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Questions about being a tamer.

Discussion in 'UO Tamer' started by Stormbringer127, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. So I have come back to the game after about 10+ years (Lake Superior if it matters). There is a ton of new stuff but what interested me the most at the moment is my tamer, the one toon i never finished was my tamer. So working on finish him up. But I need advice on my template as well as some general questions answered. Im pretty much going to be doing PvM with this character. So here goes....

    Template: (720skills)

    120 lore
    120 Vet
    120 Taming
    120 Music
    120 Disco (peace stoned)
    100+ Magery
    Maybe focus to fill the rest of the points.

    Question 1:
    Is this a good template (if not what should I do)? How much magery should I have. with sitting at 87 natural taming atm. with 21 bonus points for jewels. and it seems all i have time to do is band-aid, loot, and control the pets. so its not like i nuke things throw a few heals and cures. maybe some invis. do some gating for sure (haven't been back a week no bonds yet). So I say how needed is magery? I have considered dropping down to much lower magery high enough to recall off scrolls and put the rest into resists or focus or med. or should i just find a cheap 110 or 115 Magery to make my rez and stuff not fail and roll 5-20 focus. Or later is magery important and ill cast more.

    As well is any of the skills not really needed to go all the way to 120? or would 110 or 115 be good enough to warrant the cost?

    I have the following skills atm(on the tamer or where I can stone it over) to pull from: 100 mage, resist, lore, music, peace, eval, med, 90'ish vet and 87 taming. as well as fighters. (no myst, necro, ect new skills) but I could start working on them.

    Question 2:
    with the scrolls that let me get over 100 (a new thing for me) in a skill. if i have a nature 120 in skill and then another 25pts from gear do i get credit for controlling/taming of 145 or if i have 120 natural skill any +taming is a waist? if this is the case is it better to do say 110 natural and find 10pts in gear. and put those points in something else?

    Question 3:
    Back when i played there didnt have all these +skill gear or resists it was you wore armor or didnt and i never did being mostly mages. BTW this tactic doesnt work now btw i get squished....

    Now to the question. If (question above) i dont need the bonus for skills. What kind of gear do i go for? what should i look for in gear and is there anything in particular i should have an eye open for that is killer?

    Question 4:
    What race should I do? I have been told I should go elf and change to female so I can tame some dog that's realy good and takes 4 slots as well as female for unicorns since they cant be poisoned. Or should i stay human or is there other options? if it is elf do I do a race change token or is there some kind of quest or how do I become one?

    Question 5:
    What pets should I have for what type of fights? what should my stables hold and what do i take where? is there a guide for this? Also can tamers do the thing to get scrolls for 120 skills by themselves? if so what do i take? never done one so kinda clueless about it.

    ill check back here or ICQ at 597722027
  2. maroite

    maroite Guest

    Going to answer backwards, cause its easier. :p

    5. The best tank pet is probably hands down the Greater Dragon, which is an improved form of dragon. The next best tank is probably the cu sidhe, which is the dog which is only tamable by elves.

    As for what to take where, there are some places where some pets are much better, but generally speaking if you have a nice cu or GD you can bring them almost anywhere. GD's are 5 control slots, so if your human or elf you're going to be tracking across the lands on foot. The cu is 4 slots, and is a mount. You can only tame a cu if you're an elf, but humans can ride them as long as you use the Pads of the Cu Sidhe shoe item.

    As for spawns, some tamer builds can solo them. Necro tamer is probably the easiest way to solo a spawn, but honestly I wouldn't suggest getting into that right off the bat. If you do, try to find a guild that spawns regularly. It should help you get into it easier. Spawns are about time to kill ratio, so you have to kill rather quickly in order to advance the spawn. If you don't kill fast enough, it will reset and you will be stuck on the same level forever.

    4. Race is more a personal choice. You can tame the cu's as elf only, but as I mentioned you dont need to be an elf to use them. You could probably visit the twisted weild and find another elf tamer cycling the spawn/training up taming and they would probably give you one for your human to use. I believe you only need the Pads to actually ride the cu. You dont need them to control it but I am not 100% on that.

    Unicorns I have never played much with, as my tamer is male. I recently made a tamer which is the same as yours but with a 700 skill cap, so magery is maxed at 100. This tamer is a female, but I haven't played with a unicorn much.

    For changing races, there are quests to go back and forth between elf and human, and to change to gargoyle you must use a race change token. I think its best to probably save any race change tokens.

    3. Gear for a caster/tamer should probably at least have 70's in all resists, 100% Lower Reagent Cost, 40% Lower Mana Cost, and then as much mana regeneration/mana increase/hp increase on it. It wouldn't be a bad thing to have a couple points of stamina regen or increase on your suit either.

    Faster Casting and Faster Cast Recovery are probably a must for a caster/tamer as well. These properties are usually found on rings/bracelets/shields and weapons.

    Defence Chance Increase is another property that you would probably want to look into as well, but if you're doing purely PVM and aren't planning to get hit much, it should probably be the last of your concerns.

    2. Scrolls only increase the max a skill can go to to 120. You can't reach 145 if you have 120 natural and 25 from jewels. Although there are mage weapons, which usually give you a neg to your magery skill, but allow you to use the weapon regardless of what it is, through your mage skill. If you use a mage weapon with say -20 magery then 120 magery would become 100. BUT if you put 20 magery on jewels it cancels out the effect of the mage weapon as far as I know.

    Many people only run with 110 taming/lore as you dont really need more to be able to control most pets reliably. Then they carry around +10 taming/lore ring or bracelets so that if they want to tame something like a greater dragon, they can change their gear and have a better chance at taming.

    The other thing to note is that with 120 vet/tame/lore your stable slots increase but you can use the jewels to increase these, stable your pet, and then switch them out again.

    1. The build is the basic disco tamer build afaik. If you're a human I wouldn't bother putting 20 points into med or focus, as with Jack of All Trades, you already play as if you have 20 focus/med. I personally would just max out Magery, or if you wanted to, as I stated above do something like this;

    110 Tame
    110 Lore
    100 Vet
    110 Disco
    110 Music
    100 Magery
    80 Med

    Or something similar. Then with your normal suit use jewelry that boosts your music and disco to 120, and then carry jewelry which will boost your tame/lore to 120 is need be.

    I find magery even with out eval int very useful on my tamers, as I often find myself spamming GH on my pets rather than vetting. Some of the newer PvM content that you will do will use AoE or switch targets if you get to close, causing the usefulness of vet to be deminished in my humble opinion.

    I run a mystic mage tamer as my main, and even in stone form/ protection/ reactive armor with all 75 resists it is difficult for me to stay in close to some mobs and vet my pet.

    Hope that helps a bit.
  3. helps a ton thanks.
  4. ultima77

    ultima77 Guest

    Hey, question - I'm about to hit 120 Mystic. What tactics do you use when running your mystic tamer? It's a fairly new template that I've never ran and I want to make sure I'm not missing anything.
  5. maroite

    maroite Guest

    Well my suit is built around running in reactive armor, protection, and stone form but I still have 65+ resists while in pretection/reactive armor.

    For one, healing stone is amazing. I use the EC and made a little macro that disarms me, uses a healing stone, and arms me again. Its really invaluable. The healing stone at 120 myst will have 300 points of healing on it.

    You can also stick another healing stone on a spell trigger and then when the first one runs out, you can pop the spell trigger stone and get a fresh one.

    Cleansing winds imho, is invaluable. At 120, it should cure most poisons and heal, it will remove mortal strikes (rotting corpses and wailing banshees) and it can remove curses I believe. Its slower to cast than GH, but its very useful.

    Rising Collosus is really great also, if you have to beat down tame something or just dont have your pet handy.

    When I hunt, I find myself using Spell Plague a lot. It works nicely for a little extra damage when fighting. With out a slayer and minimal spell damage increas, over the course of one spell plague it does an average of 50ish damage for me. With a slayer its exponentially more effective. Its also great in PvP. This is all with a GD, I have been thinking about trying the effectiveness of spell plague with a dread/bake combo or rune/bake combo.

    The baulder spell works much like energy bolt, about the same energy cost and roughly the same cast time.

    Hail Storm for me is irreplacable. Its my main damage spell during spawns and when fighting in the abyss. Its great for clearing out a lot of stuff and with a slayer its amazing. It is also VERY useful against dragons as it does cold damage. I can solo GD's with 1500-1800 health in about 2 mins just by using that spell. On rat spawns, it will generally do 100-200 damage with a repond slayer book.

    Purge Magic is AMAZING in PvP. It will strip people out of protection and out of stone form, as well as other stuff. It may even be possible to use against spell weavers.

    Mass sleep is also a really useful spell. Think of this as Area Peace. If you're fighting multiple strong things in PvM using this spell will greatly reduce the damage your pet(s) take. I often use it on rotting corpses, stick my dragon on one and then cast mass sleep on my dragon, and everything around it gets "peaced". Careful using your dragon as a target in fel rulesets though, as you could also put her to sleep. :p

    Sleep can also be useful in PvP against some builds lacking resist magic skill.

    Hope that helps some! I love my myst tamer.