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Random act of kindness

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Phatcat, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. Phatcat

    Phatcat Guest

    Something happened to me today I just had to share. A few days ago I found a house that was decaying so I began to watch it hoping to place a house in the location once it decayed. I logged on today to find the house already gone and another house placed right beside where it use to be. Luckily the space was big enough for a small house which was about all I could afford gold wise at the moment.

    So as I'm attempting to squeeze this small house in the space the owner of the other house shows up. We get to talking a bit and I am told that they are giving up their lot and that I should be able to place an 18x18 in the location. I laughed and said something along the lines of I wish I had the gold to place an 18x18. A moment later I see the lot expand in size and a trade window open up.

    This perfect stranger just gave me a huge lot. Not only that but I'm given a check for 500k and several chests full of stuff. I was and am still in quite a bit of shock from all of it. As is I can do very little to really show my gratitude for this wonderful gift so I just wanted to post something here and tell everyone how great Lueretia is. I have no idea if they read the forums or not but if you know them in game be sure to pass the word along.

    Thanks again Lueretia I love my new home!!!!! :lol:
  2. Ice Princess

    Ice Princess Guest

    That is so awesome, I love seeing that there are still kind people in UO.
  3. That was nice. I love helping people in game. It's nice to see that others do the same too.
  4. WCK565

    WCK565 Guest

    I had much the same experience , when I came back after a short hiatus . One of the good folks over at YGV helped me find Tower spot on ICE Island ,
    wish I could remember which one , but I have CRS disease ( Cant Rember **** ) ......