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Question from a new user

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Balalaika, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Balalaika

    Balalaika Guest

    Hello everyone,

    I am a new user of this forums and i donno should i ask my question here or not.

    After the Publish 71.1, i found out that my sampire had a damage taken problem after casted Eo1 then re-cast to cancel. Please see below highest damage from different monsters (tested with 10 each).

    Succubus: Before 20-30 After 25-37
    Semidar: Before 28-42 After 48-52
    Pit Fiend: Before 21-26 After 28-36
    Moloch: Before 17-20 After 22-26

    To find out if my char got bugged or not, i had test with my friends with same tamplate sampire on succubus in Dojo. Her char never used Eo1 (she mostly use her bard) after the Publish and never got damaged over 30 (tested with 20 succubus). And my char tested with 10 and got the above result.

    We had try to removed the vampire form or demon slayer weapon but the result is still the same. The only different on my char in between publish 70 & 71 is only -10 resist and raised 10 for chivalty skill.

    Is there anyone of you guys have the same problem?? Please help.
    Thx Thx~~