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[Gardening] Raised Garden Beds: well now I feel pretty dumb!

Discussion in 'UO Botany and Nutrition' started by Elenni, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. Elenni

    Elenni Stratics Sr. Leadership team member
    Moderator Professional Wiki Editor Wiki Moderator

    Sep 4, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Was so excited about the raised garden beds I purchased, and starting to propogate plants again. Since I was so paranoid about screwing up the first time around I put ALL my 1st-gen seeds in my new beds.

    Didn't occur to me that the only way to get them OUT is to set them to deco...so now I don't have fathers for cross-pollinating and I"m going to have to start over. At least I have the non-pollinated seeds for stock, but that's 9 extra days added to my garden calendar. :-(

    @Kyronix : I know I'm very late to the game, but won't you please, please please consider adding a "transplant" option to the raised garden beds in future, so we can transfer live plants to bowls on the 9th day?
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