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Question around area rates for colored woods

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Guest, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What I want to know is whether "the higher-end woods seem disproportionately rare" or "all colored woods, from low-end to high-end, seems disproportionately presentation" ?
    I understand that Jeremy's explanation mean "all colored woods, from low-end to high-end, must seem to be disproportion". If "the higher-end woods, not lower-color woods, seem disproportionately rare" is true, there must be other mechanism.
    Jeremy and some player think that area rates for colored woods are directly discribed in system program (ex, 1% for frostwood). But they are wrong.
    There can be some affectives around area rates for colored woods, and I want to know to be or not to be.
    I don't have lumber character, please tell 'only higher-end' or 'all colored' or 'I feel neither'.
  2. *ahem* "but they are wrong"

    Got a math basis for that ?
    or "just a feeling" ?

    till then (math work done) ... you'll be STUCK in your "or" state[​IMG] (or 'I feel neither' )

    (psssst! there appears to be more trees than mining spots ... overall, on average, looking at all maps )
    More trees = more places to look ...
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    By "the higher end woods" I do believe Jeremy meant... the higher end woods.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thank you, Fayled Dhreams and Flutter.

    To Fayled Dhreams
    We know spawn rates for colored woods are directly set in program.
    Area rates can differ from spawn rates when spawn frequencies are differed by color. (Spawn frequencies automaticaly provides color-change frequencies.)
    Spawn frequencies are provided by players, who love higher-end woods and want to cut higher-end colored trees more frequent than lower trees.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hail: You have to remember the, "Nods". That is in laymans terms how Tree's are connected together. As example, you see a single Tree by itself. It will give you around 80 logs total. However, in Delucia, there are several areas where the Tree's are so close together you can not walk thru them, and can give more than 2000 logs total.

    So, What area should you be Lumberjacking in? Yes, I have gotten both Frostwood, and Heartwood from 2 different area's in Delucia with over 1600 logs per spawn, and they will spawn several times in a row. I have also gotten Bloodwood in another area of Delucia that gives over 800 logs total.

    In Each of these areas there are a bunch of Tree's bunched together. When that ,"Node" gets the spawn turned to ANY colored Wood, it affects, ALL the Tree's in that area/group. It takes apx 7 minutes for respawn. Between Delucia area's, and a Isle in Fellucia, i just go around in a circle and chop the same Tree's every day.

    NOTE: Server down/back up for maintenance does NOT change the spawn. If you find a Bloodwood area, and go back several times, and there is still bloodwood there, "as long as you are the only one cutting it" If you stop, and come back tomorrow, the Bloodwood will still be there until it has ran out.

    1 Tree in Trammel =80 logs total, and respawn to different color
    2. Small area of Tree's in Felucia= between 500-800+ logs total, and will respawn the same color until all the Tree's in that Nod gave up their color of wood, then respawns to different color.
    3. Tree's in a bunch ="You Hit the Jackpot.. Weeeeee

    Since there is a %6 chance total to get 1 of the 3 highest colors of wood, and every area of the map has that same chance, you might as well go where the wood is. It is like the Bankrobber who got caught, and they asked why he robbed banks, and not other things? "Because banks are where the money is".....
  6. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest

    Im sorry the devs that posted this are completely wrong. I Jack in fel and get 400-800 logs per tree thats 20 -40 swings per tree. What "node" of ore has this many attempts to find rare resources. None. Now Ive done alot of work in the fel woods and chopped well over 500k various woods and Ive never(since the patch) found a single sliver of frost wood. Not one log or board. The fact that remains is there is a HUGE depot of frost some where on an old and forgotten account that the RNG is taking into account as a total for the shards production and its coming up with a negative number as a spawn rate. That or they are just pulling us along a little farther with little or no knowledge of the facts. Not that I mind. I mean if you were handed 100 billion lines of code and asked to do it all NOW Id give you a break now and again. But all the same Id rather hear we haven't had the time to look it over yet or weve got bigger fish to fry or something. But its defiantly not the resource node not being large enough to produce a frost log.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I pulled out my old rune books of frost and bloodwood spots last week.

    As expected, all of the trees who were known to other people were gone, replaced with oak and ash. One frostwood was now giving blood, but that one reset when someone else jacked it dry.

    However all of my frostwood trees that were exclusive were still giving frostwood...same for the bloodwood.

    Unfortunately as people noticed me hitting the same tree, they would come and jack the tree and drain it dry...resetting the tree to some random spawn...but the remote ones are still giving Frostwood and Bloodwood consistently as long as I always leave one chop left....

    I have yet to find any new frostwood or bloodwood spots since the publish.....