the Sims.
    So having one Sims is taxing enough trying to get their skills up to play with the jobs and money making games.
    I guess we will just use a bit of patience and just wait for the merge to see what happens, sounds like we will be starting over anyways and there will be some new lands available in EA Land that may be more (Zen) looking for our lot to be created on that will be a Buddhist Temple.
    thank you everyone for your information on this Merge for EA Land. see you all in game.
    May you have a smooth day!!
    (Humbly Bows)
  7. Oh how interesting. We have a playing in Mount Fuji that is a Buddhist.

    Good luck on what you decide. I have sims in Test Center so maybe I'll see you and the Mrs. there sometime.
  8. simfounder

    simfounder Guest

    I have a question about EALand thats not exactly related to this thread but I figured I'd post it here anyway since I couldn't find direct answers in other places...

    When I log into TC3 and zoom out one step, I see thumbnails pictures of all the other cities. Is this zoomed out 'world' view what will be called "EALand"? Or is that zoomed out view going to still be called "The Sims Online" or maybe something else? Then there will be one thumbnail on the world view of a yet unreleased city called EALand that we can zoom into and enter?

    My somewhat confused belief of the coming state of EA land is that it will be a separate city, just as AV and BF are separate cities and the 'merge' that is someday coming will have separate cities as shown in the larger zoomed out map. We will not really be able to freely travel between cities and will still only be able to 'move' between cities during maintenance. If this is the case then I wouldn't think there would be an issue of identical names conflicting when the 'merge' happens.

    The town of EAland will be enabled first on the 'world' map and the merge will entail stripping out the money of the sims in the other towns and enabling the other EALand changes in them then enabling the other towns on the world map.

    Anyone have any firm information whether what I am speculating here is true or not?
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    In TC3 you can currently zoom out to see what EA Land will sort of look like, its just an artist rendering at this point. When EA Land opens it will be like TC3 and the other cities will merge into it to become one big city. This is the reason for the bigger zoom. Think of the map as a country and each production city merged in as a city with neighborhoods as we currently have. You will be able to travel freely to any city, no more reason to use sim move. In the case of name conflicts, the oldest name will win, with sims houses and neighborhoods. Others will probably get numbers attached to them.

    Hope that answers your questions. [​IMG]