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Question about where to go with my template

Discussion in 'UO Spellcaster' started by Ivor MacGregor, May 19, 2009.

  1. Current template and skills:

    Stats: (with items):
    Str: 120 (110 hp)
    dex: 10 (10stam)
    Int: 150 (176 mana)


    Magery: real=120
    EI: real=120
    Resist: real=110 (120 with item)
    Wrestling: real=120
    Meditation: real=120
    Inscription: real=100

    Suit: LRC= 121%, SDI=50, FCR=7, FC=3, LMC=40%, MR=7, DCI=42


    I am a returning player and came back to find that I misplaced (i.e., LOST!) my soul stones that had 120 spellweaving and 100 poisoning on them. I am debating whether it is worth raising it back up on this character or should I invest in another for this character. I rarely (if ever) do pvp and enjoy mostly PVM. I am open to ANY suggestions to alter my template/suit that would make this character a better tank PVMer. Keep in mind I have always enjoyed playing the "pure mage" template. Please advise on the best applicable 6th skill!!!!

    P.S., I have thought about parrying but am turned off by the amount of time and effort it would be to raise it to 120. Any suggestions?
  2. Lynk

    Lynk Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Parry is like the easiest skill to 120.. but i wouldn't recommend a parry mage for pvm anyways.
  3. Vaneca

    Vaneca Guest

    I agree.
    Parry is a breeze to gain.
    However, keep in mind that you need 80 Dex for best chance to block with shield.

    Best for PvM in my opinion is a Necro-Mage tbh.

    Scribe Wrestl-Mage is a nice PvP Template tho. If you get higher physical ofc =)
  4. GFY

    GFY Guest

    The only thing I would do is get my Phy resist above 60.

    You could cast reactive armor to get all your resists to 60+.

    With 42 DCI on your suit you should be hard to hit any way.
  5. The first thing that strikes me is you could save 20 points by switching 120 Wrestling for 100 Anatomy, seeing as Wrestling special moves are pointless in PvM. You would still have 120 Defensive Wrestle as the formula gives you 20 points free...

    (Anatomy + Evaluate Intelligence + 20) / 2 = Defensive Wrestling (capped at 120.0)

    With Defensive Wrestle DCI still works, HCI doesn't.

    Assuming you're not intrested in going Necro/Mage or Scribe/Necro/Mage and have a 720 skill cap, that would leave you 50 points. I'm guessing you're using Aegis Of Grace for Resist & DCI? You could either drop it to 90 (100 with item) and free up another 20 points for 70, or make it 120 real and change the head piece for some more SDI (Kasa or HOM perhaps). Imo you don't really need more than 100 Resist for PvM but that doesn't mean its not viable (I have it if the points allow and theres nothing better to do), just that 100 is plenty enough to protect you from Blood Oaths & Mana Vamps.

    You appear to be an elf (?), I would change to human. You can also drop Int to 140, raise Dex to 15 & raise Str to 125. Being hit hard with 10 Dex/Stamina can put you in walk mode, which is annoying, especially if you're an elf as you have no Jack Of All Trades Focus for Stamina Regen. With 140 Int you can still bless yourself for 150.
    Going human you can then also do the Spellweaving quest and with Jack Of All Trades use Gift Of Renewal, Attunement, Natures Furys (and some others - but they don't really help in this case).

    IF you made those alterations for 70 points free you could then if you wanted drop med by 10 and have 80 points free to have poisoning for a bit more punch on your template. Or you could put 60 points in Necro and the rest in SS (which would only be 20, which doesn't cover JOAT if you're human, but if you're staying elf...) that would let you get in Wraith form and leech back some mana (which is SS based, but with that template hopefully you're using slayer books, so your spell damage should be high enough to get something back) it would also give you the choice of using Evil Omen combos for extra 25% damage. For example Flame Strike, Evil Omen... if cast right the Omen lands right before the Flame Strike damage appears and gets the 25% bonus.

    Suit resists you should aim for 60+/75+/60+/75/75, this would keep you over 60's when Corpse Skinned (Corpse Skin = +10/-15/+10/-15/0) or in Wraith Form should you chose that (Wraith = +15/-5/0/0/-5).

    If you don't fancy any of those you could stick 50 points in Chiv for Remove Curse, 50 in Focus if you want a bit more regen. 40 Weaving & 120 real Resist, would give you better success with Renewal & Attunement than you get with JOAT & either free up the +10 Resist item or give you less of a penalty when using Protection.

    I expect you know already, though you now have to recast them when you die, but with Inscription if you cast Magic Reflect & Reactive Armor your base resists go to 0/5/5/5/5.

    Oh and another book you may want to get is a 30 SDI one from the recent town invasions, for those things that don't have a slayer. Kinda depends on where you are I expect as to wether their easier/cheaper to get than a Scrappers though.