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Question About The EALand WIki Website

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by Sims2, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Sims2

    Sims2 Guest

    i know there is a lot going on with the game and all merges etc just wanted to

    know when everything is taken care of in the game etc. those ideas that are

    posted on that website are they thinking about doing any of those at all?

    some of it seems like it would be great if added to the game. here are a few i looked at. The idea is similar to that of playing pizza.
    You will have a list of food the restaurant offers and the ingredients you require which you can view at any time but cannot view while cooking food. Anyway, You will read the screen and decide what to cook, you point and click and similar design to the pizza tab comes up, You have to choose which ingredients to put in, You click 'OK', and then decide how hot you want the stove to be. If this is correct, the person will eat it and leave a healthy tip, if it's wrong the customer will complain "It's not what I ordered" or "This tastes funny" and walk out, or if it's not cooked correct "This tastes undercooked" and might eat it but will leave no tip.

    Here's a creative game that can be done alone, or tag teamed with a waiter or another cook.
    A 'Whack-a-mole' style game where instead of being waiter and host, you are put on the kitchen. At your cooking station you receive an oder: 'Bacon Cheddar Melt.' You open your prep-top fridge and have all the ingredients placed before you. Grab the bread, add Bacon click cheese, and put it together. When it's ready, hit 'COOK IT!'. It pop's out, run to the table and ring the bell. The orders get progressively harder as the levels increase. From a Bacon Cheddar Melt to Lobster bisque, chicken al'a king. All the necessary items will change position, so you have to actively look. This job can tag team with the Waiter position to create a more dynamic playing experience. 'Hey, where is this guy's Chicken al'a king?! He's getting antsy' If people are confused, there can be a scrolling window of directions on how to make something. If something needs to be cooked or grilled, it will 'magically' be cooked on the way out when you hit 'COOK IT!'

    Categories: Design Brainstorming | Sim Jobs
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The wiki is mostly player ideas and designs. Some of them do get implemented into the game and some have developer notes and comments about if they like the idea or how it could be improved.

    Please comment on any wiki design you like or even dont like, the devs are always looking for our input. If you have a great idea go ahead and post it, you never know if your idea will be the next big thing!