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Question of the day: 2 June 2008

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Yet another Monday morning has rolled around and I have to return to priso...ummm.. work today. So here is the question for today.

    What was the best fight of an Creature or NPC you can remember taking part of in UO? What one monster/npc had you grinning from ear to ear in victory when you were done fighting it?

    I think the victory I remember the most was the Void Shadow how many of you remember that? That was a epic battle that took place in a void room that could only be reached by saying the secret password. Many great Catskills players died over and over to win that battle, and we were the first out of all the shards to crush it. Every other shard then had to follow our lead on how to defeat it. That was a day I will never forget.
  2. Phaen Grey

    Phaen Grey Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    It actually wasn't one monster but several, including 3 ancient wyrms in the initial spawn. We got one hell of a first spawn on a lvl 6 t-map one Sunday for our guild hunt. I know most can solo them but our guild is not wearing high end gear. It took us as a group [1 archer, 2 mages, 2 melee, and the t-hunter was a bard] 45 mins to clear the initial spawn, open the chest, and loot it. 5 ancient wyrms in total on that chest, it was really a rewarding experience for us as a group.
  3. Mish o sha

    Mish o sha Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    May 22, 2008
    Likes Received:
  4. SDragor

    SDragor Guest

    A Paragon Blood Elemental in the Ankh Dungeon. I fought it together with a friend with mediocre equipped characters.

    We had the bugger down to 50% when it finally used poison, thus interrupting our crosshealing sequence and killing one of us. *A blood elemental rummages through your body and takes* It looted my bandages and gold.

    No problem, my buddy sneaked away, resurrected me and gave me half of his bandaids. We tried again. We died again. This time the both of us. We ran to the shrine and back, just to find out that all our bandages were missing.

    One of us ran to Luna to get some more bandaids, returned and we went for this vile creature once again. Again, one of us died and got looted by the greedy monster. This was getting personal!

    We agreed that we'd rather spend all night here in the Ankh Dungeon than letting the bloody Elemental get away with this! Splitting bandages again, we charged. This time we killed it. Almost! When a creature is down to 5% health, you just don't run, but you take a shot. Which got us both killed. And looted, by the way. Time for another bank run!

    We returned. More enraged and longing for revenge than ever! The creature had to go down! I just HAD TO DIE!!! As we returned, we noticed that its health was restored completely. Never mind, we'd take the risk. And we made it! Finally we killed this beast! We felt like the biggest heroes of Catskills! Never felt that happy before after slaying a beast.

    The Blood Elemental carried about 2000 bandages and 19,000 gold pieces, as well as some armor pieces of me and my friend. I wonder what would have happened if some uber-equipped fighter had entered the dungeon, killed the Elemental with 3 hits and taken all our loot. We would just have commited suicide...
  5. ParadoxUO

    ParadoxUO Guest

  6. Farsight

    Farsight Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    There are two PvM battles which really changed my UO life.

    First was way back when in Covetous. This was for the singing sword quest which gave the large diamonds which had then been duped to value-less. But my story has nothing to do with that.

    I'm sitting around in my character-in-training, an expert fencer, when I get a message from a Seer friend of mine. "Help! They all got lost on the quest!" So I go running (no recall, no rune to Covetous) to rescue the poor people who missed the next point of a supposedly peaceful quest. I made it to Covetous and started picking up everyone I could get my hands on, "Come with me! There be questing to be done!" And by the time I got to the people who started the quest, they're all dead. Luckily, one of the people I picked up actually had enough magery to ressurect, and we managed to get a group of about 8 people together. But then we had to get to the bodies before they decayed or got looted. One step into the second level of Covetous, and I decided that the bodies getting looted wasn't going to be an issue (this was pre-stealth, post healing-made-useful change). The hall was literally packed wall to wall with harpies and giant serpents. I managed to escape with my life and got everyone organized. Luckily, there was a bard in the group, so between myself-as-meat-shield, the bard and the mage who saved everyone, we managed to get everyone their stuff back. We all finished the quest and I had a darn good time doing it.

    The second PvM experience which I remember most fondly was a solo deal. I made it my bard's quest to kill a dragon without using any skill besides provoke and peacemaking in the BACK of the terathan keep dungeon. Since nobody had done that before on my shard, it took a while to figure out how to do it. But I solved the puzzle and managed to kill the thing. I couldn't stick around longer than the time it took for the screen shot, having been overwhelmed by the ophidians, but I did manage to kill it.

    Sorry I missed the Harrower last night. Damned homework.
  7. Magdalene

    Magdalene Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 1, 2000
    Likes Received:
    An ettin... killed with some 60 magery (started with 50) and no eval to speak of, running in circles... I still have the ruby I looted off it.
    It was the first "bigger than me" thing I killed on my own in UO.
  8. Sheridan

    Sheridan Guest

    Mine was the balron that makes his home near the Chaos Shrine in Ilshenar. This was Pre-AoS and I managed to joust him to death as part of an RP plot with my Armsman. It took forever but to solo a balron back then (even jousting) could be considered quite a feat. Magdalene, I also have a rib I carved from his corpse as proof of victory locked down in my home. :thumbup1: