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Question about PvP changes over last couple of years

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Death Adder, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Death Adder

    Death Adder Guest

    Hi all,

    I quit UO a couple years ago, but now my son wants to play, so I'm making a limited comeback. I'll probably mostly do PvM with him, but I'm sure I'll get the itch to PvP some. Can anyone clue me in to the major changes in the last couple of years? Obviously I missed all of Stygian Abyss, but I recently discovered through trial and error that the Concussion Blow has changed... it used to do a range of 10-40 extra direct damage based on health/mana levels, now I've discovered it does an extra 10 direct damage and halves mana for 6 seconds. Which is actually pretty cool, I think, but I'm glad I figured this out before hitting the field. I could use a primer on other changes, though.

    Some specific questions:

    Gargoyles -- they can "run" without a mount, yes? Are they affected by Dismount? As a solo PvPer, I've always hated the Dismount/kill mount combo that makes it almost impossible to escape ganks, unless you have 120 Ninjitsu, which I do. But I might be willing to drop it if I could change to a Gargoyle and be immune to Dismounts. I know how much the devs love the gank auto-kill combos, though, so I suspect that Gargoyles are stunned or something. But it would still prevent the over-powered part where they kill your mount, so I'd be interested if it's a major benefit.

    Is Mysticism any good? Worth dropping Tactics for? I'm running with 120 Archer, Ninjitsu, Resist; 100 Tactics, Healing; 85 Anatomy; 75 Chivalry. I consider 120 Resist indispensable to avoid para-ganks, and I need the Ninjitsu unless there is some new kind of Dismount defense.

    New weapons any good? The ranged ones seemed good until I saw the min ranges. That Imbued Throw looks pretty powerful, also.

    Any new "must have" items? I already know of the existence of the Gargoyle's Collar, though I haven't acquired one. I've also seen most of the new robes and have chosen the Conjuror's Garb as most powerful, with MR2 and DCI5... let me know if there are any better. Also acquired a Conjuror's Trinket, which seems to be the best Talisman (pretty gimp, really -- all those PvP vampires must hate it, unless they are immune to the Undead Slayer part, which last I played conferred like a 25% damage bonus against PC vamps). Any others I absolutely need? I already have perfect jewelry (ring: SSI 5, HCI 15, DCI 15, Bushido 15, Cold 14; brace: HCI 15, DCI 14, DI 25, FCR 2, Phys 14).

    How does imbuing work (PvP aspects only)? I have a Composite Bow with Balanced, SSI 30, Lightning 50, HLA 34 and DI 40, and a Crossbow with Balanced, SSI 30, Fireball 34, HCI 18 and DI 40. Can either of these be improved via imbuing? Obviously I'd like to take the SSI up to 40 and improve the HLA/Fireball mods. Could I add a mod even? What about to my brace listed above?

    Faction items needed now? I hear enhanced faction bandages heal curses now? Is this in addition to regular healing or separate (basically can I carry just faction bandages and they do it all, or do I need to carry both and make separate macros?)?

    New potions... are there any? I heard someone mention a mana draught potion, but there isn't one listed on the Alchemy page. True or not?

    Thanks for any help :)
  2. I'll address two of your questions (and leave the rest to others).

    Gargoyles can be "dismounted", in the sense that they drop from flying (running speed) to walking mode. And you can be interrupted (by being hit) as you try to get back from walking to flying mode, exactly like trying to mount an ethy. So this isn't that big an advantage for Gargoyles. Perhaps the only real significant advantage of being able to fly (ie. running speed) without a mount, is for pvp tamers. Nuff said, you can figure out from here.

    Don't drop tactics for mysticism. Because in addition to Eval Int, you also need Imbuing (on the same character) to get the full potential power out of many mysticism spells. Which means dropping tactics alone won't free up enough skill points.
  3. Konge

    Konge Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Apr 16, 2006
    Likes Received:
    They're flying is the equivalent of using an ethy, thus can be dismounted

    Mysticism requires atleast Eval Int, so droping tacts wont be enough like someone else said


    They're limited in range and have many penalties from Stats as well as skills and are gargoyle only, archery is better, imo.

    You're thinking of the Gladiators Collar, existed before Gargoyle's, and yes the Conjurors garb seems to be the best, the Cloak of Death isn't anything to scoff at either, 3% hci/dci/sdi

    Imbuing cannot add anymore than 5 properties and cannot remove a property, thus you can't really improve anything you've listed and Imbuing wont add anything higher than 30ssi, you need to enhance with ash for the 10ssi You might be able to up fireball or HLA on the bows... don't think it would be worth it though.

    I'm not sure, But i think you need to carry both.

    They're not potions, they're consumables, from stealing, not alchemy.