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Questions for building a suit ... sampire

Discussion in 'UO Warrior' started by Stormbringer127, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. Ok I have looked around and cannot find the answers to my questions so Im forced to post. Up to this point only played mages and tamers, built an ABC archer but never geared or played him. So I have decided to convert my ABC archer to a sampire, I have the following template im working on finishing:
    120 swords, parry, bush, 100 Anat & Tact, 99 Neco 61 Chiv (swords & parry at 100) rest are finished.

    1.) First before i spend the gold on a 120 swords, is it really the best to go with. I have picked up through champs a 120 fencing & 120 mace. 120 swords go for about 5.5-7m on LS so if i could save the money if im not going to see a big difference that would be nice. I could use the gold for another 25 stat scroll which I need.

    2.) If i go with swords, I was thinking of using Daisho, radiant scimitar & Rune Blades depending on which specials I might want. so 2.75, 2.5 & 3 Spd weapons respectively. So with using those weapons what amount of SSI & Stam do I need when building my suit?

    2a.) If i go maces I assume looking that black staffs & war axes are about all thats good? if so what SSI/Stam combo do i need to use a 3.25 spd war axe?

    2b.) If fencing all i see that looks good is leafblades, then would have to use a UBWS for a WW weapon. So 2.75spd what ssi/dex do I use here?

    3.) Ok so now to building a suit. after the SSI/Dex gets decided. I assume the following needs to be on the suit:
    70 all resists after forms

    Is there any other caps I need to get to on my suit?
    Does DI go onto the weapon? or do I need 100DI on suit?

    I have a Conjurer's Trinket, Ranger's Cloak, & Stormgrips I could use.

    I have a ring & bracelet that are both 15hci, 15dci, 5lmc, 25di, 13 fire resist. Should I use these? or make something else. I have an imbuer, smith, tailor, fletcher, tinker, & carp. so crafting skills shouldnt be an issue.

    4.) I hear people talk about using woodland armor and imbueing that. I have about 75k heartwood, no runic tools though. If i should craft woodland armor what do i look for in a piece to then imbue it?

    5.) Is there any other Arties I should be collecting up to try to use. Ive killed renowned wyvern a bunch but no legs.

    6.) Other than a mage defense weapon Ive never imbued a weapon before. What should i be putting on them. Im assuming SSI, hit stam & mana leech ... what after that?

    7.) What should I set my stats to before suit bonuses. Im an elf if it matters.

    Thank you greatly in advance.

    edit for grammer
  2. Obsidian

    Obsidian Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    May 21, 2008
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    I'll give you a few items to consider. For the weapon type, it does not matter. I started my first sampire with mace fighting because the 120 scroll was cheap. And guess what... I still use mace fighting even though I could have switched it. You can often find a 120 mace scroll for 300K-400K gold. IMO, save the gold and use it to buy a 120 bushido scroll too.

    For mace weapons, I run a combination of war axes (for AI), black staffs (for whirlwind), and diamond maces (they hit hard and are 1 handed). You can swing the war axe (3.25s) at max swing speed with 35 SSI and 151 stamina. So I put 30 SSI on the weapon and 5 from a Ranger's Cloak of Augmentation (or use a 5 SSI Turquoise Ring).

    In terms of DCI, HCI, and LMC... that is the order of priority for me. Try to hit 45 DCI first, then get your HCI above 30, and then try to max LMC. Also remember HLD gives the effect if your enemy having a 25 DCI reduction, which in effect increases your chance to hit. So try to fit HLD into your suit or weapon. This is why so many sampires use the Mace & Shield Glasses.

    Don't think that you should not use swords (or even fencing). Swords works great, but if you are gold constrained up front, try mace fighting first and get that bushido scroll too. You can buy both the 120 mace and 120 bushido scroll for the cost of buying one 120 swords scroll.

    Good luck with your build and I hope this helps!

  3. Thanks for the info. i was thinking about going that route since i have a 120 mace scroll already I got for free. I already have 120 Bushido from my archer. I haven't gotten that character a 25 stat scroll. I could use the the gold to buy the 25stats instead of the swords and be better off.

    So tracking down a pair of M&S Glasses would be good i take it. ummmm.

    Thanks for the info ill consider it now to worry with the rest.
  4. [JD]

    [JD] Guest

    mace is cheap and has good weaps, fencing is fast so you don't need as huge of a ssi/sta/dex investment, and swords has a lot of slow heavy hitters

    if you go with 2.75 and faster weaps there is a good chance you will NOT need to imbue any SSI on your weaps, leaving a mod slot free. you could go: slayer, hml, hsl, hla, di, for example...

    everything you want to know about SSI, STA, and Dex you can learn from going to this link below.

    UO Stratics - Weapons

    you don't necessarily need 40lmc.. if you need intensity available on a piece to imbue something else at a higher level, you could always just go 7 lmc per piece. when determining mana costs, rounding sometimes comes into play, and the 40 lmc would be helpful (ie, lightning strike)

    DI can go onto weap. you can put 45 DI on weap, which will save a mod on a ring. or, if you need the mod on the weap open, you can put it on your jewels and use stormgrip or pug gloves. i tried working in both storm and pug gloves to my suit but it just wasn't working out. i nixed everything for a M&S and 5 imbued pieces build.

    that ring is fine to start out with, you can imbue a better one later. and the 13 fire resist will help save you a mod on your armor. but, i went with the turquoise ssi ring so i can have 35 ssi (or 40 using ranger aug cloak). my ring will be 15 dci/hci, 5 ssi, +15 tactics (it had +tac on the ring so i just imbued it higher), 8 dex

    if you are an elf you should prolly look into wood armor. you can enhance with heartwood and get 5 HCI or 10 DI on your armor, which is insanely nice. wish i had a carpenter :<

    depends on weap purpose..pvm or pvp?

    pvm "necessary mods" would look like: slayer, hml, hsl.

    from there you would determine if your 100 DI was on your suit, or if you needed it on weap. also,

    if your at 180+ sta and have 5 or 10 ssi on your suit from turq ring/aug cloak/tink leg, you prolly do not need ssi on your weap unless you want a larger buffer. using slow weaps like double axe you have to set 30 ssi aside as a mod. my dbl axes look like: slayer, di, hml, hsl, ssi.

    optional mod after all the above if it fits would be HLA, HLD, and a hit area/direct damage spell.

    i like to go 125 dex. 90-100 str MINIMUM. rest in int. keeping in mind that you have the +20 elf mana, may allow you to set your str higher.
  5. So I started planning my suit and running into a snag.

    If i use Conjurer's Trinket (20di) 15 on ring and bracelet (50). that leaves 30 left. I made some woodland armor and got a full set of pieces with hci and di. so i could use 3 of those for the last 30DI. Check

    15 on ring and braclet (30), conjurer's trinket (10) .. leaves 5. one piece of woodland armor (5) thats my 45HCI. Check

    15 Ring and bracelet (30) ... ummm there is where i got stumped. I was thinking M&S glasses so cant use Aegis of Grace. So only other thing that came to mind for the last 15 DCI was ether weapon.. which I dont want to do or Fey Leggings with 20DCI. ..... so any suggestions here? if not I guess check on 45DCI

    got Ranger's cloak for 5SSI.

    Current rings have 5% each so 10lmc. Rangers cloak for 1% so 11LMC. we will see about the rest for imbuing when time comes might fit more in.

    Going for the 70/95/70/70/75. Since im an elf and using vamp embrace. with M&S Glasses, Fey Legs, & my ring/brace with 13 fire each. Before imbuing my 4 pieces of woodland armor i have 78/83/52/75/57 leaving me needing 0/12/18/0/18 So most looking at it that's most likely 6 imbues for resists. So 2 of the woodland pieces are DI/Sta/Resist/resist/resist. other two are DI/sta/ ? / ? / ? and other is HCI/Sta/ ? / ? / ?

    What should the last imbues be for a sampire suit.

    Is this the best way to go before I start throwing gold at imbuing & PoFing this stuff or is there a better way to to pull of this suit? Im not sure I like the way the suit worked out it feels like im missing something but I cant place it. But everything adds up I just thing there is a better way to get there.
  6. Also what should I wear for a robe? I thought about cloak of death but 3dci/3hci doesnt need to be in the suit now if I go the way above.
  7. ok I managed to craft a ring with chiv/dci/hci/ssi now im thinking i need to add DI to it if i go with the suit above or move DI to weapon and put str or dex on it. what ya think?