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Question regarding BH class transfer quest

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Magneta, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. Magneta

    Magneta Guest

    I've recently hit lvl 35 with my scavenger and have begun the 1st part (trial of guildsman) of the transfer quest to BH following this guide:

    I've successfully acquired the journeyman gems via the WH keeper in gludin. However, when I try to start the deco beads part via Blacksmith Pinter in Gludio he says:
    "This isn't the place for children. Find me when you gain more experience. Then I will help you to pass the Trial of the Guildsman."

    Is this an indication that the level requirement for the deco beads part is higher than level 35? Or, is this an indication I did something incorrectly?

    I've tried going back through the quest and talking to everyone involved (specifically the guy :stir: Talking Island).

    I still have Altran's 2nd recommendation letter in my quest inventory. (A recommendation letter written by Blacksmith Altran, Take this and go to Blacksmith Pinter of the town of Gludio)

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Dave Lister

    Dave Lister Guest

    I think you have to have 36 for that part yes.
    Don't remember exactly how it was though, even though I did those quests on my gf's 2nd BH just two-three months ago.
    Personally I always wait until I'm level 39-40 before doing all quests, then just do them in one go ^^
  3. EllieBelly

    EllieBelly Guest

    It says it on the main page with all the 2nd class changes but I believe 2 out of the 3 you have to do (except stupid kamael) require you to be a level higher than when you started it. Like start at 35 and midway have to be 36. I noted it in some of my quests but it wasn't always easy to hit that point when some quests require you to kill SO MANY mobs I would easily hit 36 before getting to the normal "stopping" point.