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Raidcall sits down with dsn and cArn after Kiev

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Taylor, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Taylor

    Taylor Former Stratics CEO (2011-2014)
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    Oct 21, 2008
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    Raidcall sits down with dsn and cArn after Kiev

    Raidcall quizzed the two about the new lineup, training tactics since the former team members left, how the guys are improving their teamwork and of course, their time in Kiev. Make sure you check out Raidcall's FREE software, as it beats your standard voip programs such as Ventrilo, Skype and Teamspeak. Download HERE!

    RC: cArn, can you tell us more about the new team lineup?

    cArn: The new lineup has a lot of energy and motivation which might very well be the cure for the recent down period we had with the previous teammates. After winning IEM Kiev it really feels we did the right thing and it looks extremely promising for the rest of the year 2011.

    cArn also sends his greeting in Chinese and Russian

    RC: That’s really good news to hear. After Lindberg, Alesund and Rasmus left the team in December last year, three new team members were brought in to replace them. How long have you guys been training together and have you been able to develop a strong sense of teamwork and understanding?

    dsn: We trained for about two weeks before this tournament, and even though that’s not a lot of time we decided to make the best out of the situation and really use the time we had wisely. For me personally I’ve almost always played in a team where we were expected to win, this time, however, a lot of people counted us out beforehand and we got to enjoy playing with a little bit less pressure. That only lasted for a tournament though, given the fact that we actually ended up winning.

    RC: I think many of your fans would like to know more about the three new players. What are their individual strengths and abilities? And How did the new players have an impact on your strategy in this tournament and overall?

    cArn: Let´s start with Delpan. He was brought in to be our primary marksman, he is a superb asset we will utilize as much as we can and if he has a great day it won´t be fun to play in the opponent team. Moving on to Xizt. Richard is our youngest member and probably the most talented player I have seen for a very long time. He combines great game knowledge with excellent aiming skills. I predict Richard to be around for a very long time and he will be as successful as ever wearing the Fnatic jersey. Our final pickup was Pita from Rage-Gaming. We needed a fifth rifle player whom we could rely on in making multiple kills when it´s needed. He also brings a lot of joy to the team and he is a great part of how well we socialize together.

    Xizt is in the match

    dsn: Delpan is the sniper and Xizt and Pita are riflers, but I believe that their biggest strengths are that they all put the team first. As the cliché goes, there’s no “I” in a team, and while that sounds good in theory it’s not always true. For this team right now, there’s no “I”, and that’s why we did so well at the IEM European Championship. I expect us to be one of the best teams throughout the year, because we have the players and the willpower to be up there if we just continue to play with the drive we had in Kiev.

    RC: What do you guys do to improve your teamwork? Are there any special techniques or training methods that you’d like to share with us? How do you feel about cooperating with the new team members?

    dsn: We just have a lot of fun while training and we try to focus on making small progressions instead of big leaps; every day we add something new to our game, but it’s usually a little modification. We believe that a more patient approach is the way to build up good fundamentals of a team.

    cArn: As we are in the running-in period, our biggest strength right now is that we are unpredictable for our opponents. With new players and tactics we will have an edge on the most of the top teams out there. After winning IEM Kiev all eyes will be on us and now the hard work begins with creating solid strategies that will work for an extended period of time.

    RC: Ok, let’s focus on the tournament now. Can you guys describe the most unforgettable match of the whole tournament for us?

    dsn: Beating mTw in the final after losing the first map was our best performance I would say, and since it was the final the win earned us the top stop of the tournament. We managed to keep our cool in that game – even though we were down one map we all believed that we could turn the game around and win it.

    cArn: Obviously the final as everyone thought mTw would stop our crusade towards the gold medal. It did indeed appears that the Danes would go out on top after they won the first map in a rather easy manner but me and the guys stepped up and with a great comeback we beat the odds and won the first tournament with our new lineup.

    Medal presentation ceremony

    RC: What were your thoughts going into the second map against mTw in the Grand Finals in overtime? What was your strategy?

    dsn: That we were going to win it, that we were not losing the final there and then. We were going to push the match into a third map. I knew that we just needed to adapt a little better to their play than them to our play to get the win, and I think we did.

    cArn: For the strategy is to not lose your patience. Yes, there are less rounds to be played but if you stress the game away you will find yourself on the wrong side of the podium. We tried to calm down the guys and discuss how to break thru the solid defense the Danes showed us. Finally we found their weak spot and we won the map, making it a final and third map.

    RC: We know that you were grouped with Natus Vincere, who had won almost all of the big gaming titles in 2010. Can you please tell us what it was like beating Natus Vincere? What do you think were the deciding factors in your victory?

    cArn: I have beaten them several times before but this time was special as we have a new team and Navi coming in as the reigning champions, and the best team of 2010. It was the perfect start we needed and we got confidence that never ran out throughout the tournament.

    dsn: Yeah, it’s always special beating Natus Vincere because they were the best team of 2010. And this time we did beat them in Ukraine where they clearly had the advantage in fan support (go figure!). It was very special. I think we just played better than them in the game, I felt that we managed to hit our shots a little bit better than they did on the last two maps. On the first map we played pretty sloppy and managed to give away a 6-1 lead, which, had we lost would have resulted in a series loss and that would have been pretty upsetting afterwards.

    RC: Thanks for giving us your time in this interview. As a final question, can you please tell us how you feel about using Raidcall?

    dsn: I feel extremely happy and proud at the same time. RaidCall has made all the difference when it came to calling the shots at the most crucial moments. The software is also very easy to use and I can say makes a world of difference in the competitive eSports world of Counter-Strike. It has helped us gain focus in game as well as made our practice routines easier. It’s simply the best choice for gamers out there!

    cArn: Using the latest Voice tool is a must if you want to compete on the highest level. Aim and reactions is one thing but without communication within the team your teamplay will suffer and you will lose. By using Raidcall I know we have the fastest application on the market and with the input we are providing to them I´m sure we are creating the best Voicecom in the world, designed for gamers all around the globe.

    dsn sends his greeting to the fans in Chinese and Russian

    Fnatic have gotten off to a great start in 2011 with their recent victory at the IEM European Championship. We wish them the best of luck and success in the coming year!

    Don't forget to try Raidcall's FREE software. Download NOW!

    Posted here by Moia, 10 February 2011.