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[BUG] Quite an odd map bug

Discussion in 'UO Enhanced Client Discussion' started by JPDefault, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. JPDefault

    JPDefault Guest

    I wouldn't know how to explain this without the attached screenshots.
    - In the first one, I re-logged in at Vesper bank. I could turn around but not move, until after a minute all was back to normal.
    - In the second one I was just out of Delucia-to-Trinsic passage. The black area beheaved like a wall and was all around in a radius of about 40 tiles I guess. I went back into the passage, then out. Only that I didn't appear out, but instead I appeared in the cave again, like if I just entered it. Once out for the third time, all was normal.

    Attached Files:

  2. I'm not seeing this with the current EC client, but I saw that a lot with the KR client when entering my house. I believe that when you enter a new area sometimes your video card doesn't refresh the whole screen, or doesn't get a full screens worth of memory. It could also be a memory leak, because I've found that once it starts, it's best to log out/back in.
  3. JPDefault

    JPDefault Guest

    I should probably blame my cheap Intel GMA960 card.
  4. Ya... I suspect you are right. I hate telling people they need to upgrade. Well, in your case, you need to install one rather than using on-board video.
  5. JPDefault

    JPDefault Guest

    Problem is, it is on my laptop. :D
  6. LOL... tell your boss you need a new laptop! I just got a new one after 3 years (and it was two years out of date then). It's not great, but it does run the new client, and was less than $650.

    I think this is just a problem that you are stuck with.
  7. JPDefault

    JPDefault Guest

    It fortunately happens just once every 200 logins, so I can still enjoy the EC before I get a desktop PC. ;)