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Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by kelmo, May 11, 2011.

  1. kelmo

    kelmo Old and in the way
    Professional Stratics Veteran Supporter Alumni Stratics Legend Dread Lord

    May 12, 2008
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    Are you doing OK? Are you fishing from yer porch? Thoughts with you and all those in your part of the world.
  2. QueenZen

    QueenZen Always Present
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jul 28, 2000
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    :) No we are not fishing from our front porch !

    Our subdivision is on the hills, not like they are very high hills but they ARE hills ! We learned in Wisconsin that properties too close to bodies of water is not always a good plan ! When we bought house here we bought in subdivision on HILLS ! :) Course that can create issues when flash flooding happens due to too many rains, cuz it all flows downhill, but nothing from river flooding will happen up here, per say right where we are...in theory !

    Memphis Tenn. is really quite wide. Their skyscrapers down town and ok. Even the mayor was sayin on tv yesterday that Memphis is open for business, not to negate the awesome damages they do have, but to say...98% of Memphis Tenn. is dry and open, especially since this is one of the largest tourism months for Memphis In May. The river normally 1/3 mile wide hit 3 miles wide but we still further away from the mighty miss. river than 3 miles where we are !

    The huge Memphis in May bbq cookoff competition had to be moved of course, from the riverfront to the fairgrounds cuz the *smoke on the water* bbq fest sight is, under water.

    This mess still will cost billions of dollars to Memphis Tenn. and also billions of dollars loss to Tunica Ms. one county south of us where all them massive casinos sit under water.

    Our county is DeSoto County Ms. so we are somewhat boxed in, due to flooding north and south of DeSoto County and west of us in Ark. counties under water, but most all of DeSoto county is dry, cept them too closest to the mighty Miss. River and it's tributaries. The police did cordon off *Bullfrog Corner* cuz the lil stream south of here overflowed it's boundries too and covered up all of Goodman Road & hwy. 51 just a few miles south of here for a while, it too, was underwater.

    Most of those homes will not be salvageable so says FEMA, that are under water now cuz the receeding water may take days to weeks yet to happen, so damages to those homes will become worse structurally the longer the flooding is in their homes. Not sure bout the huge Tunica Ms. casinos yet.

    President Obama will be here, one of the Memphis High Schools Booker T. Washington High, won his nation wide contest for him to give his commencement speech to..so I guess he too, will be touring the area.
    The next big concern is diseases. Trucks will be foggin to try to kill off mosquito larvae in all this water all over the place. They are already tellin everyone to use DEET mosquito repellants or West Nile Virus maybe even typhoid with all the mosquitos that may yet develop and are already buzzin everyone. Toss in misplaced snakes, water moccassins and the rest of confused wildlife and domesticated misplaced pets.

    Although they were quite prepared ahead of time, with plenty of warnings, as human shelters went up so did extra shelters for folks to put their pets into, if their homes were in the evacuation areas. So lots of pets were saved and human lives too cuz they had prepared this quite well in all counties down here, from Shelby County ie Memphis to our county & on down to Tunica County too. The casinos evacuated their customers/employees, nearly a week ahead of the river's cresting flood stages. The organisation was quite astonishing massive undertaking, for all the authorities across all 3 counties like this, combined, but they seemed to have pulled it off quite nicely.

    Property can be replaced or rebuilt; human lives and their beloved pets can not be replaced, so those that heeded the warnings, may be stuck in shelters and their pets in pet shelters for the time being, for days or weeks yet, till the waters all receed but, least they are alive !!

    No human lives lost to any of this mess, so far, that is remarkable for such a wide area of destruction !

    I looked up a former Memphis In May event that also was always held ON the riverfront on youtube. This youtube is from the yearly Memphis In May, Sunset Symphony ON the river front back in 1998 a dryer year than 2011 flooding. The song was always sung at the Sunset Symphony till Mr. Hyter retired from his yearly performing of this song, at Memphis in May.


  3. Luka Melehan

    Luka Melehan Certifiable
    Professional Stratics Veteran Alumni Campaign Patron

    May 12, 2008
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    glad to hear your doing ok