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(RP) (R.A.S) Meeting and discussion about the future of the realm..

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS, Jan 30, 2014.

  1. Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS

    Jan 19, 2014
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    Dear diary,
    My thoughts today by Drake IronHeart,

    Today I woke up in a bad mood, Kalimana Zuya, my wife, didn't let me sleep and didn't stop nagging last night that the the house was all dirty and that I had to do more around the house while she was out killing great spawns of enemies and trying to tame a Greater Dragon. To add to the mess she also complained that there was no one for her to go out and have a few drinks with or even buy a nice elven dress with a friend. She said that the current level of births in the realm was really low due to the recent era of insecurity in parents not wanting to bring offspring to the world, and the ones who did, well the kid wouldn't make it passed a fortnight as they would fall pray to the enemies of the realm or the every day vermin of foes that we encounter.... bottom line, there was no increase in the population of the realm!! That got me thinking throughout all the morning while I worked at home cleaning up after Kali, and preparing our house for our house welcoming of next week. I managed to get through the day, and as every day I like to go down Britain Bank for a walk to stretch my legs and visit old friends down the docks and have a drink in the local tavern. I usually sit in the meetings with the Councillors and other great figures of our beloved cities, but today a problem arisen and had to be attended so I couldn't assist. Once I managed to sort the problem out and avoided burning the house down, I headed back to Britain to see if I could catch at least some of the information. I was very welcomed and greeted as always when I arrived by Ms Foxglove and Ray de Vries, I was asked by Ray to join him and Madam Mim, for an urgent talk in private. I agreed to such conversation and meeting, and Madam Mim, portaled us to her house, where we would be comfortable and be able to enjoy a nice glass of Cider while we discussed our affairs. To my surprise, in the meeting I had missed, exactly as Kali mentioned this morning, the meeting was about the problem the realm is having in births and why our ''Youngs'' are dying so easily and loosing the focus and virtue to fight and live in this great life that we live. We spoke about fomenting the help we can offer to our followers and how we can guide them to a better future. By showing them how to use theirs skills properly we can maybe decrease the mortality rate and increase the new school of future warriors, mages, etc.... One action that is going to take place will be to help them to understand and equip properly for the life they want to live.
    The recent number of births has left the realms and the contributing brothers to the cause, with low funds, that could be better dedicated to help in other areas. Many strategies and ways to go forward were spoken and some ideas were already starting to be implemented to better our cause. The necessary unification on the so called ''Experienced'' players will have to take place and an idea to create a new guild to help the existing guilds in their cause was mentioned. More on this matter will probably come up as we start to get the ball rolling and get the feedback of the Realm Lords, Councillors and Trustees. Meanwhile, Drake, Madam Mim and the Vries Brothers will keep working towards creating a more suitable enviroment for the Younglings to survive and thrive to become might warriors, mages, tamers or craftsmen. Now I will head to bed and try to get some sleep if I can and Kali, is not PMS'ing, seems that tonite I can go to sleep knowing that a realm has a lot of future and theres a big story yet to be told......
    #1 Alex"Drake Iron Heart"CS, Jan 30, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2014
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  2. Alaster The Insane

    Alaster The Insane Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 2, 2010
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    Really, lemme take care of the realm's women, you'll see if the birth rate is staying that low !

    *prepares a more constructive post*