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[General] Questions from yet anoter returned player

Discussion in 'UO Craftsman' started by Sakamoto, May 30, 2010.

  1. Sakamoto

    Sakamoto Guest


    I just returned today, after reading a bit here, noticed I now need armslore.

    I have several crafters, now I do not want to remove skills from one who have read most books, and I know for certain that at least one have read several books.

    So is there a way to see what books you have read on your crafter?

    Also when I rebuild my armor/weapon crafter, will this template work, or have I missed something, if I want to be able to make everything.

    120 Smith
    120 Tailor
    100 Carpy
    100 Fletcher
    100 Armslore
    100 Tinker
    45 Music
    Rest Magery

    If I am not mistaken mining is only for smelting/mining?

    I am sure there will be more questions, but these will do for now :)

    Kenjiro Sakamoto
  2. I'm not sure but the only way I know is to try the skills and if you can do them then you read the books. The same is true for recipes. If you have the recipes for various items the only way to know is to go to the menu and if it says you don't have this recipe then you haven't read it yet.
    As far as trying to make everything goes I think it's better to get soulstones. I don't think there is any way to make everything without them but then I don't have any crafter mules so maybe someone else coudl say somethin about that.
    Mining is only for mining/smelting.
  3. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Re: Questions from yet another returned player

    1. Yes, mining is for smelting smith rejects and mining. Note that you CANNOT smelt anything that you can't mine the ore for, and that the smelting return is based directly off the Mining skill.

    Unless you're always going to make 100% exceptional smith items, and never smelt anything, you'll need mining. Your ingot return is 0.66% times your Mining Skill, rounded down. So, without mining, you'll get 1 ingot back for every 8 ingots in the item if human, NONE if an elf or Gargoyle - and you can only attempt to smelt iron.

    Note that the Recycle bag (buyable from provisioners) will give you +1 ingot back for each item in bag, and is quicker than any old smelt macro or the UOA Recycle Bag.

    Mining includes, (*with books)
    Mining ore
    *Mining Stone (the masonry specialization of Carpentry now has MANY new Gargoyle items to make, including armor!). Note that stone now only weighs 1 stone each, and stacks. (stuff from before the change won't so use any of it left over first)
    *Mining sand (the glassblowing specialization of Alchemy - Gargoyles have some glass weapons) Sand now stacks as well.
    *Mining Gems (normal gems - works like mining ore, and requires its own specialization book to read).

    2. You will eventually only need 0 or 5 real music skill.
    There's the following items that will serve you much better.
    Any ring with +15 Music
    Any Bracelet with +15 music

    Singing Axe (ML Recipe craftable that gives +5 music when held)
    or... Traveling Minstrel Talisman from the Britain Library collection (+5 music and +5 to another bard skill - let your bard, if any, wear it until you need to craft instruments).

    If an elf, the Song Woven Mantle Recipe craftable leaf sleeves give +10 music.

    Ring+Bracelet+Mantle, + either the talisman or Axe = 45 music, no real skill invested, for an elf.

    Ring+bracelet+Axe+Talisman will make the other two races only need 5 real skill - and if you manage to find a runic-crafted fishing pole with +10 music or a +10 music Dryad Bow from Doom, then you won't need any real music skill on those races, either.

    3. This will let you have 75 or 80 skill in Magery, if a 48-month account (55 or 60 if under 12 months, +5 for every 12 months up to 48). That's enough to craft with, and since magery & music aren't currently both used for an item, you could use a +Magery Spellbook (especially the Treasures of Tokuno major Tome of Lost Knowledge, which is +15), and a different set of jewelry than your music set (both are in the same skill group, so only one of the two skills can be on any given item), to get yourself up to 110, 115 or even 120 Magery skill (whatever you can afford a powerscroll for). Of course, having no eval int will limit you to summons, heals, and travel spells, plus mind blast (which isn't affected by SDI).

    My suggestion is to get yourself a couple of soulstones (which are now 1st year veteran rewards, and no longer have the 24-hour timer).

    Make your template like this

    120 Smith
    120 Tailor

    100 Carpenter OR 100 Fletcher (have one on a soulstone. Recipes & books stay with characters, even when the skills are taken off temporarily). You'll need 2 soulstones - one to put the skill being taken off, and one to hold the other skill (you can't hot-swap a skill with just one stone).

    100 Mining (and read all the books - this will allow you to supply your smith with metal and your carp/mason with stone).
    100 Arms Lore
    100 Tinker

    0 or 5 Music (depending on race and equipment), raised to 45 with equipment. Start at what you have to have to make instruments with your equipment at hand, but it's easy for a miner to get the talisman, turning in ingots at the Britain library, the singing axe you can make, or get someone already with the recipe to make for you, and if you're an elf or decide to become one, the Mantle sleeves rarely sell for more than 25% of the cost of the ingredients that are required to make them - when you can find a pair.

    The Rest in Magery (with your everyday equipment raising it higher).

    Note that also changed was the method for making Boards out of logs.

    Now, ANY Lumberjack or Carpenter (and possibly Bowyer), with the skill to work or harvest the wood type in question, can make boards by CHOPPING THE LOGS WITH AN AXE. This allows you now to fully divorce Lumberjacking from the need to have a carpenter handy, and put it on an Axer combat character.

    Optionally, you could get another soulstone, and put Alchemy on it, and have it as part of the Carp/Fletching trade-out system.

    4. Have you looked into the new Imbuing skill, yet? Or have you not added Stygian Abyss as yet to your account.

    It allows custom crafting of items, but not ones theoretically as powerful as what can come from a runic tool (as properties have weighting that prevents most items from having 5 100% intensity properties, while high-end runics make items that can have 5 such properties, plus their exceptional bonus, plus even more bonuses from the material and/or recipe used). Imbued items don't have Self Repair, and can't have durability raised with Powder, either (and jewelry ends up with durability if properties added with imbuing).

    5. Lastly, another option might be just to have a second crafter with the 120 skills and mining, only have enough smith & tailor on the Carp character to make items and get colored BODs, and add other crafting skills (like Imbuing or Alchemy). You can have Arms lore twice, or just swap it between characters wiith a soulstone.

    Currently, my General Purpose crafter is

    120 Imbuing
    100 Alchemy
    100 Carpenter
    100 Tinker
    100 Mining (with stone and sand books)
    75 Tailor
    70 Blacksmith (and hold a +10 ASH if I need to make a forge)
    5 Music (plus gear I add when I need to get to 45)
    50 Magery (plus gear that puts me over 100 - allowing me to defend myself in any facet other than Fel, and to get the loyalty rating needed for the Gargoyle Queen's Forge use in Imbuing).

    Note that there's a Treatise on Alchemy talisman, also from the Britain library, that gives +5 Magery, an Enhance Potions bonus, and a crafting success bonus to Alchemy. I use it as my primary talisman. This allows me to not only cast EVs, but with my EP bonuses on my gear (And from GM Alchemy), be a fairly competant explosion potion tosser.

    100 Arms Lore is available on my Smith/Tailor and my fletcher, so that if I need GM Arms Lore for crafting with Carpenter/Mason, Tinker or Glassblowing, I can stone Mining off, and add in Arms Lore. As yet, I've not had the need, as I don't play Gargoyles.
  4. Sakamoto

    Sakamoto Guest

    1st thank you Basara for your long post, 2nd I know I ask a lot, and I truly appreciate all the help I get.

    I will have to work my crafters for now, since I am almost naked on most of my chars, so they cannot be used
    to accumulate gold yet. So all my qestions are crafting related.

    I noticed there is a book for mining gems, I am quite sure that I have not read that, is there other books?
    In short what books for crafting is there these days? And where do you get them?

    Is there somewhere I can read about what recipes there is for all craftingskills, I better try to catch up,
    being the completist I am.

    I am slowly getting back in the BOD game, I just downloaded "Ultima Online Bulk Order Deeds", hoping that it
    will help me to sort my BODs properly, I have around 1500 BOD's.

    I read about some changes to BOD's, that you now can get a new for the one you turn in, in that context I read
    a thread about bod rotation, I have somehow lost that link, I know I bookmarked it, but the bookmark is gone,
    any change of getting a link explaining that?

    Is Tower of Roses still the place to go, to know what BODs give what reward, or is that outdated?
    There is no need ot fill out LBODS that give poor rewards. You only need that many bearskins and so on.

    About soulstones, I sort of went crazy when I left, and gave away more than I care to think of now, so I am
    close to broke for ingame gold (got around 300-400k left), and I have no vetrewards left, so have the timer
    been removed on them all or just vetrewards? Else I could buy a couple of legacy tokens from uogamecodes to
    acquire some, should be worth the money.

    Just looked up Soulstones, they appear to still have a timer according to

    Stratics Player Corner http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=97507
    UOGuide http://www.uoguide.com/Soulstone
    Stratics http://uo.stratics.com/php-bin/show_content.php?content=31190

    I am getting the 7th char and Stygian Abyss, so I guess I could just unload my skills to a new char
    and loan my mages skills, to get the loyality I need for Imbuing. Or I could make a Gargoyle for the imbuing,
    and move skills from my 2nd crafter there.

    I would prefer to have all weapon/armor crafter skills on the same char, I do have a 2nd crafter with alchy,
    cook, smith, tailor and tinker at gm levels.

    Is there any dependency of skills I should think of?

    I have been reading so much the last few days, that my head is starting to spin. In my exitement of returning
    I completely forgot to think about the game would have evolved, I have learned the lesson the hard way now :)

    For all info links will be fine, you do not have to explain everything in this thread, I am just overwhealmed
    with info when I do searches here, I get more links to stuff I really dont care about before I get the right one.
  5. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
    Likes Received:
    That's what I'm here for....

    There's the original Stone and Glass Crafting books, and the Sand and Stone mining books, in Ver Lor Reg, the Gargoyle City that's been in Central Ilshenar since that area was opened.

    Some of these can also be gotten in the Ter Mur Royal City, but I think one of them cannot.

    The Mining Gems book is in the Royal City, I believe from the Blacksmith NPC.

    Some of the recipes are detailed in the Skill FAQs above - especially the bowcrafting and Blacksmith FAQs. The Bowcraft recipes come from the Heartwood NPCs that give quests for them, and those same quests also drop bowcrafting runics.

    Most of the Carpenter recipes are for deco items, other than the special types of wild staffs and the Bramble Coat. There's a set of special elf-only armor that requires a lot of special ingredients, but you don't need recipes to make. There are now Carpenter saw runics that can drop randomly from the Heartwood quests that give Carpentry recipes.

    The Tailor Recipes are for several special types of quivers (common, and not used often), as well as the Song Woven Mantle, Spell-Woven Britches, and Stitcher's Mittens. These three items (and the rest of the Mondain's Legacy items) have their stats detailed in the Item Catalogue.

    There's several Alchemy/Glassblowing recipes (2 new poisons, and an invisibility potion) plus several other new potions added that don't require recipes.

    There's a bunch of special jewelry craftable by Tinkers now, and two recipe items Resilient Bracer and Essence of Battle.

    There's one Scribe recipe, that is for the Scrapper's Compendium ( a spellbook with outrageous bonuses when held). When crafted by a GM scribe with at least GM magery, spellbooks of any variety (including the Scrappers) have a chance for even more bonuses.

    Recipe items that are referred to as "craftable artifacts" typically possess only the bonuses shown. All the lesser recipes have their bonuses cumulative with exceptional bonuses, and use of a runic tool.

    Look Here, in Reply #26

    ToR is still accurate to a point. HOWEVER, the Devs altered the point system slightly. ToR now reflects the MINIMUM reward you can get for a Large BOD.

    For all the Smith BOD rewards that can only come from Large BODs, there is a chance that a BOD turned in will give a reward 1-4 levels higher than the Base reward listed on ToR. For example, it's possible that a Gold Hammer large could give an Agapite Hammer, Ancient Hammer +60, Verite Hammer or even a Valorite Hammer, instead of the Gold Hammer.

    Something similar also applies for the Tailor Large BODs, for the Horned Kit BODs, 120 Powerscroll BODs and (maybe) the 115 Powerscroll BODs (but who actually ever fills one of those), but it's almost as harmful as it helps, because a Horned BOD has some uses, but if it changes to a higher reward, half the time that "higher" reward is a worthless 120 PS.

    For that matter, with Imbuing requiring items to Imbue, and materials needed from unraveling magical items, even the lowly Spined Kit and Dull Copper Hammer have value now to make things for Imbuers to work on.

    The Players Corner FAQ was written by a former MOD who no longer plays, so it can't be edited without someone going in and copying and pasting the whole thing in a new thread.

    Your account HAS to be a year old to use a Soulstone that's a Veteran Reward, but the "time limit" I was referring to was that the soulstones, until a few months ago, could only be used once every 24 hours.

    Now, a Soulstone can be used again, immediately after its last use.

    If you have the money to burn, yes the legacy tokens for soulstones are a good buy.

    Stygian Abyss will pprobably come with some race change tokens, so you can convert one of the crafters to a Gargoyle after Imbuing training is done.

    IF you want all the weapon skills on one crafter, consider

    120 Smith
    110 Tailor (instead of 120)
    100 Tinker
    100 Carpenter
    90 Mining*
    100 Bowcraft
    100 Arms Lore

    None of the stuff REQUIRES an elf or Gargoyle to craft, so you could leave your character human, which would give him a decent chance to get around with recall scrolls (and, of course, runebooks now work 100% of the time from scrolls already in them, so no one has to have magery to travel). Of course, you'll have no offensive or defensive capabilities, other than trained pets.

    Most Tailor items, don't require over 100 Tailor and a good Tailor Bonus/Tailor Exceptional Bonus Talisman to craft. On the other hand, Smiths now get a bonus to BOD type at 110 and 120 real skill, so you want to keep it at 120. Note that those three Tailor special recipe items DON'T get the Arms Lore Bonus, so you could raise your second crafter to 120, and have that tailor use the recipes, or live with less than 100% chance to fill them.

    * 90 skill, plus +5 Ringmail gloves of mining, and one of the Jacob's Pickaxes from the new Haven new character quests. Equipping the pick, then the gloves, will put you at 105, for smelting, though you'll not be able to mine Valorite, except with Jacob's Pickaxe or via elementals fron gargoyle pickaxes. Or, go 94 mining, so Mining gloves alone will allow you to mine for Valorite, and only 106 Tailor.

    Now, for that other crafter .

    120 Tailor (to make the Song-woven Mantle, Stitcher's Mittens and Spell-woven Britches)
    120 Imbuing
    120 smith
    100 Alchemy
    100 Cook
    100 Tinker
    60 points to put into Magery, Music, etc. as Carpentry supporting skills.

    Convert the character to a Gargoyle AFTER you train it to 120 Imbuing. It's possible you might be able to convert the song-woven mantle into Gargoyle armor and retain the +10 Music.

    When you need to craft a carpentry item that requires cooking, music or magery, use One soulstone you buy to take Carpentry off the first crafter, take one of the other 100 point skills off the second crafter onto the second Soulstone, then put Carpentry onto crafter #2 to make the items. When done, put Carpentry back on the Soulstone, take it off with the first crafter, then give the Second crafter its skill back.

    IIRC, the ML Carpenter recipe items don't require more than Carpentry (only the pre-ML items do), so you can put all the Carpenter recipes on Crafter #1.

    If you end up wanting to make Glass weapons, later, do the opposite - temporarily remove carpentry with the soulstones from crafter 1, move alchemy over to it, make the weapons, then move the skills back.
  6. Sakamoto

    Sakamoto Guest

    Thank you so much Basara, for taking the time to answer all my questions, with such a long replay, and for explaining in details.

    I really appreciate it a lot.

    This should keep me going for a while, I am sure I will be back with more questions in a new thread at some point :)

    the problems with uogamecodes put some of my plans on halt, I had to go to EAstore to buy the expansion, I will have to wait for a solution for my soulstones, since I cannot afford them ingame fornow.

  7. Lorax_Pacific

    Lorax_Pacific Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 1, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I read almost none of this thread, but the soulstone caught my eye. Those can be crafted now, but it takes a bit of work.

  8. [JD]

    [JD] Guest