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Quick question

Discussion in 'UO Bard' started by Tefery, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Tefery

    Tefery Guest

    Im returning after a few years break and i have a question.

    SO im running a 120provo/disco/mystic bard and idk honestly where to hunt...ive been doing the toko wolves but thats getting boring. I dont have amazing gear and am just working towards gearing up and making some cash any suggestions on where to hunt for good gold.

    TYVM for your time.

    Chessy shard
  2. 5% Luck

    5% Luck Guest


    Welcome Back!

    Anyhow As a bard myself provo/disco/mage I like to hunt in the abyss. I gather imbue resources and sel them for good coin. A lot of players have trouble with a few of the spawns there but as a bard they are easy! Thats one of the best bets right now.

    Though if ya dont have SA upgrade misima is good for gold. Discord/RC can be very powerful though I use EVs Id bet it would work even better.

    Also SoT farming is a great cash cow. Everyone has up and decided training skills is for the penniless and spending big gold on Sots is the way to go. As a bard lvl 1-3 should be easy on any spawn, both fel and ilshtar. If ya plan on killing a champ ya might want some back up!

    Another place Ya might like is bedlam. This spot can be tricky but with the right mind set it can be very lucrative! And if ya manage to get all the keys gather a party and knock out a grizzle or 5

    Good Luck and again welcome back!
  3. Tefery

    Tefery Guest

    tyvm for the advice! The abyss after alot of reading and tactics learning has become my favorite place to hunt in the game ever. Hard but not terrible and good coin for building up a sampire suit...although i must say idk how much better he will be than my bard lol.