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Question about GD

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by soveren, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. soveren

    soveren Guest

    Hello, just tammed a GD
    658 str
    55 dex
    590 int

    He have 55 dex (ouch), so i want to ask is there personal cap for GD's dex.
    example with 2 situations:
    1) first pet have 55 dex, second 75, total dex after training is 155 for first and 175 for second
    2) first pet have 55 dex, second 75, total dex after training is 200 for both

    Which situation is right? just can't understand it's a good dragon or not :)
  2. controlfive

    controlfive Guest

    all pets can train up to 125.
  3. soveren

    soveren Guest

    so it's pretty good GD?
  4. controlfive

    controlfive Guest

    hard to say without knowing its skill caps. personally i look for drags with 120+ wrestle, 900+ hp, and high resists (80+ phys, 85+ fire, atleast average in the rest). high str, tactics, and resist is nice too, but lower priority.

    i'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to pets though :s
  5. soveren

    soveren Guest

    i'm tamed another dragon:
    884 hp
    613 str
    52 dex
    652 int
    but i can't understand he's skills, here's his skills before tamming:
    Wrestling 130.1
    Tactics 128.9
    Resisting spells 119.3
    Anatomy 0.0

    Magery 119.7
    Evaluating Intelegence 51.3
    Meditaion 0.0

    How can i understand is it good skills or not?
  6. If you have the pre-tame skills at hand, you multiply those by .9 - if above 100, that number is the maximum that skill can reach. If that number is below 100, it can train up to 100.

    Your second dragon, for example, would have roughly 117 wrestling as its max, roughly 116ish for tactics.

    If you only have the numbers from after taming (if you have your first greater, and haven't taken him hunting yet), multiply the skills (for GDs, it would be wrestling, tactics, and magic resist) by 1.25 to find maximum after training.

    Good numbers to look for would be 134+ on skills you think important, which will give you a little over 120 as the max for that skill - unless you PvP, that'd be Wrestling, and Tactics to a lesser extent, with Magic Resist being worthwhile if you'll be taking your greater PvPing.

    The second dragon you tamed is a great dragon... a keeper, in my book. :)